Praying for Forgivness to those that Hurt You

is(19)I believe most of us have problems with forgiveness. The important thing is to remember we are not on our own. God will help if we call on Him, sometimes day and night we need to call on Him before we get this breakthrough. He will definitely hear that prayer, because He desires it from us more than we do. Praying for His Will to be accomplish in us, said in all humility and a great desire to please Him, will never ever be refused. The thing is God might have to teach us some pointers first. Like we are not fighting flesh but evil spirits, powers, principalities and wickedness in high places, like St. Pauls talks about in the New Testament. Have you ever had a friend that was once your arch enemy? I did when I was very young. And I also remember when I was young I had an enemy name Julie and I vowed to God that I will never ever have a friend name Julie. God heard that and guess what my best friend’s name happens to be? And we have been friends for many years now. God is always listening in and I have to always eat my words, because God is always teaching me to live according to His truth.

Troubles With Neighbours

I had neighbours way back who really hated me, because of my dog. He hated them, so every time they were outside and sometimes I think they did this deliberately so that they could be all righteous and complain. My dog would growl at them and so forth. I did keep my dog in my house for the most part, which I certainly didn’t mind. But the thing is I tried and tried to bless her and think no evil towards her. I remember I came in after her shouting out sometime to me that was hurtful and I shouted out to God, full of passion ‘I hate her.’ God of course knew the battle I had to forgive her every day and He said nothing, but the moment I said ‘I hate her’ He chastise me straight away. By chastising me I mean I felt His presence and He showed me how displeased He was with me for saying that. And I feared the Lord, who wouldn’t if you experience His anger. Now St. Peter in the Gospel reassures us never to go weary when God does chastise us, because basically good fathers who love their children will do it for the good of their children sake.

Lesson One

From this experience I realised that God didn’t mind me having troubles with forgiveness, because He could see that I was fighting the fight to please Him, but the moment I gave into temptation to give up fighting to do the right thing, that is when I got into trouble with Him. I believe that was a very important lesson for me, not just in forgiveness but in all areas of disciplining my flesh. Then the next thing He taught me, which was a major breakthrough for me, was that person I am having trouble forgiving was made in the image of God. In other words doesn’t matter how much they are not living up to it, they are still God’s very special child that He hopes to bring home with Him one day.

Lesson Two and Three

So then I realised when a person receives Christ into their lives they will no longer resemble the devil that they do now. They will be the person more and more each day resembling the beautiful Jesus that we are all called to resemble. Then at last the final lesson we are not fighting the person but evil spirits. Sure we all have a free will, and some choose to use it the wrong way for whatever reason, but we all in this world being attacked by the devil and his fallen angels, who are pouring down onto us all sorts of lies on a daily basis. So we won’t experience the love we are called to experience from each other, nor be open to experiencing love from our God in a tangible way like the great saints do.  And we need to know we should be uniting and fighting the evil one together, not each other. God confirmed it to me with another neighbour of years past. I saw in him very ugly evil spirits. This person was being control by evil spirits, because he didn’t see the danger that he was in and so I could see that I had to pray for him. I realised that I could well be the only person praying for him and if I don’t do it, I would indeed let God down.

Knowing The Real Jesus

It is so sad that many people do not know who the real Jesus is. Satan will use everybody he can to spoil the real image of God, so that we will never know Him. Because the moment we do and stay faithful to God and really believe in our redemption in Jesus, we will be eternally blessed. But if Satan can convince us to live according to our flesh and reasoning with us, using our intellect that there is no Judgement, we will be dammed forever instead. So really call on God that you will have a real revelation of God of what He is really like and go so far and ask Him to visit you, ask Him to let you feel His presence, keep at it in all humility and He will. Don’t do it in arrogance or you will get Satan disguising himself as God instead. You will know the difference if you are very humble. Some people get spooked when they think that God will appear to them, because they look at all their sins and see God as a vengeful God instead of a loving Daddy. He is very cuddly, would you believe! For those who give their lives to Him. He is not the God many churches in the past painted Him to be. We all need a good healthy fear of Him for our protection, to remind us we can’t enter in heaven any other way but through Jesus Christ. If you do this then you are then free to enjoy His great love and mercy.

Pray for Your Love Ones

I have met people with tears in their eyes when they find their beautiful son or daughter, mother or father will not go to heaven if they refuse to acknowledge Jesus is Lord. But one great thing is that Jesus reassures us if we keep our prayers up for them, most people loves ones will make it to heaven. Because through your constant prayers He will give them grace to repent. Maybe not in your timely but He will answer those prayers. But unfortunately some people doesn’t matter how many graces they receive to repent, will keep refusing the grace. Not many people are so stubborn, so don’t give up on your love ones, and keep praying for them.


People who experience death and enter hell for a little while and then come back, they have a desperate need to warn people there is a place called hell. There are children in hell, because they are not childlike in their behaviour. They are so disobedient they do not resemble the child Jesus points out that the kingdom of heaven is like. Good people are in hell as well Christians who didn’t truly committed themselves to Christ. There are no good Buddas, Hindus, and Muslims and so on in heaven. One women’s experience in hell taught her that everybody knew the only reason they were in hell was, because they did not receive Jesus as their Lord. I believe there are many people who made it to heaven who have committed far more serious crimes then a great many in hell, but because they turn away from their evil ways and accepted Jesus as their Lord, they are now enjoying heaven as if they have never done any wrong.

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