True Love has Power

1 Peter 1:22. Love one another deeply, from the heart.

Very few people really have experience true love in this world. Not all come from happy and close families. If you were born in a family where your parents were always fighting one another all the time, you will need a special grace to resist following in their footsteps. Jesus never rejects anyone who begs for the grace to overcome their faults. And as you get closer to God, He then reveals even more of your faults as you advance. He also shows His Spirit living in you, where you are one with Him and that reminds you that you are very special to Him. If God was to show all our faults all at once we would be horrid stricken and die. The old saints use to call themselves things like ‘the vile worm of the earth.’ I never understood them that well, but I am beginning to now. God is so loving and patient with us, and is always willing to help us, but we must persist in our asking. Sometimes we have to beg and beg for something to happen. The reason being I believe is so that when He does give it to us, we won’t let it out of our fingers that easily. We will fight to keep it and I also believe we are fighting for other people to receive the grace who wouldn’t receive it otherwise.

What saddens me so much is seeing Christians hating other Christians the way they do. Matthew 5:7-8. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

The Importance of Mercy

We all need mercy and the only way for sure to get mercy is to give it to each other. We will be reward accordingly to how closely we follow Jesus. And as Christians we are called to love one another even our enemies. We have to remember most people who live evil lives do so, because they were brought up to hate, not love. Christians have the advantage of knowing Jesus and therefore know what brings eternal happiness. We can even experience joy while suffering trials, if we keep our eyes not on ourselves but Jesus. When your eyes are on Jesus what are you going to see? His love and mercy towards you, which never ends, it is infinite. And then you see Him in Heaven with you, never to suffer pain of any description again.

There is a favourite YouTube channel I love where Jesus talks to this visionary so as to past it onto us. I trust this person is a genuine visionary so I listen. And the thing that really intrigued me was when Jesus tells her, that there are many Christian Denominations in Heaven and ask “Are you surprise by that?” I definitely was, aren’t you? I was just thinking about it the day before and thought that we would be just be one big family, but apparently there are other branches of the Christian faith present in Heaven. Something for us to think about. The way I am thinking about it at the moment is the body of Christ has many parts and we all need one another to function properly, maybe that applies to Churches

We Have all Sinned

Since we all have sinned, it would be no surprise to you, if I said hate, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, self-righteous, being judgemental, fighting, dominating others, greed and so on cannot give you lasting peace or happiness. Far from it, instead it gives you torment. We all been there and we know what it feels like. There may be a moment of pleasure and a sick pleasure at that. The pleasure only last for a little while and then it eats us up and we are then filled with anger for others or ourselves. There is no lasting pleasure in the kingdom of darkness only sorrow, confusion and hatred. One of my favourite saints went down to hell and this young women of fifteen years said to her, she was in hell, because she lived only to please herself and she said despite of all the torture in hell, if they could only love, they wouldn’t call it hell. So when we are going through a hard time think about that, we are only experience a very light taste of hell on earth. Some people who have committed suicide reported when they came back to life, they committed suicide because they didn’t think anything could get worse than what they were experiencing. Once in hell they knew their pain on earth was nothing compared to what they were suffering in hell.

There are so many people who think hate is more powerful than love and even more glorious. I remember hearing of one ex-Muslim who converted into Christianity and said ‘it is easy to hate and seek out revenge, but it is so much harder to love and forgive.’ Does that come as a surprise to any of us? I don’t think so, but is nice to hear it said from a person who lived by hate, who now is in love with Jesus and following Him instead. Praying for your enemies so that they may come to know Jesus as He really is, keeps your heart from hardening up into unforgiveness and hatred. And we know we are forgiven as we forgive others.


One of the Things I Love about Kind David

What I love about him, I think it is the same reason why most of us do. He really opens up to God and speaks his mind from his heart to our wonderful Creator. When he is angry he tells God all about it, and when he is full of praise he does the same. David is so honest with God. When David is having troubles with his enemies he comes to God directly and spells out his troubled heart. If his enemies refuses to give up their evil ways, he then prays that God will show them up so that they may learn to give reverence to God Almighty. David is fully aware that the enemies of God will suffer the consequences of their actions in hell fire if they do not.

isFHBX52TIJesus teachers us to turn the other check, not to hate our enemies and when we obey Him in all things we will receive His peace. We still must pray that the earth is cleanse of all that is evil, it is after all God’s Holy Will. If we read our bibles we will know the time of God’s mercy is running out and we can see time after time again God gives His people only so long to repent and when we refuse, we can see what becomes of Israel when they did not. They were taken over by their enemies. This is going to happen to Christians very soon all over the world, it is already started to happen years ago, as we all know. A time will come very shortly when God will judge the earth and by no means God is happy about it. I have seen Him cry over it. God has told many prophets that He is going to take up His faithful Brides before it really gets bad, but we will still experience great suffering before the rapture.

I Love the Way Passion Version Expresses the Psalms

Psalm 109 verse 17-20.

Since he enjoyed cursing them, may all his curses now come raining back on him, until it all overwhelms him with misfortune! Since he refused to bless others, God, withhold every single blessings from him! Bitterness, such vile vindictiveness, was upon everything he did. Cursing was his lifestyle. So smother him now with his own curses as his just reward. This will be the Lord’s punishment upon him and all my lying accusers who speak evil against me.

