I Would Love to be used to Comfort People

Some people have a very beautiful gift of comforting people, they know what to say and how to reassure others. I am afraid I am not good in those areas. I seem to be a fighter. I think of Gods, angels for example there are warrior angles and there are healers and messengers and etc. My way of comforting people is to assure them that I will pray for them. I believe in the power of prayer, but I do know a few loving words will never go astray. The world is increasing becoming more and more violent. I hate to think of those who are going to be left behind to face the Great Tribulation. I sometimes think I am going to be one of them, and then I get comforted because I listen to some visionary’s that pick me right up and then I back to believing again that I have a very good chance of meeting Jesus in the air, when He comes for me. When I keep two things in my mind especially. The first thing I realise my true value is How God sees me, and it is always of love and mercy. I remember that I owe God everything and He owns me nothing. In other words stay humble. The second thing is being repented of my sins, every time I see something I know is not in keeping with God’s Commandments, I repent with confidence that God gladly forgives a humble contrite heart. So I am always acknowledging I am a sinner, and looking at how much God loves this sinner and I imagine Him loving me.

I know He has shown me Himself to keep His eyes on Him, not how sinful we are but how beautiful and forgiving God is to us. We don’t deserve it, but God is so passionately in love with us and that His Son has truly paid the price of all our sins. We can never shock Him with our sins. He has seen it all before and has forgiven all before. So I also know Jesus convicts us so that we know what to repent and work on. Satan always condemns us, so we feel so bad that we don’t believe God can ever love us or forgive us. If it is negative it comes from Satan’s spirit, if it is uplifting in that it raises us up to adore God or the more than that comes from God. Another thing that struck in my mind was a person had died and was in hell for a while and she said she knew all the sins of the person who was standing next to her and so on and she said that the everybody knew they were in hell not for what they did, but because they would not accept Jesus as their Lord. To me that message she gave says it all, it is not about us, instead, it is all about God.

God’s love is as big as God is Himself which is infinite. And that is why Satan hates us so much. Satan had his chance and he made a complete mess of it by causing a revolt against God. And not only does he hate God so much that he wants to get back at God and hurt Him through what God’s loves so much ‘us’. He also is so jealous of our inheritances. So we must never let Satan bully us into believing God doesn’t love us or He has given up on us. Stay close to God and don’t let Satan rob you of that truth, you mean everything to God. It is like we are all His only child, that God doesn’t have eyes for anybody else. Only God can do that and He is God.

Another thing that I have learnt; thought that enter in your mind against your will is not your thoughts but evil spirits that pretend to be you. So you keep repenting of something that you haven’t thought of. If you don’t watch out you will go insane and think God has made you for no other purpose than to send you to hell. I have been there. It is in fact a common attack from the enemy. I believe Paul in the New Testament said ‘I don’t even judge myself.’ I believe this is why you sometimes think it is you but not. Jesus has told one visionary just completely change the subject, put Christian music on and basically he said on another occasion leave the demon hanging in the air. Ignore them and put your trust in the Love God has for you. He will look after you if you live to the best of your ability to please God. Put God first in your life and let God do the leading. Pray always.

St. Gertrude’s Ten Prayers of The Passion

is2C12MD3ZIt was revealed to St. Gertrude that reading and meditating on the Passion are far more useful and efficacious than all other spiritual exercises. As those who handle flour cannot avoid contracting some whiteness, so no one, however imperfect his devotion may be, can occupy his mind with the Passion of Our Lord without receiving some benefit therefrom. And, however cold and lukewarm our devotion. Our Lord will look upon us with greater long-suffering and mercy if we never omit the memory of His Passion. (from the Herald of Divine Love)

First Prayer

O Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal sweetness and jubilee of those who love Thee, remember all the presentiment of grief Thou didst endure from the moment of Thy conception, and especially at Thy entrance into Thy Passion. When Thou didst say: My soul is sorrowful even unto death; and when, by reason of Thy overwhelming dread and anguish and grief, Thou didst sweat, as it were, drops of Blood trickling down upon the ground. Remember all the Bitterness of Thy sorrow when Thou wast seized upon by the Jews, accused by false witnesses, condemned by Thy three judges, buffeted and smitten, spit upon, scourged, and crowned with thorns. O sweetest Jesus, I implore Thee, by all the sorrows and insults Thou didst endure, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen

