There Are Many Members but, We Are All Members of Christ

We would think it very strange is somebody was trying to use their foot as if it is an eye right? But that is what we are trying to do every time we try to be like somebody else. God is a very generous God and we all have work to accomplish in His Kingdom. We all can’t be carpenters for example. Somebody has to grow our food, help out in different emergencies, raise children, clean houses and etc. Can you imagine if we all had the same job to do, everything would fall apart!

Everybody Has Different Gifts

What has confused me over the years is when people receive a gift from God, they have such easy access to it and they presume it should be like that way to all Christians. My very first experience of it, I had a friend who was very gifted as a seer. She would ask Jesus a question and He spoke to her straight away. So if we asked her a question, she would say why don’t you ask God? And we would look at one another and respond to her and say, ‘because we do not have that gift.’ And then in my search for miraculous healing from God, it very rarely came spontaneously. I seemed to have more access to get rid of evil spirits associated with stress and spirits that tempt you strongly in all sorts of areas such as rebellion in me. God has not called me to do this with other people, but he has given me the gift to teach others how to do this for themselves. So I am finally learning that if God wants you to work in a certain area, He will give you the gifts that you will need in that area. It is no point for God to give you the gift of healing if He wants you to expressively work in deliverance as an example.

We Are Specially Be Called

I remember reading a person who had a very powerful ministry in healing cancer. It was a full time job just to pray over people with cancer. He was a very busy man. The thing was he himself was suffering from cancer and God didn’t heal him of it. The man was humble enough to realise it is was in God’s hands not his. Another thing I read about was Saint Peter the disciple and apostle of Jesus Christ, was such a powerful healer. According to a book I read ‘the twelve disciples’ St. Peter’s shadow would heal people. Apparently St. Peter had an only daughter who was crippled, that he was not able to heal. I think God does that for our protection, so that it won’t go to our heads and we start to think it is ourselves that is healing people.

Look at doctors, you will have the general practitioner and then you have many different specialist, concentrating on a specific thing. They are all necessary to help people, but they are all in different areas of healing. When I finally realize that, it calm me down. And like, 1 Corinthians 12. 1-31 points this out very well.

1 Corinthians 12. 29-30. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret?

We All Have Special Work To Do

Now I know we are all called to work for the Kingdom of God. So if we are faithful to Him we will all have spiritual gifts now or are waiting for us to receive. When I was young I read the different Catholic Saints, they would have all these spiritual gifts like miraculous and creative healing and etc. And they all practised self-denial, which Jesus tells us to do and then pick up our cross daily and follow Him. When I was young I followed the advice and some examples of the saints. After approximately thirty years, I didn’t have these gifts and I was angry and hurt with God for not giving them to me. About a couple of months later I started to realise I didn’t have those gifts, but I was receiving a gift in wisdom and I was comforted. It wasn’t the gift I was searching for, but I realise it was a good gift from God. I was very honoured that God would give it to me. In other words I realised I did nothing to deserve it. And I knew I would not be able to explain to people that we all need wisdom and it is a very good gift from God to have. People want the spectacular things such as the miraculous including me.

1 Corinthians 12. 22-23. On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less honourable we treat with special honour.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Another

So we need not complain about our gifts from God. They are the right ones for us. God also knows what we can handle. As life goes on it may take a different direction and we may then receive different gifts from what we are used to, but our gifts will come at the right time, if we are sincerely follow Jesus as He is calling us to do. Don’t measure yourself with other people, they are not you and they do not have the same gifts as you do or if they do they do not have them in the same way as you do. No two people are alike and we should not be intimidated by other people’s giftedness. God does not love one person more than another.



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