If you read David he is always first loving and if the evil persists then he calls on God for justice not from hatred, but out of the love for God and His Righteousness. Sometimes the only way we learn to stop doing evil, is to receive a little of our own medicine. And I see David often will say things like ‘may they fall into their own trap.’ I do it often myself so that they may learn and I ask God that Satan’s plans of evil will backfire so instead of doing harm, peoples eyes would be open and they see clearly what is going on and therefore convert and become true followers of Christ instead. It gets confusing sometimes, we are called to love our enemies and I believe I do, but there is no way I believe we should just keep allowing evil to grow and destroy what God created out of love to continue. God didn’t call us to be doormats. I pray for my enemies to repent and convert, because they will go to hell if they keep serving evil and that is something I do not want anybody to suffer. Even though we all deserve it, it is for ever and we should pray for our enemies that light dawns on them and they will be able to see that they are their worst enemy, not God or another person they consider to be.

Psalms 74:19 aren’t we your beloved dove that praises you? Protect us from these wild beasts who want to harm us. Don’t leave us as lambs among wolves! You can’t abandon us after all we’ve been through! Remember your promises to us, for darkness covers the land, giving the violent ones a hiding place. Don’t let these insults continue. Can’t you see that we are your downtrodden and oppressed people? Make the poor and needy into a choir of praise to you!

Look At Israel’s History

Once again look at Israel’s history. After a time of the enemy take over, the Israelites repented deeply and then turned back to God with all their hearts and then God was with them again and they once again became victorious over their enemies and God blessed them. In the Old Testament is says If you obey God you will be blessed and if you disobey God you will be cursed. Very simple guidelines to follow. When we at war with Satan and if we stay close to God, great victories will be seen. The greater the challengers, greater the reward. Because God does not abandon us. Look at St. Paul, he shared the suffering of the cross in so many ways and because he did, God blessed him in so many ways spiritually. He is a great example for others who suffer and he was blessed with so much insight into the ways of God. If he had not suffered so much for God, God would not have blessed him so handsomely as He did. My saying that I used for myself is ‘first the Crucifixion and then the Resurrection.’ Most Christian like to share Jesus Resurrection without first dying to self, which is the crucifixion. If we don’t die to ourselves we cannot be made new. We cannot take on the nature of Christ. We have to die of the love of the world and all that it holds and of the desires of our flesh. If we don’t we are not free to love God with All our hearts and with All our minds and with All our strengths. We have to be purified by fire, which are the crosses we experience in life. We have to walk the walk. If we just talk about it and not do the things Jesus tells us to do we will miss the boat.



Lies of Satan

While more and more people are blindly following the occult and not aware of the dangers of where it is all going to lead them in the end. There are people leaving the occult and warning us of the different types of traps are set up for the innocent to be trapped by. Even toys are designed to darken the souls of the little ones. Some of the traps are obvious to a devout believer in Christ but not all. For example how many people know the peace sign is an occult sign. What about the Christmas trees and all the things that go with Christmas except of course the pure worship and celebration of Jesus Christ birth. Satan will have you believe something is very harmless and just a little fun, but there is an interior motive behind it. I have been trapped in thinking something was harmless, but I was blessed in that I didn’t let my prayer and worship life go, so God was able to warn me. If your pray life and daily worship time is not important, and if you were to give up on it, you are exposing yourselves to serve danger and will become vulnerable. Especially in these days we live in. Satan I think is really enjoying himself in this era, because of how many people he is able to deceive in this present age.

Dangers in Some Churches

Even in Christian activities such as casting out devils in Jesus’s name. You wouldn’t think there could be any possible harm in that. There is black magic even in churches disguised as coming from the Holy Spirit to get you in. Innocent people are not aware of it they are too trusting. Some people are so sweet and innocent they think everybody is like them. If somebody smiles at them they do not doubt they are sincere. They cannot discern the wolf in sheep’s clothing at all and they are many of those running the churches. Now of course there are much more I believe that are genuine it is just you have to do what Jesus tells you. If their deeds don’t match up to their words there is something wrong or if they are constantly watering down the meaning of God’s words they are not Children of God.

Matthew 7:15-18

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

I think there is another verses that is very important to remember Matthew 7:21-23, because while the Holy Spirit is pouring out His gifts like never before and there is much more to come, Satan too is working hard at deceiving people by imitating God’s Spirit. When the Holy Spirit heals you, you are healed indeed, but if it is the devil at work you might feel good for a little while and then you become worse off than before. Now there are plenty times the Holy Spirit will heal and the sickness comes back, because the person didn’t change their life style to serve the Lord. In other words they are not even making the attempt to live the Holy life that God expects of them. Or they start listening to Satan’s lies when he tells them that they are not really healed or it won’t last long or whatever. When the Holy Spirit heals them it has no bad side-affects, but if it is Satan’s spirit so called healing them, they have just allowed an evil spirit enter in them.