Second Prayer

O Jesus, paradise of the delights of God, remember now all the dread and sorrow Thou didst endure when Pilate pronounced on Thee sentence of death; when the godless soldiers laid the heavy Cross on Thy shoulders, and fastened Thee thereon with rude and blunted nails, cruelly stretching Thy sacred limbs so that all Thy bones could be numbered: I beseech Thee, vouchsafe to pronounce a merciful sentence on me in the day of Judgement, and deliver me from all punishment. Amen

Third Prayer

O Jesus Heavenly Physician, remember now the languor and the pain Thou didst endure when lifted upon the Cross, when all Thy bones were out of joint, so that no sorrow was like in Thy sorrow, because, from the sole of Thy feet to the top of Thy head, there was no soundness in Thee; when, notwithstanding. Thou did put away the feeling of all Thine own griefs, and pray to Thy Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. By this, Thy charity and Thy mercy, grant that the dignity and worth of Thy Passion may be the entire remission of all my sins. Amen

Fourth Prayer

O Jesus, mirror of the eternal splendour remember now that sadness which filled Thy Heart, when Thou didst behold in the mirror of Thy Divinity the reprobation of the wicked and the multitude of the lost; and by the depth of the compassion Thou didst show to the robber on the cross, saying: This day thou shalt be with Me in paradise, I beseech Thee O compassionate Jesus, show me Thy mercy in the hour of my death. Amen

Fifth Prayer

O Jesus, King most beloved, remember now the mournful desolation of Thy Heart, when Thou, forsaken by all, wert mocked as Thou didst hang on the Cross; when Thou didst find none to comfort Thee but Thy beloved Mother, who stood by Thy Cross to the last, and whom Thou didst commend to Thy disciple, saying: Woman, behold thy son, and to the disciple: Behold thy Mother, I beseech Thee, O compassionate Jesus, by that sword of anguish which then pierced her Heart, do Thou condole with me and console me in all my tribulations. Amen

Sixth Prayer

O Jesus, inexhaustible fountain of pity, remember now that bitterness which Thou didst endure when, Thy sacred Body dried up, Thou didst feel that burning thirst, and hadst not one drop of water to cool Thy parched tongue, but only vinegar upon hyssop; I beseech Thee that Thou wouldst extinguish in me the thirst of carnal concupiscence and worldly delights. Amen

Seventh Prayer

O Jesus, mighty King, remember now that when Thou wast plugged into the bitter waters of Thy Passion until they closed over Thy head, Thou wast Forsaken not only by men but by Thy Father also, and didst cry out with a loud voice, saying: My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me? By this Thine anguish and dereliction, I beseech Thee, forsake me not in my last agony. Amen

Eighth Prayer

O Jesus, strong Lion of the tribe of Juda, remember now the sorrow and the woe Thou didst endure, when all the forces of Thy Heart and of Thy Flesh failed Thee utterly, and Thou didst bow Thy head and cry: It is consummated. By mercy on me at the end on my life, when my soul shall be troubled, and my spirit disquieted within me. Amen

Ninth Prayer

O Jesus, splendour of the Father’s glory and figure of His substance, remember now that earnest commendation with which didst commend Thy Spirit to the Father, saying Father, into Thy hands I commend My Spirit: and when, Thy most sacred Body being torn and Thy Heart broken, and all the bowels of Thy compassion laid bare for our Redemption, thou didst give up Thy Spirit: I beseech Thee, by all that love which moved Thee, the Life of all that live, to submit to death, that Thou wouldst mortify and kill in my soul whatever is displeasing to Thee. Amen

Tenth Prayer

O Jesus, true and Fruitful Vine, remember now the lavish, the excessive profusion wherewith Thou didst shed Thy Precious Blood, when on the Cross Thou didst tread the winepress alone, and wast crushed as a cluster of ripe grapes; when Thou didst give us water and Blood from Thy pierced Side, so that not one drop remained in Thy Heart. Then wast Thou hung up as a bundle of myrrh, and Thy tender Flesh grew pale, and Thy moisture was all dried up within Thee, and the marrow of Thy bones consumed. By this Thy most bitter Passion, and by the shedding of Thy most Precious Blood, I beseech Thee, O most loving Jesus, wash my soul at the hour of my death with the water which flowed from Thy Sacred Side, and adorn it with comeliness in the Precious blood of Thy sweetest Heart, and render it acceptable to Thy sight in the fragrant odor of Thy Divine love. Amen


