Ask God if He Exists? He Won’t Get Angry!

I don’t know why we think God doesn’t hear our thoughts or that He can’t hear what our hearts are saying or in fact sometimes pleading to know. I really love God for many and many reasons, but like I keep saying, one of the things is, I can completely trust Him enough so that I can be so open with Him that it is liberating. Tell Him all you’re concerns and then wait for an answer or turn to the Holy Bible and ask Him to answer it within its pages and He does. I have just met a young lady who I think deep down is looking to know if God is real or not. Like so many times you think of things to say long after the meeting, so I am parting it with you. I should have told her ‘why don’t you ask God to reveal Himself to you?’ What a simple solution. He is doing it all the time especially amongst the Muslims these days.

In my late twenties I wanted to know why God didn’t send me around a good man to marry. I wanted children badly and a really good companion. I never met a guy I felt I could be happily married to. So I thought God was being really mean to me. Would you believe I got so angry with God I demanded an ordinance with Him. And kept demanding it of Him for a few minutes and He actually showed up. I was shocked even though I was really ordering Him about. Now I wouldn’t advice this of anybody, but my point is I deserved to be put into my place and instead He was not at all angry with me. His reply was simply ‘trust me.’ I wasn’t happy with the answer He gave me, but I wished I did, because God does know what is best. We just think we know better than He does. I love being single, I simply wouldn’t have time for a husband. God keeps me busy serving Him differently than the married couples are and I love my calling.

is(7)So ask Him, and keep at it until He answers. I don’t know why some people get the answer they seeking quicker than others. But you can count on it there is a very good reason for it. If you genuinely want to know if Jesus Christ is your saviour, ask Him!!!! He is keener than you are, to know Him.

James 1:5.If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.


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