Fighting The Good Fight

I have been learning how to call on Jesus’s name for self-deliverance I think for nearly eighteen months now. On one hand I can see I am growing and getting rid of demons and on the other hand it seems more keep coming back to attack me. We are at war, we must remember that. The thing is as I am learning more without a teacher, because there is no one to be found, I am learning so much more how God has been protecting me over the years and I am so amazed. If Satan is attacking you that is a very good sign, even if you don’t like it, because it means that Satan’s plans are not going to plan, because you are fighting the good fight and are wining through the merits of Jesus Christ. If you are not a danger to his plans he will gladly leave you be, because you are not a threat to him, you are asleep and that is how he likes it.

Matthew 7:21-23

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord.’ Will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly. ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

I believe some people will know they are so called casting out evil spirits through black magic, because they are working for the devil, but I also believe some are not aware of it. They think they are great and better than others and that is why they think they have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which in fact they do not have. And there are others who have been blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but are not humble about it and do it for their glory and not God’s. I am not a person who is an expert on this subject, but it is what I have seen and heard others speak about. So I take note.

We All Have Demons to Fight

I remember I belonged to a prayer group and we had a meeting. There was priest that came and he was truly what you would refer to as a lamb of God, he was so meek and gentle. One day he walked into the room and it was like a great wind came into the room. It reminded me of the description of when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples at Pentecostal day. His eyes looked like they were on fire and it scared my demons like you wouldn’t believe. They wanted me to run out of the building and I wouldn’t, because I said to myself this house is the house of God and I belong here. Now people are probably scratching their heads and asking themselves what is a Christian doing having demons. You will be surprised to know how many demons are out there and how many Christians are suffering from them through things like being cursed by others, who keeps judging them or generational curses or the times or when we cursed ourselves or when the people of the occult deliberately curse us or when we have committed sins and we all have done that.

If people knew what we are fighting against, they would be horrified if it wasn’t for the knowledge the one in us is stronger than the one in the world. I would have died in the few minuets I was born, but thanks to a doctor that would have been in danger of being sued today. I was born asleep and I wouldn’t breathe, and in desperation after doing everything possible time was running out, he threw me up in the air and I fell and landed on the mattress and took my first breath that way. God is always been keeping me alive against all the odds. I am amazed how God has always stepped in and looked after me, so would you if you stopped and looked back at your life and start counting how many times God has come to your rescue. So start praying to be ready when Jesus comes for His church we don’t want to be left behind. Get your house in order while you still have time.

The Kind of Church I would Love to Belong to

isNQHK1W8II have always said that I believe the Traditional Catholic Church and the Protestant Charismatic Churches have much to teach each other. God speaks to all Christians whether you are a Protestant believer or a Catholic believer. God first appeared to me when I was eight years old. I repented even at that age and God responded to me with a very powerful visitation of Himself. The point here I am making I was then a Presbyterian. At the age of twenty three I formally became a Catholic, I believe I was one spiritual speaking at the age of seventeen. I have had many communications from God and visitations from Christ while being a Catholic also. So I am trying to bring home this truth it doesn’t matter whether you are a Protestant believer or a Catholic believer, God loves us all. I am also trying to convince those Protestant that preach to the whole world that Catholics aren’t Christians that you are being deceived by the devil, because if we are not Christians why would God visit Catholics also and the same applies to Catholics who think Protestants that they are not Christians are also at fault. Now I hope I have cleared the ground to explain why I believe what I do.

The Church I would Love to Belong

The Church I would love to belong to would celebrate the Holy Traditional Catholic teachings, but some things needs to be added.  Like a time and place to let all the gifts of the Holy Spirit express itself amongst God’s people, especially after the celebration of the Holy Mass, with discernment. I wish we were back to keeping the true Sabbath which is Saturday. And after receiving the Eucharist we spend thirty minutes of silence, worshiping God privately and then worshiping for hours on end like so many Protestant Charismatic and some Catholic healing meetings do. With the addition of food and non-alcoholic drinks at lunch time, because it is a whole day affair in the Church hall. I wished that we all respect one another and our gifts that God place in our hands. I respect the leaders of the church, but they have to remember the Church first belongs to God, not them.

So it is very much like a party. By this I mean praising God with songs and music, clapping your hands and shouting out His Holy Name in victory, whatever the Holy Spirit puts into our hearts we do. Letting the Holy Spirit being unleashed is what the Church is in need right now, but we must be all aware that Satan imitates God’s Holy Spirit also, so we need to know what is coming from the Holy Spirit and what is Satan’s Spirit in disguised as coming from God. There are many fake healings that come from witchcraft unknown to the innocent. When God’s Spirit is unleashed you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Because God can do the unexpected and so gloriously that we truly want to worship God from our hearts. Let God have His own way with us. I believe we need formal worship which is orderly and a time of letting go and just being free. The formal worship is a time to remember what we are before Him. We are giving God the reverence that is due to Him as our God. And we also acknowledge our nothingness and total dependence on God and all that He has done for us as Our God and Saviour. I also believe informal worship to, because since Jesus has paid the full price of our redemption we are now part of His family. I believe God has a wild side to Him as well, He is not always quiet. When I say He has wild side, I mean He has an adventures, creative and exciting side to His nature as well as the gentle loving side that we all expect of Him.