Accept, O compassionate Jesus, this my prayer with that exceeding love wherewith Thou didst endure a bitter Death, and didst offer it, together with all the fruit of Thy most sacred Humanity, to God the Father on the day of Thine ascension; and by the depth of those Wounds which scarred Thy flesh and pierced Thy hands and feet and Heart. I beseech Thee, raise me up, who am steeped and sunk in sin, and render me well pleasing to Thee in all things. Amen



Offering of the Lord’s Bitterness in His Passion

isW102ZQ1LThe Prayer: I offer to You, O Lord, all the bitterness of Your Passion, in reparation for the offenses committed against You.

Our Lord’s Promise for people who say this offering. “I make over to you all the bitterness of My Passion, that you may offer it to Me again, as though it were your own possession. And whoever shall do this shall receive double at My hand, and whenever he renews this offering he shall assuredly receive the double; and this is that hundredfold which receives in this life, and in the world to come, life everlasting.”

Protestant are less likely to be taught the importance of meditating on the crucifixion, because they say Jesus has now rose from the dead. That is why they often don’t have a crucifix on their walls or their churches. I do believe both churches have a lot to give one another, I have learnt a lot about deliverance for example mostly from Protestants. So I am not saying Catholics have nothing to learn from them. But I do wish Protestants are more willing to study Catholic saints. I remember a Protestant friend of mine, he used to be one of my bosses. He knew I loved Our Lord so he would often give me books to read and after about a year of this, I decided to give him an extract of St. Gertrude writings. The man had nothing against Catholics at all, he even acknowledge they were just as much as a Christian as the Protestants, but when I gave him this, his body language was one of fear. The word saint scared him, but once he read it he was no longer afraid and I then gave him fifteen beautiful prayers of St. Bridget. And he was very keen on those prayers. He came back to me and said we Protestant don’t say things like ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus.’ He was touched by it and felt it was a beautiful way of addressing Jesus’s Heart.

So I wish people were more willing to try things out with God, instead of just sticking with only what they know. I believe God gives everybody a special insight into His nature and we are meant to share it around. But because of prejudices we cut off our own nose so to speak, because we are too proud to admit that God also speak to other churches too. I am not talking about all churches, because some of them have beliefs that do not even accept Jesus is the Saviour. I am talking about mainstream Christianity.

How Does The Holy Mass Different from A Protestant Service


This article was written approximately three years ago, so things have changed. The Latin Mass is what many traditional Catholics are going to, because at present the Holy Mass has been done away with.

When I was young and a Protestant, my mother who was a Catholic would go to our church on a regular basis. She told me once that the service compared to the Mass, just felt like a prayer meeting. My mother wasn’t being mean, that is how she felt. When I became a Catholic I understood what she meant. Protestant are very fearful of the Holy Catholic Mass. They associate it unconsciously if not consciously with the Black Mass. It is how Satan has designed it, to keep them away from it. When I was very young, nobody in our church actually said it, but I could feel it in the atmosphere very powerfully what Satan put into their hearts. They saw the Holy Mass as the Black Mass, I could see that they had visions of all the Catholics taking off all their clothes and dancing around the altar naked. I was very young at the time, but that is exactly how I felt the congregation’s saw Catholics and the Mass. It was as they say so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Of course it confused me no end, because I knew my mother would never do such a thing, nor my grandmother or my aunts and cousins.

A War Going On Inside Me

There was a war going on inside me. Do I listen to the church or was I going to believe what I knew in my heart to be true, which was Catholic are Christians and that they wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. You wouldn’t think I would have to fight for the truth, but as Saint Pauls says you are not fighting the flesh you are fighting evil spirits, powers, principalities and wickedness in high places. About ten years ago I was walking down the street and an evangelist pull me over the side to chat with me. And since I was now a Catholic approximately thirty years by this time, I was curious if Protestants still felt that way about Catholics, so I tested her. I told her I just come back from the Mass, and I saw instantly in her eyes fear and she literally jumped backwards out of fear. I thought they still haven’t changed. I feel in many ways it is even worst. Since Satan is trying very hard to ruin the Catholic Church by bringing in exceedingly evil people to destroy her within her walls.

