After I was converted in understanding the power of prayer, that you really can save souls by means of prayer. That there are sowers and reapers in God’s Kingdom. That we all have different callings from one another, and that the ministry of full time intercession prayer is a very important and a necessary calling, I started to get attack by demons on a regular basis. I would be attacked at least twice a week. My body would go paralysed and I found very early in the peace that I could not shout out for help. So I quickly learnt that I had to pray to be free of the demons that attack me. It was just me and God, there was no one else to help

Demons will try to Stop You from Your Calling

These demons believe in the power of prayer more than we do, because they see the results of our prayers and of course they do not want souls to be saved. The demons were attacking me, because they were desperately trying to stop me from fulfilling my calling, which I refuse to give up, because I knew I was making a difference by doing the will of God. My very first experience of being attack by a demon was so fierce that I knew intuitively that the name of Jesus was too long. I knew I could only use a word with one syllable in it. God really comes to our aid when we turn to Him with such urgency and knowledge that He is the only one that can help us. The perfect word came to me which was God’s doing and I called out to God in my mind ‘God, God ,God.” Very quickly and I mustered up all my faith and gave it to Him.

The demon was a very powerful one and to my complete surprise it vanished that fast, I believe it went as quickly as a blink of an eye. I was fighting with all my strength with a demon that was no longer there. After a little while it dawned on me that it was not there, because it went so quickly, I could not believe it had gone, so I went looking for it. I looked under my bed, it was not there, as I was going to open my wardrobe a thought came to me, I know it was God talking to me, He said ‘and once you have found the demon do you want another fight on your hands?’ Then I realised what I was doing and I said ‘no, if it is in the closet it can stay there.’

Helping Somebody to Fight their Demon

All this is leading up to another experience I had that might help somebody. I do not want to enclose the person it involves. This person just received the gift of prophesy and some other gifts. So she was new at it. She was conned by a demon thinking it was a good spirit, so she let it in, then found quickly it was a very powerful demon. Things happen when you least expect it. I was in the next room, and in she walks, you do not need somebody to tell you if a person is possessed by a demon or not. Their eyes speaks for itself. She told me that God said for her to come to me. And then I said to God ‘I do not know the first thing about helping somebody to be delivered from a demon.’  All I could think to do was to grab my rosary beads and then told her we will go to the next room where another Christian women was sleeping, as we walked in she had one look at her and knew she was possessed by a demon too. She picked up her rosary beads and we started to say the rosary over her.

Rosary is a Powerful Prayer

Half way through the rosary we looked at her and her eyes were calm again, we still knew the demon was there, but the young women was calm. She was a Protestant and she said that while we were saying the rosary she felt that it was very important that Mary was to be blessed. Now she said it not me. Then I had to give her some knowledge on how to help her to deliver herself from that demon. I only had that one demon attack that I mention at that time, so I had very little knowledge, but I had to give her what knowledge I had, because she did not have any knowledge at all.

I said to her ‘you will have to find out where your faith is strongest,’ I knew how she felt, she gave me a look as to say where am I going to find that out. And then I said to her ‘believe me you will find it.’ I gave her some suggestions. I said some people, the crown of thorns will be where their faith is strongest, with others it will be the blood of Jesus or maybe it is holy water, whatever it is put your whole faith into it and give it to God. She intuitively knew she had to face her room by herself and face the demon within her. She knew if she was too afraid to do that the demon will give her no peace at all whether she went.

Faith moves Mountains

Now her faith worked this way she said to the demon over and over again that you are only a little soldier Jesus is a big soldier. She told us later that the demon that was in her got angrier and angrier, but at the same time he got weaker and weaker and then eventually left. Some Christians wrongly believe that Christians cannot be possessed by demons if we are born again Christians. It is our spirit that cannot be possessed by demons, if you are a born again Christian. Our will, our emotions and our flesh can. People do not have to be a bad person to be troubled by demons. All you need to do to be possessed is to be deceived by demons. They are sneaky and clever and can easily do this if you do not know how to defend yourself in the name of Jesus. Or you live contrary to what Jesus has taught us and we all have been guilty of that. I have recently read some books on deliverance just in case something similar happens to me again.

Results of Curses

I believe a great many sickness are caused through demons, people often pray for healing and in some cases it does not happen, because you may have to have a demon removed first. I am now going through a slow process of self- deliverance now. As my faith grows stronger demons and evil spirits are leaving. Tragedies and long term grief can open you up to demons as well. So it is not necessary always our fault. There are generational curses and people are cursing you every time they think ill of you and you likewise.  When you are judging one another or even the spoken word like gossiping etc. brings evil onto them.  And remember curses that you have sent out returns to you seven times more. Jesus said ‘you will be judge as you judge others.’ Love is the only way around it. Love heals and God is a God who heals.


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