Two Sides of GodisO5HO9OA7

I believe there are two sides to God and they are both just as important as the other. The God of Justice and the God of Mercy. People being what they are tend to lean one side more than the other. The Catholic Church I think for the most part of course not in all cases, because we have many saints that are well balanced, but the Church as a whole I think tends to lean too much on the God of Justice. And Protestants tend to lend too much on the God of Mercy. If you lean too much on Justice you tend to have too much fear of God. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but if the fear is not balanced by being assured that God is so loving that He is so ready to forgive, then you can be too easily bossed about by your superiors (priest included), because you don’t have enough confidence that you are indeed a child of God. Now Protestants on the other hand in my opinion, lean too much on the God of Mercy. I think many may believe deep down they can live as they please, because when it is all said and done they think they only need to say the words ‘I am sorry’ to God and they will enter the kingdom of heaven, whether they really mean it or not. Now of course once again there are many Protestant that know better, but I feel the Protestant church as a whole has this tendency.

I wished that the spiritual leaders were so humble that they would be respected as they should, and also they likewise respect the lay people by encouraging them to recognised their gifts and use them accordingly. God give gifts to whom He chooses, not according to the wisdom of man. We only have to look at the twelve disciples that Jesus chose for Himself, most of them were uneducated. They didn’t have diplomas, yet they were filled with God’s Spirit and became apostles of Jesus, spreading the Good News around the world. Wouldn’t it be good if we had spiritual leaders that were so humble and true to God that they would honour God’s wisdom and delegate people according to their God given gifts. Those who have the gift of teaching would teach, those who have the gift of prophecies would prophecies, those who have the gift of healing, heal and so on throughout the whole community. So that each and everybody in the community of the Church had an assignment to fulfilled that they could contribute to their Church that they belong to. That way everybody would really feel a part of the Church and not just feel like spectators.

What I believe God Wants for The Catholic Church

I have been told by God to pray for priest that they will be able to marry. I know a lot of good priest think it is God’s will that marriage be banned by all priest, but it is not so. For centuries woman have complained within the Catholic Church that priest couldn’t understand their emotional needs that well, because they were always in the company of other men. If they were married and had five daughters of their own, they might have a better understanding of women and their needs. Also they would have a better understanding of marriage and raising up children. They wouldn’t be preaching only from theory, but from actual experience. So I believe there is wisdom in having single and married people as priest. Another thing God has told me and it would be unpopular for most Catholics, is that God does want women in the priesthood too. I get a little confuse why God wants me to pray for it since I know He is going to take His Church up any minute now. Maybe it is for the time when Jesus reigns on earth for a thousand years. Maybe He wants people to get ready for a higher level of understanding how God wants His Church to run. I pray for people mostly who are suffering and that their faith endures to the end. So I don’t spend a great deal of time praying for priest and women entering into the priesthood, but I do most days say the Divine Chaplet in obedience to God for them.

I am talking here about the Traditional Orthodox Catholic Church. I haven’t attended a Catholic Church myself for seven years and I know a lot has changed for the worst. I have heard a prophecy that the false prophet will if not has already done this, will have women priest in the church, this move is not for the Glory of God, but to bring down the Church. When Jesus reigns on earth without a doubt He will lead His Church personally and I believe He will allow priest to marry and women will also become priest one day. Jesus will run it personally not men, but Jesus still has to train us step by step to accept higher and purer levels of worship. So this is what I would love to see happen to the Church. I believe the Church in those thousands years will not resemble anything like the Churches as we know it. After a thousand years of peace Satan will be let out of his prison and once again the majority of people are going to choose to believe in Satan’s lies. Those who will remain in Christ are going to be so much more spiritually advance than we are today.



Being Misunderstood

1 John 4:7

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.

In heaven there is no misunderstanding of one another what soever. And absolutely no fear present in heaven, can you imagine such a place? How truly beautiful to be able to express yourself the way that is natural for you. Without any fear of being misunderstood and being truly appreciated at the same time. One women was told by Jesus the worst suffering is being misunderstood. At first I didn’t appreciate what He said to her. I went away and had a thought about it. Then I realised most of my sufferings was caused through misunderstanding.

People Don’t put Themselves in Another Shoes

Even when my father died, I was still living at home when he died. I was twenty two years old and this was my first closest death I had ever experienced. I would go to work and everybody expected me to get back to normal as if nothing happened to me. Some gave me a couple of months and thought that was being generous. It actually took me a couple of decades to get over his death. Life being what it is you have one crisis on your hands, only to receive a couple more on top of that one. So it takes even longer to get over things. And when you are young you don’t have any experiences to know how to handle things like that. Not all counsellors are helpful. Without my faith in Jesus I and my entire family’s faith, we would not have survived it, because our family was extremely close.

Words mean different things to different people. For example who would think the word love would mean so many different things to different people. I had one friend that didn’t like getting close to people, because she said every time she did, they either would die or leave. So the word love for her meant getting hurt and being left alone. We have very different experiences from each other and we have to take that in account with other people. Even the ones we think we know well. I was told by my younger sister of twelve years, that she always thought my name was Sue. She said she was sixteen before she realised that my real name was Susan. I said to her what did you think when people called me Susan? She just shrugged her shoulders and said she thought it was my nick name. How’s that for misunderstanding? We are sisters and living in the same house. And I might add we were very close.

