Satan Promises Many Things, All Lies of course!

At the age of twenty two years, I had just converted to the Catholic faith and became a very strong believer in the power of prayer. So I attracted a lot of attention from Satan, who did what he could to either tempt me or scare me away from my calling as a prayer warrior. He does this to everybody who is a threat to him and you can easily become one, just obey God and fulfil your calling whatever it is well and you have got Satan’s attention. When we give our all to God we become a dangerous threat to him. Unfortunately he has successfully scared or tempted people away from their most powerful calling, through his lies that he is greater and more powerful than God. If you remember the one in you is greater than the one in the world and that if you don’t give up on God, God will not give up on you. Do you think God is going to abandon you? Of course not, He is going to make you even stronger and wiser than ever before. With more knowledge on how Satan works and how he is doomed to fail, because he is so small before God he is only a speck, easily dealt with.

Fighting Satan

If we try to fight Satan using our own strength than we have indeed lost the war before we even began. We are only victorious in Christ. We just have to trust Christ and obey Him that is all. God has a master plan that no one knows about even Satan. It seems God always has to test us first, see how far we are willing to go for Him and then when we think all is lost that is when God most likely comes to our rescue. In such a powerful way we than marvel at how brilliant our God is. He knows all secrets and is all powerful and is humble enough to wait for the right moment to bring down His enemies. Remember Jesus was treated the same way. Jesus is our example, if we follow Him we won’t be let down, because Jesus is the only one that knows the way and is the way.

Luke 4:1-2. Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. Where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry.

Satan can and does try similar things out with us. Not long after my conversion to take prayer very seriously and pray for conversion of souls amongst other things. Satan gave me a vision and it reminded me of the temptations that he tried on Jesus. During this vision of Satan I was terrified, because it was so beautiful I had to keep telling myself that this vision was from Satan and not from God. I saw myself on top of a high cliff and I had reigns on like they use to put on small children to keep them safe, so they wouldn’t dash out on the road and get killed, before their mothers could catch them, I still think that is a very good idea. The reigns that I had on had a very, very long leash. I knew intuitively if I fell off the cliff by buying into the lie of Satan, I knew if I called out for help and then the angle who was holding the leash of my reigns would immediately pull me up. It gave me some comfort to know that, but I still had to fight the temptation off with all my might.

Vision from Satan

Satan showed me if I followed him all cities and even the harbours would be so clean. The harbour was so clean and beautiful it was like an Olympics swimming pool it was that clean. I managed by the skin of my teeth to stay firm and refuse to give into the temptation. Since I refused to give in to Satan, he then was showing off, by showing me all the people he had in very important positions of authority and influence and bragged and said ‘how are you going to win if you stay with God, when I have so many people holding these positions.’ I just stayed closed to God by my many prayers and then the vision was over.

You can imagine how I feel when I see how dirty the cities are and their harbours are today. Satan does lie through his teeth, he will say anything to get you in. I just want to mention one more experience to shows us up. I was about the same age again and I was in the train going to work and I was thinking of the time when Jesus was in the desert being tempted by the devil. This experienced happened before I had the vision I just explained. I thought to myself that Jesus wasn’t really that tempted, because he was God. Immediately God had to put me in my place by letting me experience a taste of what Jesus temptation was like and I was so afraid I didn’t believe my faith was going to make it, because I felt my faith sliding off me rapidly and I prayed and in God’s great mercy He lifted the temptation off immediately. Sometimes we need to be put into our place. Not only because we are so ignorant, but I believe most of the time our ignorance is due to our arrogance.

Supernatural Gifts

I hope people who read my articles about the different supernatural experiences I have had that I am not bragging to you about them. I am afraid I could not find the verse that I was looking for in the bible, but it well known text about some of the signs that will take place in the last days for example prophesy will be common place and old man will dream dreams and so on. If you are not experiencing any of these things, Saint Teresa says that the reason maybe, because you are stronger in the Lord so you don’t need them. I also believe it could also mean it will come later when God thinks you are ready for it. Many people will tell you to keep pressing in, keep asking and yearning for the gifts of God so that you can be used by Him, but never ask for His gifts for your own glory, you will lose your soul that way. I was told by Jesus a few times, I have to write and I tell Him every now and again that I can only write what I write, because I don’t know what else to write. I feel sometimes He lets me know when He is not with me, because when He is not, the article is never a good one, I still publish them though. I believe He leaves me to myself to protect me and show me always I cannot do anything well without God. when He is with me the articles seem to be gentler and has things said that I feel people have a genuine need of.


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