People Are Very Easily Deceived

The problem people don’t see that, what they see is the evil people represents Catholics, which of course they don’t. Jesus said to be always on the alert for those who will deceive you, such as wolves in sheep skins. They may seem very holy at first, but as they start to win you over they then twist the truth around, because the whole idea is to lead you straight into hell. By getting you to walk away from the true teachings of Jesus. Christ also said first get the log out of your own eye and then you can see more clearly to get the speck out your brother’s eyes. There of course many beautiful Protestants out there that are following Jesus very closely and they do obey the commandment of love thy neighbour as themselves. But unfortunately there are very many ignorant people both Catholics and Protestants out there that are very easily led astray.

The Members of Christ Should All Be In Harmony

People are naturally prejudice of others and like to think they are superior and just down right suspicious of anything that is different from them. There are of course many Catholics and Protestants that point the finger at each other. I just want to remind everybody, Satan hates Christians and he is going to do his best to bring war on us, from within and from without the walls of the church. The members of the body of Christ should be working in harmony with one another. If you want a healthy body, and Christ does, we need to get on with what God has called us to do and mind our own business, which is a very hard thing to do, because Satan is always tempting us to gossip and tear one another down.

What Is The Holy Catholic Mass?

The Holy Catholic Mass, what is it? Why does Satan want to keep people away from it? Why is he making sure people fear it? All Mass is; is Holy Communion. Protestant practise Holy Communion don’t they? There is a division amongst Protestant in that some of them believe that Jesus was talking symbolically, while other Protestants churches believe as the Catholics do that Jesus meant what He said, that the bread and wine turns into the body and blood of Christ. Many miracles occur when receiving the body and blood of Jesus if you believe. I sure have experience many communications from the Host. In many Protestant churches Holy Communion is celebrated once a month. If you are Catholic and are fortunate enough these days to belong to a church in a city you can go to church and celebrate the Mass seven days a week and receive Holy Communion each time. I use to go to Mass just before I use to go to work and it gave me enormous strength to deal with working in a very worldly place, promoting evil basically (The Education Department). I also was suffering from breakdowns and had social phobias to attend with. If I didn’t receive the strength from Our Lord during those times I would not have been able to endure all this and God used me as a witness for Him. Going to Mass every day got me through.

The Difference Between The Mass And The Service

Holy Communion is what the whole Mass is centred around, with the service it is basically centred around the sermon. So the big difference is Catholics who are true believers (there are many that are lukewarm as with the Protestants) go to Mass to receive the Lord. It is all about Him not the priest or the homely it is all about receiving Jesus. We eat Him!!!! You can’t get any closer to Him than that if you truly believe. You feel the presence of God, it brings you in union with Him and it strengthens you in your daily walk. It is much stronger receiving Jesus this way then only once a month. That is why Satan doesn’t what the Protestants to know about it. Satan doesn’t want Protestant to become stronger by receiving Jesus’s body and blood on a daily basis.

Celebrating Holy Communion In  Your Own Home

I haven’t gone to the Catholic Church for about seven years now, because Satan has successfully kicked me out of it by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t want to start throwing mud around.  I don’t feel comfortable to go back there again. So I am going to a beautiful small Protestant church at the moment. But meanwhile, while I wasn’t going to any church at all. I started to practise my own version of the Mass, other people would call it Holy Communion. God told me very early on, to do it every day. And I did asked once if people who live in a remote regions where they can’t go to church and receive communion would you put it into their minds and hearts to do their own version of the Mass too. God was pleased with the prayer. In other words He was saying Yes they can do their own version of the Holy Mass.

Now I hear that the Catholic Church is now facing a major crisis where this so called pope (the keys of the Vatican was taken up to heaven by God when Pope Benedict XVI resigned, accordingly to the prophet Maria Divine Mercy). has change the Mass into something that it has never meant to be. So if you are in that situation where they are saying that Jesus is not present in the Eucharist (which is another word for Host – the bread that has turned into the body of Christ) I would say my own version of the Mass, if you can’t find a priest that is remaining faithful to Jesus to celebrate the Holy Mass as it should. God will accept your own version of the Mass, if you are not in a position to receive Him in any other way. But I have to warn you when I started doing it I was told by Jesus that I had to do it every day.

