God’s Timing is Not Always Convenient So We Think

God’s timing may not always be our timing even in things like when He wants to heal us. We may say not now I am too busy praising You, or I am too busy serving You. When you are reading His words He may what you to pause right there and let His Spirit nourish you. If we don’t let Him have His way we may never have that chance ever again. I remember reading about this man who was a healer of Jesus and he said there were many times he would go over to somebodies home, because he had been ask to pray over somebody for healing and the person rather watched T.V. So of course they went without their healing.

I am saying this because sometimes God doesn’t heal you in one go. Sometimes it is over a very long period, which is in my case. I believe it is mainly to teach you many things about yourself and Gods love for you. And I also think sometimes as the saying goes ‘easy come, easy go.’ God wants to give us so much, but He is also wise and knows when it is the right time to give. For one thing are we ready for it spiritually?

I am writing this because I was just having a wonderful time praising God and I was enjoying singing to Him. Something touch my heart and I couldn’t help crying over how much I cost Him. I knew I could cry at any time and a thought came to me, ‘I hope at church tomorrow when we are singing praises I won’t start balling my eyes out on something that has touched my heart.’ I hate crying in public, I feel foolish. That is simply my pride and I am finding out a lot more about my pride, than I ever have before. I refer to it like a tidal wave that sweeps me away without any effort. So now God has brought that to my attention, I am always on the alert for it. It is always there waiting for its chance to take me over. It is a demon of course, but I am still responsible to call on God to be rid of it every time I see it in me. Jesus doesn’t call the perfect in their own eyes, He comes for sinners like me.

The next day had arrive, and I feel God didn’t like my last paragraph, because at church today He was healing me so much, but not in the way I feared. He never gives you a trial you can’t handle, even if it is a tough one. He has proven that to me time and time again, I just wish that I remember it and not have to keep reminding myself when I am facing something difficult

Learning More About Who We Are

Another thing I am learning about myself and this may also apply to you. Ask God about it and then have a good look at yourself. God is teaching me to slow down where I tend to do everything at top speed and in other things He is teaching me to speed things up. I Like to plan things ahead, make dates, I don’t like doing things on the spare of the moment, which God is teaching me to do. Drop everything and do what He has put before me to do now! Like giving somebody my full attention while I am busy shopping and really want to get home. Are you feeling it? God is giving me a crash course on everything, do you feel the same way too? And is God working hard on your soul too? I believe it is because He is trying to get His brides ready for the Rapture.


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