A Good Relationship Book

There is a very interesting book I think it is called ‘5 love languages in relationships,’ by Gary Chapman and I think Rose Campbell. The thing he found by so called accident, (I don’t believe in accidents, especially on the subject on love) that people feel loved differently. For example some feel the need (mostly men) for their love ones to make affirmation of appreciation, (saying out loud that you appreciate them and why). Mostly for women they tend to like quality time. Meaning they love to talk to their love one’s just about on anything. They need to communicate, not things like ‘what is for tea?’ Some feel loved when somebody does a kind act (a sacrifice) a service of some sort, like helping with the housework or the lawns etc. Others like little notes or gifts from time to time saying that they are loved and appreciated. The last group needs to be hugged and touched for the sake of being hugged and touched and for no other reason.

He suggest that we find out what the other person needs to feel loved. And of course sometimes it is not natural for you. For example my friends when they want to show their appreciation of me, they will give me a hug and a kiss. That is not how I show my affections, but it is how they show theirs. So I go with it and try to do it with a generous heart. I am more intellectual, so I love to talk. The more I open up to you, the more I will talk freely on all subjects. That is a very good sign that I feel comfortable with you. Otherwise it is just polite talk and I am trying to think up what else to say next.

No MisunderstandingisI2TNE013

In heaven nobody judges you. I had a vision decades ago and never forgot it. I had a friend back then that got extremely angry with me every time I was in one of my quiet moods, which happens often. I couldn’t work out what was going on for a while. Then light dawn on me and I realised, either she or somebody in her family, when they go quiet it means they are angry with you and she naturally thought other people who go quiet, do it for the same reason. I was so frustrated that naturally our friendship didn’t last, because I couldn’t get through to her that I was not angry, I just needed to re-charge my batteries.

I had a vision that I was in heaven not long after. In my vision I felt the need to go somewhere far from people, so in this vision I apparently left heaven to find such a place. I found a cave and it was all dark. I stayed there for a while and when I was ready to go back to heaven, I did. The thing that was so important in this vision, everybody in heaven was so happy to see me again, and not one person questioned me ‘why I was away or what took me so long.’ I was totally accepted for what I was. Can you imagine such a place that you don’t ever have to explain yourself, because everybody understands naturally who you are and what your needs are.

I am not suggesting here that we just up and leave and not tell anybody, because we know full well that is being irresponsible, we need to tell people so they won’t worry about us. However the vision was really about accepting everybody as they are. If they seem odd to you, they do not seem odd to Jesus. Jesus knows where they are coming from. And it might be some very simple explanation that you haven’t thought about. Have you notice more a person suffers and remain true to Jesus the more humble and accepting they are of all people, even the ones that have severely hurt them. Suffering can be used by God to mould you into becoming another Christ like figure.

Continous Prayer such as Saying the Rosary

isML02FNOPFrom time to time I hear Protestant refer to the Rosary as babbling like pagans. They are referring to the passage in Matthew 6: 7-8. Which goes like this: And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. – When we read the bible, people can interpret it differently from one another. I don’t consider saying the same prayer over and over again babbling. Babbling to me is when you go on and on, whining and complaining, because you actually don’t believe your prayer is being heard.

When we pray continue prayers such as the rosary, we are not only meditating on the mysteries of our redemption, we are worshiping and giving Him thanks for our salvation, while we are saying the Hail Mary prayer that is not babbling. If we say a continue pray say The Divine Mercy Chaplet, once again you are supposed to go deeper and deeper into thought of what we cost Jesus in His sufferings. To me it is always a question are you judging somebody by what it looks like to you or do you really know what is in fact going on. In the Old Testament it talks about people judging by outward appearance and it then says God looks into the heart of the matter. You know the times when you or somebody else walks into a middle of somebody’s conversation and they think they are talking about one thing and so they start conversing with them about what they think everybody is talking about, only to discover they were talking about something entirely different. I think we do it all the time. We presume we know what somebody else is doing without any knowledge or proof.

The reason why this blog got started in the first place was to clear up false ideas of what Catholics believe in. I know the Catholic Church is severely being attack from Satan from within and from without, but that doesn’t mean all Catholics are buying into the heresy. The Remanent will survive. God has promise us that through the Bible and the Virgin Mary has many times prophesies this over and over again. The true Church will go underground and she will be hated and wrongly accused of many things, but nothing is going to destroy her.