Try This You Might Be Surprised of The Results

is(14)This is just an idea, I got the idea to declare the word of God by somebody on Sid Roth’s show, but I changed it a little and you will probably prefer to use different names of God or different verses from the bible, it is really more important that you use what is meaningful to you. I will write some names of God just to start with. As an example I have used these six names of God and in this case we use all six names of God declaring the same affirmation.

God of the Armies of Israel. … Remember Christians are called the spiritual Israel.

Prince of Peace

God My Shepherd

The Lion out of the Tribe of Judah

God the Resurrection and the Life

The Author of Life


So you have got the idea, just choose any names that belongs to God that affects your heart most strongly. I have just done an example for you below. You can use this method for so many things.


I Declare the God of the Armies of Israel to serve you accordingly to your holy Will in all areas of my life.

I Declare the Prince of Peace to serve you accordingly to your holy Will in all areas of my life.

I Declare God My shepherd to serve you according to your holy Will in all areas of my life.

I Declare the Lion out of the Tribe of Judah to serve you according to Your Holy Will in all areas of my life.

I Declare God the Resurrection and the Life to serve you according to Your Holy Will in all areas of my life.

I Declare the Author of Life to serve you according to You Holy Will in all areas of my life.

You can use any affirmation you want and need to; like healing, deliverance etc. Or even Declaring for something you need to day, like a parcel of the post office to arrive soon. Anything at all.

Another example to give you more confidence say in healing.

I Declare the God of the Armies of Israel that I am healed and delivered of ….

I Declare the Prince of Peace that I am healed and delivered of ….

I Declare the God My shepherd that I am healed and delivered of …..

I Declare the Lion out of the Tribe of Judah that I am healed and delivered of ….

I Declare God the Resurrection and the Life that I am healed and delivered of ….

I Declare the Author of Life that I am healed and delivered of ….

I think you now have a very good idea of what I mean. I just like to be thorough. Something I did one night and it seems to be even more powerful for healing.

They say we have two main demons you have to get rid of first and then all the other demons are a lot easier to get out. One demon is low self-esteem and the other is insecurity. All other demons apparently are attached to one or the other of these demons.

Instead of a name of God you may use a verse in the bible that is real meaningful to you and it strengthens you when you say it. I used this verse

The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliver; my God, my  strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Here is an example

I Declare that I am no longer afraid to speak my mind to anybody, because the Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliver; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold – is with me.

Another example

I Declare that I am now ready to fulfil my destiny in God, because the Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliver; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold – is with me.

I Declare that I am healed of neck pain because the Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliver; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold –  is with me.

I have written down 20 names of God sometimes, for things that I am declaring God will do for me. After I do it many times I start to feel the Holy Spirit in me and I know something is up and then after a while I start crying and I know God is healing me. You say it out loud not from your head, but from your heart and you have to be humble and acknowledge your nothingness before God. Once I was doing it and I was crying because He was healing me and then I thought this would make a good article and straight away the healing stopped. So the next day when I did it again and God was healing me, I kept very humble and the healing lasted a long period of time. God is healing me of emotional pain at the moment and He is casting out a lot of demons. Some people are very lucky and get healed overnight, but not for me. I think God is using this healing process to teach me a lot about myself, that I need to change. I have given this form to another person and she said she hadn’t cried for years and years and when she did this, she cried like a baby. Sometimes you suffer so deeply you can’t cry anymore and as we all know a good cry releases us of all sorts of trauma’s we go through or have gone through in the past.



Ask God if He Exists? He Won’t Get Angry!

I don’t know why we think God doesn’t hear our thoughts or that He can’t hear what our hearts are saying or in fact sometimes pleading to know. I really love God for many and many reasons, but like I keep saying, one of the things is, I can completely trust Him enough so that I can be so open with Him that it is liberating. Tell Him all you’re concerns and then wait for an answer or turn to the Holy Bible and ask Him to answer it within its pages and He does. I have just met a young lady who I think deep down is looking to know if God is real or not. Like so many times you think of things to say long after the meeting, so I am parting it with you. I should have told her ‘why don’t you ask God to reveal Himself to you?’ What a simple solution. He is doing it all the time especially amongst the Muslims these days.

