Making a Holy Hour of Reparation

I wish I have known about this offering to God decades ago. Our Lord instructed St. Margaret Mary, ‘You shall arise between eleven o’clock and the midnight hour, and remain prostrate with me during the space of an hour, and so appease the divine anger by imploring mercy for sinners. Thus shall you assuage in some sort the bitterness I felt at that time because of the abandonment by My Apostles….for not having been able to watch with me for the space of one hour?’

I just bought a small book ‘Prayers and heavenly Promises’ and this was one of the things I found in it, that really impressed me. So I asked God to wake me up so I could do it. Would you believe I was sleeping and in my dream there was an old fashion clock and the alarm went off so loudly that in my dream I remembered that I asked God to wake me so I could do this act of reparation. God only gave me three minutes to get ready, so I didn’t do all the little things I was going to do like put the fan on to keep me cool etc. Because I simply didn’t have time.

I wasn’t sure if I could discipline myself to prostrate for an hour either. Of course my animals just love it when I am on the floor. God got them settle down quickly too, so I didn’t have any problems with them wanted to play with me and so on.  So I am very certain God does want me to practise this act of self-denial. I believe He would love you to give it a go too. The funny thing too, just before I went to bed I watched another YouTube video, I forgot what it was called, but it was over an hour long and it was one long prayer of repentance and deliverance. It was going through all the Ten Commandments in detail how we may have broken them. And that was an eye opener, you don’t know how much you sinned against God, but this kind of thing helped me understand more. He used the Divine Mercy prayer and some words from scripture to deliver us. So it was like God had me prepared so that my sacrifice of prostrating before Him was even more pleasing to Him. That is how I felt.

The main thing that I offered this sacrifice up for, was that Maria Divine Mercy was told about ‘the warning’ will come upon all the people of the whole world and during this period we will all be shown our sins. So she urges everybody go to confession and confess what you can before this event takes place. It is going to be very painful for most of us, for the sins that we haven’t confessed. She said many people will die of shock before they had time to repent. She is talking about everybody world- wide. So Jesus is asking us to pray that they will be able to have time to repent, so that they can be spared from eternal damnation. There are going to many deaths, somebody describe it like it is going to look like a cemetery.

I always use to wonder when I would read Revelations, because the way it is written it is clear there are no atheists. They all cursed God when God poured down His anger onto them. That did really confused me, but now I know about the warning, there will be no excuse not to know that there is a God. You will be truly lying to yourself if you do. And Maria Divine Mercy said that the scientist are going to try to answer the warning away as some form of mass hypnosis or something like that.


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