The Prince of Peace

John 14:27. “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

I don’t watched T.V. anymore, but I do watch a great many shows on the internet, mostly about the Rapture. I have been hearing how more and more of the practise of Christianity is being banned in countries that were once a Christian Country, lately. It is all part of the end days set up that we were all warned about in the bible and also by modern prophets. From the very beginning I knew our so called pope was the false prophet, because it was prophesied from the very beginning by a Catholic women prophet by the name of Maria Divine Mercy. Out of all the prophets I trust her the most, because she has the strongest anointing of all of them. The false prophet pope Francis, is turning more and more people away from the true Catholic teachings. This is a time when you have to decide what side you are on. Are you prepared to be a martyr for Jesus or not? This is where Jesus is going to find out who His true friends are. You can’t follow Jesus if you don’t rely on Him for strength. Your own strength will fail. You have to keep your eyes on Him and not the situation you are in. You have to be very serious about prayer. And stick with people who are friends of Jesus so that you strengthen each other. You can’t do it alone.

isK0M5TO0LThe peace Jesus gives you, you can have at any time. During all kinds of hardships, wars, imprisonment and also in good times. It is God’s Spirit. When Jesus gives you peace it is Himself. I know because once somebody mistook me for somebody else and threaten to kill me. Jesus gave me Himself all that morning and it was the Spirit of Peace. God will do this if you put your complete trust in Him and let Him guide you through this period of time. The good news of course is, He is planning to remove His Church very soon. Soon as He can win the last possible soul. We all can help by praying that His kingdom will come soon and the souls saved. We will experience some hardship, but the worst is to come if you haven’t humbled yourself before Jesus and completely surrender to Him as your Lord. You can’t have your cake and eat it. You have to choose God or the world, there is so little time left now to choose. If you choose Jesus you will go up to meet Him in the clouds as promised by Jesus, before the nightmare really begins. The Great Tribulation is not that far away now. Start praying and start disciplining yourself. And repent of all your sins, not the majority of them but all of them, even the ones you don’t know about.


Why asking Mary’s Intercession is so Important?

Luke 1:38. I am the Lords’ servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.

Luke 1: 45. Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfil his promises to her!”

Luke 1: 48. For he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed,

The Road to the Kingdom of Heaven

The road to the Kingdom of Heaven is narrow and straight, but it is also very steep accordingly to St. John of the Cross. Especially when it is so close to the end of Satan’s reign. We have every opposition we can think of trying to get us side tracked from the path that leads us to eternal life. That is a very good reason why we need our Spiritual Mother Mary’s help. It is also very important to Jesus that we ask her help. I have been saying a prayer for years not because I desire to, but because once I said this prayer, Jesus appeared to me in spirit and let me know He wanted me to say it every day and I saw His sadness that Mary His Mother wasn’t given the appreciation that she deserved according to Him. The prayer He wanted me to offer up was honouring her of her death, of what the Holy Trinity (separately) gave her at the hour of her death, by saying one Hail Mary to each Trinity. It wasn’t one of my favourite prayers, but if Jesus tells you that He wants you to do something, then that is what you do. I have read in a book by a visionary many years ago, that Mary had the opportunity to go to heaven without having to die first, because God was so pleased with her life. But because she wanted to follow her Son even in death, she chose to die.

Everybody Has an Important Calling

I have had a funny relationship with Mary over the years, I seem to have runs when I am very close to her and then I seem to forget her. I say all the formal prayers to her, but not always the personal ones like I do with Jesus. When I get closer to Mary she always responds to me in a personal way. Why I do it? I think my Protestant upbringing still haunts me. I get so worried about turning her into a goddess that I back off. Jesus is not saying for us to worship her, but He definitely wants us to honour and esteem her very highly. Just think for one minute, everybody has a special calling that no one can fill our shoes in, including the great saints as well as Mary herself. If we don’t do it, it never gets done. I watched a show on Sid Roth about a guy who went to heaven and told us what Jesus once told him with great sadness, Jesus said He had great plans for children who were aborted, and because they were aborted the world wasn’t moving along as it should. Now if Mary refused to give permission to give birth to Jesus, we would be in a whole lot of trouble. Jesus would not been born. She has had played a very important role in our salvation and Jesus is eternally grateful to her as He is with us when we fulfil our calling. If we will only be humble enough to meditate on it.

Praying to Mary

is(9)When Mary has appeared to me she is very sweet and she has great authority, like you wouldn’t believe, if you have not experience it. Not only is she a wonderful Mother she is exceedingly powerful. The power of course is not her doing, it is the power God has given her, because of her humble obedience to her calling. When I pray to her with all my heart, her response is very instant and she has always helped me in times of trouble, always. When I say I pray to her my Protestants friends would get all in a panic and then I had to explain what I was doing. I pray to her so that she in turns ask her Son on my behalf, and since her Son never says no to her, the prayer is always heard. Now if of course if I ask her to pray for something that Mary knows is against God’s will she is not going to ask her Son for it. It goes without saying.

Let me repeat what St. Bernard says about Mary: “So long as thou thinkest on her, thou wilt remain in the right path. So long as she sustains thee, thou canst not fall. So long as she protects thee, thou hast nothing to fear. If she favours thy voyage, thou shalt reach the harbour of safety without exhaustion.”

If anybody who honours their parents it is going to be Jesus, we cannot question that, because nobody is going to obey the Ten Commandments as well and as faithful as Jesus has. And since we are now Jesus’s brother and sisters we have the same parents as He has, because Jesus has paid the full price for our redemption and we now have all that belongs to Jesus as our inheritance, including His Mother.

Calling on Mary’s Help Makes a Big Difference

I have been learning how to do self-deliverance for some time now and I am improving all the time. I could only cast out little demons at first, now they are bigger ones and so I am noticing a greater improvement on my health because of it. One day I was experimenting casting them out a different way by calling on Jesus name through the Immaculate Conception and that is when I notice a big difference. It also felt like Jesus wasn’t going to miss an opportunity with me, to let me know how much He valued Mary’s role in all of this.