In my late twenties I wanted to know why God didn’t send me around a good man to marry. I wanted children badly and a really good companion. I never met a guy I felt I could be happily married to. So I thought God was being really mean to me. Would you believe I got so angry with God I demanded an ordinance with Him. And kept demanding it of Him for a few minutes and He actually showed up. I was shocked even though I was really ordering Him about. Now I wouldn’t advice this of anybody, but my point is I deserved to be put into my place and instead He was not at all angry with me. His reply was simply ‘trust me.’ I wasn’t happy with the answer He gave me, but I wished I did, because God does know what is best. We just think we know better than He does. I love being single, I simply wouldn’t have time for a husband. God keeps me busy serving Him differently than the married couples are and I love my calling.

is(7)So ask Him, and keep at it until He answers. I don’t know why some people get the answer they seeking quicker than others. But you can count on it there is a very good reason for it. If you genuinely want to know if Jesus Christ is your saviour, ask Him!!!! He is keener than you are, to know Him.

James 1:5.If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.


There Are Many Members but, We Are All Members of Christ

We would think it very strange is somebody was trying to use their foot as if it is an eye right? But that is what we are trying to do every time we try to be like somebody else. God is a very generous God and we all have work to accomplish in His Kingdom. We all can’t be carpenters for example. Somebody has to grow our food, help out in different emergencies, raise children, clean houses and etc. Can you imagine if we all had the same job to do, everything would fall apart!

Everybody Has Different Gifts

What has confused me over the years is when people receive a gift from God, they have such easy access to it and they presume it should be like that way to all Christians. My very first experience of it, I had a friend who was very gifted as a seer. She would ask Jesus a question and He spoke to her straight away. So if we asked her a question, she would say why don’t you ask God? And we would look at one another and respond to her and say, ‘because we do not have that gift.’ And then in my search for miraculous healing from God, it very rarely came spontaneously. I seemed to have more access to get rid of evil spirits associated with stress and spirits that tempt you strongly in all sorts of areas such as rebellion in me. God has not called me to do this with other people, but he has given me the gift to teach others how to do this for themselves. So I am finally learning that if God wants you to work in a certain area, He will give you the gifts that you will need in that area. It is no point for God to give you the gift of healing if He wants you to expressively work in deliverance as an example.

We Are Specially Be Called

I remember reading a person who had a very powerful ministry in healing cancer. It was a full time job just to pray over people with cancer. He was a very busy man. The thing was he himself was suffering from cancer and God didn’t heal him of it. The man was humble enough to realise it is was in God’s hands not his. Another thing I read about was Saint Peter the disciple and apostle of Jesus Christ, was such a powerful healer. According to a book I read ‘the twelve disciples’ St. Peter’s shadow would heal people. Apparently St. Peter had an only daughter who was crippled, that he was not able to heal. I think God does that for our protection, so that it won’t go to our heads and we start to think it is ourselves that is healing people.

Look at doctors, you will have the general practitioner and then you have many different specialist, concentrating on a specific thing. They are all necessary to help people, but they are all in different areas of healing. When I finally realize that, it calm me down. And like, 1 Corinthians 12. 1-31 points this out very well.

1 Corinthians 12. 29-30. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret?

We All Have Special Work To Do

Now I know we are all called to work for the Kingdom of God. So if we are faithful to Him we will all have spiritual gifts now or are waiting for us to receive. When I was young I read the different Catholic Saints, they would have all these spiritual gifts like miraculous and creative healing and etc. And they all practised self-denial, which Jesus tells us to do and then pick up our cross daily and follow Him. When I was young I followed the advice and some examples of the saints. After approximately thirty years, I didn’t have these gifts and I was angry and hurt with God for not giving them to me. About a couple of months later I started to realise I didn’t have those gifts, but I was receiving a gift in wisdom and I was comforted. It wasn’t the gift I was searching for, but I realise it was a good gift from God. I was very honoured that God would give it to me. In other words I realised I did nothing to deserve it. And I knew I would not be able to explain to people that we all need wisdom and it is a very good gift from God to have. People want the spectacular things such as the miraculous including me.

