How Does The Holy Mass Different from A Protestant Service


This article was written approximately three years ago, so things have changed. The Latin Mass is what many traditional Catholics are going to, because at present the Holy Mass has been done away with.

When I was young and a Protestant, my mother who was a Catholic would go to our church on a regular basis. She told me once that the service compared to the Mass, just felt like a prayer meeting. My mother wasn’t being mean, that is how she felt. When I became a Catholic I understood what she meant. Protestant are very fearful of the Holy Catholic Mass. They associate it unconsciously if not consciously with the Black Mass. It is how Satan has designed it, to keep them away from it. When I was very young, nobody in our church actually said it, but I could feel it in the atmosphere very powerfully what Satan put into their hearts. They saw the Holy Mass as the Black Mass, I could see that they had visions of all the Catholics taking off all their clothes and dancing around the altar naked. I was very young at the time, but that is exactly how I felt the congregation’s saw Catholics and the Mass. It was as they say so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Of course it confused me no end, because I knew my mother would never do such a thing, nor my grandmother or my aunts and cousins.

A War Going On Inside Me

There was a war going on inside me. Do I listen to the church or was I going to believe what I knew in my heart to be true, which was Catholic are Christians and that they wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. You wouldn’t think I would have to fight for the truth, but as Saint Pauls says you are not fighting the flesh you are fighting evil spirits, powers, principalities and wickedness in high places. About ten years ago I was walking down the street and an evangelist pull me over the side to chat with me. And since I was now a Catholic approximately thirty years by this time, I was curious if Protestants still felt that way about Catholics, so I tested her. I told her I just come back from the Mass, and I saw instantly in her eyes fear and she literally jumped backwards out of fear. I thought they still haven’t changed. I feel in many ways it is even worst. Since Satan is trying very hard to ruin the Catholic Church by bringing in exceedingly evil people to destroy her within her walls.

People Are Very Easily Deceived

The problem people don’t see that, what they see is the evil people represents Catholics, which of course they don’t. Jesus said to be always on the alert for those who will deceive you, such as wolves in sheep skins. They may seem very holy at first, but as they start to win you over they then twist the truth around, because the whole idea is to lead you straight into hell. By getting you to walk away from the true teachings of Jesus. Christ also said first get the log out of your own eye and then you can see more clearly to get the speck out your brother’s eyes. There of course many beautiful Protestants out there that are following Jesus very closely and they do obey the commandment of love thy neighbour as themselves. But unfortunately there are very many ignorant people both Catholics and Protestants out there that are very easily led astray.

The Members of Christ Should All Be In Harmony

People are naturally prejudice of others and like to think they are superior and just down right suspicious of anything that is different from them. There are of course many Catholics and Protestants that point the finger at each other. I just want to remind everybody, Satan hates Christians and he is going to do his best to bring war on us, from within and from without the walls of the church. The members of the body of Christ should be working in harmony with one another. If you want a healthy body, and Christ does, we need to get on with what God has called us to do and mind our own business, which is a very hard thing to do, because Satan is always tempting us to gossip and tear one another down.

What Is The Holy Catholic Mass?

The Holy Catholic Mass, what is it? Why does Satan want to keep people away from it? Why is he making sure people fear it? All Mass is; is Holy Communion. Protestant practise Holy Communion don’t they? There is a division amongst Protestant in that some of them believe that Jesus was talking symbolically, while other Protestants churches believe as the Catholics do that Jesus meant what He said, that the bread and wine turns into the body and blood of Christ. Many miracles occur when receiving the body and blood of Jesus if you believe. I sure have experience many communications from the Host. In many Protestant churches Holy Communion is celebrated once a month. If you are Catholic and are fortunate enough these days to belong to a church in a city you can go to church and celebrate the Mass seven days a week and receive Holy Communion each time. I use to go to Mass just before I use to go to work and it gave me enormous strength to deal with working in a very worldly place, promoting evil basically (The Education Department). I also was suffering from breakdowns and had social phobias to attend with. If I didn’t receive the strength from Our Lord during those times I would not have been able to endure all this and God used me as a witness for Him. Going to Mass every day got me through.

The Difference Between The Mass And The Service

Holy Communion is what the whole Mass is centred around, with the service it is basically centred around the sermon. So the big difference is Catholics who are true believers (there are many that are lukewarm as with the Protestants) go to Mass to receive the Lord. It is all about Him not the priest or the homely it is all about receiving Jesus. We eat Him!!!! You can’t get any closer to Him than that if you truly believe. You feel the presence of God, it brings you in union with Him and it strengthens you in your daily walk. It is much stronger receiving Jesus this way then only once a month. That is why Satan doesn’t what the Protestants to know about it. Satan doesn’t want Protestant to become stronger by receiving Jesus’s body and blood on a daily basis.

Celebrating Holy Communion In  Your Own Home

I haven’t gone to the Catholic Church for about seven years now, because Satan has successfully kicked me out of it by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t want to start throwing mud around.  I don’t feel comfortable to go back there again. So I am going to a beautiful small Protestant church at the moment. But meanwhile, while I wasn’t going to any church at all. I started to practise my own version of the Mass, other people would call it Holy Communion. God told me very early on, to do it every day. And I did asked once if people who live in a remote regions where they can’t go to church and receive communion would you put it into their minds and hearts to do their own version of the Mass too. God was pleased with the prayer. In other words He was saying Yes they can do their own version of the Holy Mass.

Now I hear that the Catholic Church is now facing a major crisis where this so called pope (the keys of the Vatican was taken up to heaven by God when Pope Benedict XVI resigned, accordingly to the prophet Maria Divine Mercy). has change the Mass into something that it has never meant to be. So if you are in that situation where they are saying that Jesus is not present in the Eucharist (which is another word for Host – the bread that has turned into the body of Christ) I would say my own version of the Mass, if you can’t find a priest that is remaining faithful to Jesus to celebrate the Holy Mass as it should. God will accept your own version of the Mass, if you are not in a position to receive Him in any other way. But I have to warn you when I started doing it I was told by Jesus that I had to do it every day.

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