Christians who have been a practising Christian for a while will know this, that we can do nothing without God. We can’t even lift a finger by ourselves without God’s help. When we do a good deed it is by the grace of God, we all know that. The thing about God is He rewards us as if it was all our doing, provided we are humble enough to know it is only through God’s help. When I was a small child my mother would say let’s make a cake today, she did everything. I just stirred the cake mixture a couple of times and I got the credit that I helped my mother make the cake. That is how God works. We get a reward as if it is us, only if we are humble enough to know we can’t do anything without God. He treats Mary the same. It is His power working through her, because she is humble enough to know that she cannot do anything without God. The problem is when some people think it is only her power at work. When they don’t give God the credit that it is His power working through her, that is when things get out of hand. I personally believe only a few fail to recognised the truth of the matter. God has perform many miraculous miracles through her and will always work through her. And many people have come to know Christ through Mary.


The Rosary of the Holy Wounds

This powerful prayer said with devotion, Our Lord revealed to Sr. Mary Martha Chambon (1841-1907) 17 promises for those who say it. You say them using the rosary beads.

On the first three beads

O Jesus Divine Redeemer, be merciful to us and to the whole world. Amen

Strong God, holy God, immortal God, have mercy on us and the whole world. Amen

Grace and mercy, O my Jesus, during present danger; cover us with Your Precious Blood. Amen

On the large bead

Eternal Father, I offer You the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ. To heal the wounds of our souls.

On the small beads My Jesus, pardon and mercy. Through the merits of Your Holy Wounds.


The 17 Promises

  1. At each word that pronounce of the Chaplet of the Holy Wounds, I allow a drop of My Blood to fall upon the soul of a sinner.
  2. Each time that you offer to My Father the merits of My divine Wounds, you win an immense fortune.
  3. Souls that will have contemplated and honoured My crown of thorns on earth, will be My crown of glory in Heaven!
  4. I will grant all that is asked of Me through the invocation of My Holy Wounds. You will obtain everything, because it is through the merit of My Blood, which is of infinite price. With My Wounds and My Divine Heart, everything can be obtained. From My Wounds and My Divine Heart, everything can be obtained.
  5. From My Wounds proceed fruits of sanctity. As gold purified in the crucible becomes more beautiful, so you must put your soul and those of your companions into My sacred Wounds, there will become perfected as gold in the furnace. You can always purify yourself in My Wounds.
  6. My Wounds will repair yours. My Wounds will cover all your faults. Those who honour them will have a true knowledge of Jesus Christ. In meditation on them, you will always find a new love. My wounds will cover all your sins.
  7. Plunge your actions into My Wounds and they will be of value. All your actions, even the least, soaked in My Blood, will acquire by this alone an infinite merit and will please My Heart.
  8. In offering My Wounds for the conversion of sinners, even though the sinners are not converted, you will have the same merit before God as if they were.
  9. When you have some trouble, something to suffer, quickly place it in My Wounds, and the pain will be alleviated.
  10. This aspiration must often be repeated near the sick: My Jesus, pardon and mercy through the merits of Your Holy Wounds! This prayer will solace soul and body.
  11. A sinner who will say the following prayer will obtain conversion: “Eternal Father, I offer You the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ to heal those of our souls.”
  12. There will be no death for the soul that expires in My Holy Wounds; they give true life.
  13. This chaplet is a counterpoise to My justice; it restrains My vengeance.
  14. Those who pray with humility and who meditate on My Passion, will one day participate in the glory of My divine Wounds.
  15. The more you will have contemplated My painful Wounds on this earth, the higher will be your contemplation of them glorious in Heaven.
  16. The soul who during life has honoured the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ and has offered them to the Eternal Father for the Souls in Purgatory, will be accompanied at the moment of death by the Holy Virgin and the angels; and Our Lord on the Cross, all brilliant in glory, will receive her and crown her.
  17. The invocations of the Holy Wounds will obtain an incessant victory for the Church.

I got the promises from a small book that is very excellent called ‘Prayers and heavenly Promises.’ By Joan Carroll Cruz. I highly recommend you buying this book for yourself if you can, I got it from the internet. I was wanting to write an article on keeping yourself protected from the enemy Satan, because I have heard a person who has been to hell with Jesus and one of the things that He showed her was very good, holy even Christians were tricked by the Devil to deeply sin and before they had a chance to repent the Devil arranged them to be killed. So they went to hell. Nothing could be more sadder than that for me. There are promises from Our Lord that if we say the Rosary every day with devotion, or meditating on the way of the cross, He will protect us. I was looking through this book and it seemed to me God wanted this prayer written down instead of what I was planning to do. If you look at promise 12 and 14 and some others it is clear you will go to heaven, I believe if you say this prayer regularly and from the heart.

