I Would Love to be used to Comfort People

Some people have a very beautiful gift of comforting people, they know what to say and how to reassure others. I am afraid I am not good in those areas. I seem to be a fighter. I think of Gods, angels for example there are warrior angles and there are healers and messengers and etc. My way of comforting people is to assure them that I will pray for them. I believe in the power of prayer, but I do know a few loving words will never go astray. The world is increasing becoming more and more violent. I hate to think of those who are going to be left behind to face the Great Tribulation. I sometimes think I am going to be one of them, and then I get comforted because I listen to some visionary’s that pick me right up and then I back to believing again that I have a very good chance of meeting Jesus in the air, when He comes for me. When I keep two things in my mind especially. The first thing I realise my true value is How God sees me, and it is always of love and mercy. I remember that I owe God everything and He owns me nothing. In other words stay humble. The second thing is being repented of my sins, every time I see something I know is not in keeping with God’s Commandments, I repent with confidence that God gladly forgives a humble contrite heart. So I am always acknowledging I am a sinner, and looking at how much God loves this sinner and I imagine Him loving me.

I know He has shown me Himself to keep His eyes on Him, not how sinful we are but how beautiful and forgiving God is to us. We don’t deserve it, but God is so passionately in love with us and that His Son has truly paid the price of all our sins. We can never shock Him with our sins. He has seen it all before and has forgiven all before. So I also know Jesus convicts us so that we know what to repent and work on. Satan always condemns us, so we feel so bad that we don’t believe God can ever love us or forgive us. If it is negative it comes from Satan’s spirit, if it is uplifting in that it raises us up to adore God or the more than that comes from God. Another thing that struck in my mind was a person had died and was in hell for a while and she said she knew all the sins of the person who was standing next to her and so on and she said that the everybody knew they were in hell not for what they did, but because they would not accept Jesus as their Lord. To me that message she gave says it all, it is not about us, instead, it is all about God.

God’s love is as big as God is Himself which is infinite. And that is why Satan hates us so much. Satan had his chance and he made a complete mess of it by causing a revolt against God. And not only does he hate God so much that he wants to get back at God and hurt Him through what God’s loves so much ‘us’. He also is so jealous of our inheritances. So we must never let Satan bully us into believing God doesn’t love us or He has given up on us. Stay close to God and don’t let Satan rob you of that truth, you mean everything to God. It is like we are all His only child, that God doesn’t have eyes for anybody else. Only God can do that and He is God.

Another thing that I have learnt; thought that enter in your mind against your will is not your thoughts but evil spirits that pretend to be you. So you keep repenting of something that you haven’t thought of. If you don’t watch out you will go insane and think God has made you for no other purpose than to send you to hell. I have been there. It is in fact a common attack from the enemy. I believe Paul in the New Testament said ‘I don’t even judge myself.’ I believe this is why you sometimes think it is you but not. Jesus has told one visionary just completely change the subject, put Christian music on and basically he said on another occasion leave the demon hanging in the air. Ignore them and put your trust in the Love God has for you. He will look after you if you live to the best of your ability to please God. Put God first in your life and let God do the leading. Pray always.

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