Why asking Mary’s Intercession is so Important?

Luke 1:38. I am the Lords’ servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.

Luke 1: 45. Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfil his promises to her!”

Luke 1: 48. For he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed,

The Road to the Kingdom of Heaven

The road to the Kingdom of Heaven is narrow and straight, but it is also very steep accordingly to St. John of the Cross. Especially when it is so close to the end of Satan’s reign. We have every opposition we can think of trying to get us side tracked from the path that leads us to eternal life. That is a very good reason why we need our Spiritual Mother Mary’s help. It is also very important to Jesus that we ask her help. I have been saying a prayer for years not because I desire to, but because once I said this prayer, Jesus appeared to me in spirit and let me know He wanted me to say it every day and I saw His sadness that Mary His Mother wasn’t given the appreciation that she deserved according to Him. The prayer He wanted me to offer up was honouring her of her death, of what the Holy Trinity (separately) gave her at the hour of her death, by saying one Hail Mary to each Trinity. It wasn’t one of my favourite prayers, but if Jesus tells you that He wants you to do something, then that is what you do. I have read in a book by a visionary many years ago, that Mary had the opportunity to go to heaven without having to die first, because God was so pleased with her life. But because she wanted to follow her Son even in death, she chose to die.

Everybody Has an Important Calling

I have had a funny relationship with Mary over the years, I seem to have runs when I am very close to her and then I seem to forget her. I say all the formal prayers to her, but not always the personal ones like I do with Jesus. When I get closer to Mary she always responds to me in a personal way. Why I do it? I think my Protestant upbringing still haunts me. I get so worried about turning her into a goddess that I back off. Jesus is not saying for us to worship her, but He definitely wants us to honour and esteem her very highly. Just think for one minute, everybody has a special calling that no one can fill our shoes in, including the great saints as well as Mary herself. If we don’t do it, it never gets done. I watched a show on Sid Roth about a guy who went to heaven and told us what Jesus once told him with great sadness, Jesus said He had great plans for children who were aborted, and because they were aborted the world wasn’t moving along as it should. Now if Mary refused to give permission to give birth to Jesus, we would be in a whole lot of trouble. Jesus would not been born. She has had played a very important role in our salvation and Jesus is eternally grateful to her as He is with us when we fulfil our calling. If we will only be humble enough to meditate on it.

Praying to Mary

is(9)When Mary has appeared to me she is very sweet and she has great authority, like you wouldn’t believe, if you have not experience it. Not only is she a wonderful Mother she is exceedingly powerful. The power of course is not her doing, it is the power God has given her, because of her humble obedience to her calling. When I pray to her with all my heart, her response is very instant and she has always helped me in times of trouble, always. When I say I pray to her my Protestants friends would get all in a panic and then I had to explain what I was doing. I pray to her so that she in turns ask her Son on my behalf, and since her Son never says no to her, the prayer is always heard. Now if of course if I ask her to pray for something that Mary knows is against God’s will she is not going to ask her Son for it. It goes without saying.

Let me repeat what St. Bernard says about Mary: “So long as thou thinkest on her, thou wilt remain in the right path. So long as she sustains thee, thou canst not fall. So long as she protects thee, thou hast nothing to fear. If she favours thy voyage, thou shalt reach the harbour of safety without exhaustion.”

If anybody who honours their parents it is going to be Jesus, we cannot question that, because nobody is going to obey the Ten Commandments as well and as faithful as Jesus has. And since we are now Jesus’s brother and sisters we have the same parents as He has, because Jesus has paid the full price for our redemption and we now have all that belongs to Jesus as our inheritance, including His Mother.

Calling on Mary’s Help Makes a Big Difference

I have been learning how to do self-deliverance for some time now and I am improving all the time. I could only cast out little demons at first, now they are bigger ones and so I am noticing a greater improvement on my health because of it. One day I was experimenting casting them out a different way by calling on Jesus name through the Immaculate Conception and that is when I notice a big difference. It also felt like Jesus wasn’t going to miss an opportunity with me, to let me know how much He valued Mary’s role in all of this.

Christians who have been a practising Christian for a while will know this, that we can do nothing without God. We can’t even lift a finger by ourselves without God’s help. When we do a good deed it is by the grace of God, we all know that. The thing about God is He rewards us as if it was all our doing, provided we are humble enough to know it is only through God’s help. When I was a small child my mother would say let’s make a cake today, she did everything. I just stirred the cake mixture a couple of times and I got the credit that I helped my mother make the cake. That is how God works. We get a reward as if it is us, only if we are humble enough to know we can’t do anything without God. He treats Mary the same. It is His power working through her, because she is humble enough to know that she cannot do anything without God. The problem is when some people think it is only her power at work. When they don’t give God the credit that it is His power working through her, that is when things get out of hand. I personally believe only a few fail to recognised the truth of the matter. God has perform many miraculous miracles through her and will always work through her. And many people have come to know Christ through Mary.


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