Praying for Forgivness to those that Hurt You

is(19)I believe most of us have problems with forgiveness. The important thing is to remember we are not on our own. God will help if we call on Him, sometimes day and night we need to call on Him before we get this breakthrough. He will definitely hear that prayer, because He desires it from us more than we do. Praying for His Will to be accomplish in us, said in all humility and a great desire to please Him, will never ever be refused. The thing is God might have to teach us some pointers first. Like we are not fighting flesh but evil spirits, powers, principalities and wickedness in high places, like St. Pauls talks about in the New Testament. Have you ever had a friend that was once your arch enemy? I did when I was very young. And I also remember when I was young I had an enemy name Julie and I vowed to God that I will never ever have a friend name Julie. God heard that and guess what my best friend’s name happens to be? And we have been friends for many years now. God is always listening in and I have to always eat my words, because God is always teaching me to live according to His truth.

Troubles With Neighbours

I had neighbours way back who really hated me, because of my dog. He hated them, so every time they were outside and sometimes I think they did this deliberately so that they could be all righteous and complain. My dog would growl at them and so forth. I did keep my dog in my house for the most part, which I certainly didn’t mind. But the thing is I tried and tried to bless her and think no evil towards her. I remember I came in after her shouting out sometime to me that was hurtful and I shouted out to God, full of passion ‘I hate her.’ God of course knew the battle I had to forgive her every day and He said nothing, but the moment I said ‘I hate her’ He chastise me straight away. By chastising me I mean I felt His presence and He showed me how displeased He was with me for saying that. And I feared the Lord, who wouldn’t if you experience His anger. Now St. Peter in the Gospel reassures us never to go weary when God does chastise us, because basically good fathers who love their children will do it for the good of their children sake.

Lesson One

From this experience I realised that God didn’t mind me having troubles with forgiveness, because He could see that I was fighting the fight to please Him, but the moment I gave into temptation to give up fighting to do the right thing, that is when I got into trouble with Him. I believe that was a very important lesson for me, not just in forgiveness but in all areas of disciplining my flesh. Then the next thing He taught me, which was a major breakthrough for me, was that person I am having trouble forgiving was made in the image of God. In other words doesn’t matter how much they are not living up to it, they are still God’s very special child that He hopes to bring home with Him one day.

Lesson Two and Three

So then I realised when a person receives Christ into their lives they will no longer resemble the devil that they do now. They will be the person more and more each day resembling the beautiful Jesus that we are all called to resemble. Then at last the final lesson we are not fighting the person but evil spirits. Sure we all have a free will, and some choose to use it the wrong way for whatever reason, but we all in this world being attacked by the devil and his fallen angels, who are pouring down onto us all sorts of lies on a daily basis. So we won’t experience the love we are called to experience from each other, nor be open to experiencing love from our God in a tangible way like the great saints do.  And we need to know we should be uniting and fighting the evil one together, not each other. God confirmed it to me with another neighbour of years past. I saw in him very ugly evil spirits. This person was being control by evil spirits, because he didn’t see the danger that he was in and so I could see that I had to pray for him. I realised that I could well be the only person praying for him and if I don’t do it, I would indeed let God down.

Knowing The Real Jesus

It is so sad that many people do not know who the real Jesus is. Satan will use everybody he can to spoil the real image of God, so that we will never know Him. Because the moment we do and stay faithful to God and really believe in our redemption in Jesus, we will be eternally blessed. But if Satan can convince us to live according to our flesh and reasoning with us, using our intellect that there is no Judgement, we will be dammed forever instead. So really call on God that you will have a real revelation of God of what He is really like and go so far and ask Him to visit you, ask Him to let you feel His presence, keep at it in all humility and He will. Don’t do it in arrogance or you will get Satan disguising himself as God instead. You will know the difference if you are very humble. Some people get spooked when they think that God will appear to them, because they look at all their sins and see God as a vengeful God instead of a loving Daddy. He is very cuddly, would you believe! For those who give their lives to Him. He is not the God many churches in the past painted Him to be. We all need a good healthy fear of Him for our protection, to remind us we can’t enter in heaven any other way but through Jesus Christ. If you do this then you are then free to enjoy His great love and mercy.

Pray for Your Love Ones

I have met people with tears in their eyes when they find their beautiful son or daughter, mother or father will not go to heaven if they refuse to acknowledge Jesus is Lord. But one great thing is that Jesus reassures us if we keep our prayers up for them, most people loves ones will make it to heaven. Because through your constant prayers He will give them grace to repent. Maybe not in your timely but He will answer those prayers. But unfortunately some people doesn’t matter how many graces they receive to repent, will keep refusing the grace. Not many people are so stubborn, so don’t give up on your love ones, and keep praying for them.


People who experience death and enter hell for a little while and then come back, they have a desperate need to warn people there is a place called hell. There are children in hell, because they are not childlike in their behaviour. They are so disobedient they do not resemble the child Jesus points out that the kingdom of heaven is like. Good people are in hell as well Christians who didn’t truly committed themselves to Christ. There are no good Buddas, Hindus, and Muslims and so on in heaven. One women’s experience in hell taught her that everybody knew the only reason they were in hell was, because they did not receive Jesus as their Lord. I believe there are many people who made it to heaven who have committed far more serious crimes then a great many in hell, but because they turn away from their evil ways and accepted Jesus as their Lord, they are now enjoying heaven as if they have never done any wrong.