A Prayer that Sr. Josefa Menendez Was Told by Our Lady to Pray


Sr. Josefa asked Our Lady for a prayer that will help her to grow spiritually that she could say off and on throughout the day. Mary gave her this prayer to say. “Eternal Father make me worthy to accomplish Thy Holy Will for I belong to Thee.” You can use the rosary beads if you like, and sometimes I pray for it for all Christians, so instead of using the word me, I use the word we. And Jesus appeared to me when I said it that way one day and He wanted me to say the prayer urgently as many times as I could for the world. I was not as faithful as I should have been, because there was a time I went off prayer for a while, which of course I now regret.

There are many things that Jesus has said to Gabrielle Bossis that has impressed me very deeply.  One of them was that Gabrielle was walking home during winter and she asked Jesus to save two people for her two feet. And Jesus replied two what? two hundred? two thousand? In other words the more we believe in Jesus’s generosity the more our prayers will reach.

Jesus has told me to pray for my relatives in purgatory every day and I use the Divine Mercy Chaplet to do this. Often when I was saying it, I wanted to know if this prayer could also cover the souls in purgatory that built St. Luke’s Church in Australia mainland. Convicts had built it in those early days and they were very badly treated, so I have always had great respect for them. I use to walk past the church every day when I was going to primary school and then later years to work, so it was in my mind a lot. And Jesus allowed me to know that the prayer could cover them also. So we definitely do not use our full potential that Jesus is willing to answer our prayers by.

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