Why Do People Blame God, For What Satan Does?


Many and Many people are always asking if God is so good why He allows all this evil in this world. I don’t know why people will always shift the blame onto somebody else. Look around it is never their fault things go wrong, it is always somebody else’s fault. People are always looking to blame somebody for an unhappy circumstances. What upsets me when there is a car accident for example, very few people accept the facts of life, sometimes it is nobody’s fault, and it is just a very tragic accident! Sometimes it is somebody else’s fault, but not always. And if it is somebody else’s fault, very few people will practise what Jesus teachers and that is to forgive one another and pray for one another. Sometimes it is our fault and we will not admit it, because we are too proud to admit we have weaknesses.

Satan is Real

I remember watching a YouTube video of somebody who use to worship Satan outright. He was very high in the rank as a Satan worshiper. He told you some of the things he would do as a Satan worshiper. He would go out of his body at night and go to different places and bring down curses on different areas, so there would be an increase in violence etc. He also said where there were Christians praying he was not able to do anything there. I have had Satan’s covens put curses and spells on me, so I know firsthand these curses and spells really do work. You will be surprise how powerful and dangerous they really are. It is not kids’ stuff, it is a real war going on and we have to choose what side we on. By not choosing a side you have in fact chosen Satan. Jesus said you are either for me or against me. There is no way around it. This man pointed out most people blame God for the evil in this world, very few blame the real culprit which is of course Satan.

Brave People Admit They Are Sinners

Very few people are interested in accepting the truth for what it is. To accept truth you have to admit that each and every one of us deserves to go to hell for our sins eternally. We are so proud we like to think we are nothing but goodness. The truth of the matter is our sins cost Jesus His life, and He didn’t die without pain. It was horrific what Jesus went through for each and every one of us. Many people are brainwashed, only because they want to be. People often are saying things like ‘you deserve to have a happy life, it is unnatural for somebody to suffer.’ It is only unnatural because if we all obeyed God, there would be no unhappiness caused through evil. If we all obeyed God there would be no evil in this world at all. The problem is we are all evil. The difference is some people will admit it and turn to God and repent and pray to God every day to overcome their evil tendencies out of love and fear of God. The other group and unfortunately this group is so much larger, is going to blame everybody else for their sorrows and not admit sometimes they had it coming. Of course they are so much sorrows at the hands of others, because they are taking their sorrows out on everybody else they meet. So it is a vicious circle.

God Has Given Us A Free Will

Another thing people intentionally ignore, God gave us a free will and God is not going to take it away from us. To receive such a wonderful gift, God has also given us the responsibility to use it the correct way. Since Satan is the Father of Lies and is so good at seducing people to listen to their own lustful desires, many go for it. Satan will promise you all that you want, so you are having a good time for a while and then when you are hooked, you now find you are now a captive. You find now you are in chains and it is humanly impossible to break them. You find out what his true intentions and nature are, which is to control you and send you to hell. God on the other hand promises after you serve God and not counting the costs, then you will receive such glory and happiness in Heaven that you cannot here on earth ever imagine. People have a weakness especially in this day and age for instant gratification. Satan will offer it for an exceedingly high price “your soul.” Jesus promises first deny yourself and pick up your cross and follow me. That is a very hard thing to do, especially in this world where our whole world is trying to force us to turn away from Jesus and His teachings. But we must do it, or we will lose our souls for ever and never enter His Kingdom where there is eternal joy, security and peace.

Satan Gets His On Way Through Lies

The only way to break free from Satan’s chains is to turn to Jesus and believe He has paid the full price of your sins and has the power to set you free from those chains. It is a great shame that the church stop serving God the way the first Century Christians did. The first century Christians thought nothing of laying hands on one another and healing one another in the name of Jesus and casting out devils in Jesus name. They had faith! Somewhere along the line Christian stopped teaching it. I have been a Christian all my life, sixty one years and I have only start praying for myself and my animals for supernatural healing and deliverance about eighteen months ago. God is answering my prayers, but not after a lot of research work, listening to those who have the gift. I am still in kindergarten levels at the moment, but every day I am improving. We must call on God so that we can do it, in case we meet people who are in desperate need and there is no one to help them. At the moment I can only teach people how to deliver themselves, which is a start in the right direction.


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