1 Corinthians 12. 22-23. On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less honourable we treat with special honour.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Another

So we need not complain about our gifts from God. They are the right ones for us. God also knows what we can handle. As life goes on it may take a different direction and we may then receive different gifts from what we are used to, but our gifts will come at the right time, if we are sincerely follow Jesus as He is calling us to do. Don’t measure yourself with other people, they are not you and they do not have the same gifts as you do or if they do they do not have them in the same way as you do. No two people are alike and we should not be intimidated by other people’s giftedness. God does not love one person more than another.



Why Do People Blame God, For What Satan Does?


Many and Many people are always asking if God is so good why He allows all this evil in this world. I don’t know why people will always shift the blame onto somebody else. Look around it is never their fault things go wrong, it is always somebody else’s fault. People are always looking to blame somebody for an unhappy circumstances. What upsets me when there is a car accident for example, very few people accept the facts of life, sometimes it is nobody’s fault, and it is just a very tragic accident! Sometimes it is somebody else’s fault, but not always. And if it is somebody else’s fault, very few people will practise what Jesus teachers and that is to forgive one another and pray for one another. Sometimes it is our fault and we will not admit it, because we are too proud to admit we have weaknesses.

Satan is Real

I remember watching a YouTube video of somebody who use to worship Satan outright. He was very high in the rank as a Satan worshiper. He told you some of the things he would do as a Satan worshiper. He would go out of his body at night and go to different places and bring down curses on different areas, so there would be an increase in violence etc. He also said where there were Christians praying he was not able to do anything there. I have had Satan’s covens put curses and spells on me, so I know firsthand these curses and spells really do work. You will be surprise how powerful and dangerous they really are. It is not kids’ stuff, it is a real war going on and we have to choose what side we on. By not choosing a side you have in fact chosen Satan. Jesus said you are either for me or against me. There is no way around it. This man pointed out most people blame God for the evil in this world, very few blame the real culprit which is of course Satan.

Brave People Admit They Are Sinners

Very few people are interested in accepting the truth for what it is. To accept truth you have to admit that each and every one of us deserves to go to hell for our sins eternally. We are so proud we like to think we are nothing but goodness. The truth of the matter is our sins cost Jesus His life, and He didn’t die without pain. It was horrific what Jesus went through for each and every one of us. Many people are brainwashed, only because they want to be. People often are saying things like ‘you deserve to have a happy life, it is unnatural for somebody to suffer.’ It is only unnatural because if we all obeyed God, there would be no unhappiness caused through evil. If we all obeyed God there would be no evil in this world at all. The problem is we are all evil. The difference is some people will admit it and turn to God and repent and pray to God every day to overcome their evil tendencies out of love and fear of God. The other group and unfortunately this group is so much larger, is going to blame everybody else for their sorrows and not admit sometimes they had it coming. Of course they are so much sorrows at the hands of others, because they are taking their sorrows out on everybody else they meet. So it is a vicious circle.

God Has Given Us A Free Will

Another thing people intentionally ignore, God gave us a free will and God is not going to take it away from us. To receive such a wonderful gift, God has also given us the responsibility to use it the correct way. Since Satan is the Father of Lies and is so good at seducing people to listen to their own lustful desires, many go for it. Satan will promise you all that you want, so you are having a good time for a while and then when you are hooked, you now find you are now a captive. You find now you are in chains and it is humanly impossible to break them. You find out what his true intentions and nature are, which is to control you and send you to hell. God on the other hand promises after you serve God and not counting the costs, then you will receive such glory and happiness in Heaven that you cannot here on earth ever imagine. People have a weakness especially in this day and age for instant gratification. Satan will offer it for an exceedingly high price “your soul.” Jesus promises first deny yourself and pick up your cross and follow me. That is a very hard thing to do, especially in this world where our whole world is trying to force us to turn away from Jesus and His teachings. But we must do it, or we will lose our souls for ever and never enter His Kingdom where there is eternal joy, security and peace.

Satan Gets His On Way Through Lies

The only way to break free from Satan’s chains is to turn to Jesus and believe He has paid the full price of your sins and has the power to set you free from those chains. It is a great shame that the church stop serving God the way the first Century Christians did. The first century Christians thought nothing of laying hands on one another and healing one another in the name of Jesus and casting out devils in Jesus name. They had faith! Somewhere along the line Christian stopped teaching it. I have been a Christian all my life, sixty one years and I have only start praying for myself and my animals for supernatural healing and deliverance about eighteen months ago. God is answering my prayers, but not after a lot of research work, listening to those who have the gift. I am still in kindergarten levels at the moment, but every day I am improving. We must call on God so that we can do it, in case we meet people who are in desperate need and there is no one to help them. At the moment I can only teach people how to deliver themselves, which is a start in the right direction.


A Prayer that Sr. Josefa Menendez Was Told by Our Lady to Pray


Sr. Josefa asked Our Lady for a prayer that will help her to grow spiritually that she could say off and on throughout the day. Mary gave her this prayer to say. “Eternal Father make me worthy to accomplish Thy Holy Will for I belong to Thee.” You can use the rosary beads if you like, and sometimes I pray for it for all Christians, so instead of using the word me, I use the word we. And Jesus appeared to me when I said it that way one day and He wanted me to say the prayer urgently as many times as I could for the world. I was not as faithful as I should have been, because there was a time I went off prayer for a while, which of course I now regret.

There are many things that Jesus has said to Gabrielle Bossis that has impressed me very deeply.  One of them was that Gabrielle was walking home during winter and she asked Jesus to save two people for her two feet. And Jesus replied two what? two hundred? two thousand? In other words the more we believe in Jesus’s generosity the more our prayers will reach.

Jesus has told me to pray for my relatives in purgatory every day and I use the Divine Mercy Chaplet to do this. Often when I was saying it, I wanted to know if this prayer could also cover the souls in purgatory that built St. Luke’s Church in Australia mainland. Convicts had built it in those early days and they were very badly treated, so I have always had great respect for them. I use to walk past the church every day when I was going to primary school and then later years to work, so it was in my mind a lot. And Jesus allowed me to know that the prayer could cover them also. So we definitely do not use our full potential that Jesus is willing to answer our prayers by.

Promises of our Lord Jesus Christ for Those who honour His Face

isJLKGRP7SThe Lord has told different saints what He will do in return for souls who honour His Face. With St. Gertrude  He said; “They shall receive in themselves, by impression of My humanity, a bright irradiation of My divinity, and shall be so illuminated by in their inmost souls that, by their likeness to My face, they shall shine in eternal life with a brightness surpassing that of many others.”

With St. Mechtilde He said;”Those who embrace this work of reparation with true piety  will not be lost, for I Myself will defend them before My Father and I will give them the Kingdom of Heaven. I will grant them the grace of final perseverance.

With Sr. Mary of St. Peter He said; He would imprint His divine likeness upon the souls of those who honour the features of His face. And also He said “you will obtain the conversions of many sinners. Nothing that you ask in virtue of the Holy Face  will be refused you. Oh, if you only knew how pleasing Is the sight of My Face to My Father.  (I just want to add I have seen a vision of how pleasing it is for Our Heavenly Father, when we also offer up Jesus’s Heart. He is so pleased He doesn’t even look at the prayer that you want answered. Our Father just automatically accepts it.)

Jesus also said to Sr. Mary of St. Peter. “In proportion to the care you take in making reparation to My face, disfigured by blasphemies. I will take care of yours, disfigured by sin. I will imprint My image on it and render it as beautiful as when it was washed in the waters of Baptism.”

There are many other promises, but I thought these were all we need, so as to get the idea how pleasing to Our Lord when we appreciate Him, the kind of rewards He hands out to everybody.  You can always pray and worship Him with your own words and I think they are the most powerful of all, because it comes from your heart, therefore it is not just a habit you got into.  Below is a prayer in honour of Jesus Face, if you choose to say it.

Eternal Father, turn away Your angry face from all guilty people whose faces have become unsightly  in Your eyes. Look instead upon the face of Your Beloved Son, for this is the Face of Him in whom You are well pleased. We now offer You this holy Face, covered with shame and disfigured by bloody bruises, in reparation for the crimes of our age, in order to appease Your anger, justly provoked against us. Because Your divine Son our Redeemer, has taken upon His head all the sins of His people that they might be spared, we now beg of You, Eternal Father, to grant us mercy. Amen

I got all this from a book I have just bought called Prayers and heavenly promises.