God is with Us Always Especially during Our Toughest Times

isI2TNE013I love reading peoples testimonies, especially how they survive their toughest times, because while we are here on this earth, we can guarantee we will have plenty of them. Where hatred is growing at an insane rate, we need survival skills in the Lord. Our life should not be the most important thing to us. Getting to heaven where our real home is, is far more exciting and something to really look forward to with so much joy. If that is not true for you, then you need to ask God urgently to make it so, especially in these days. The only real reason for living is serving and pleasing God. If God is your all in all it is because you are living in His presence. And you know you can be living in His presence and not know it! Maybe you are expecting to be in a state of continue excitement all the time. There is a time to cry and a time to laugh. Despite of what is going on around you, if you are living in His presence there is a supernatural peace that can only come from a loving and personal relationship with God. God wants everybody to have this relationship with Him.

Intimate Relationships Grow Deeper And Deeper

Intimate relationships grow over a period of time and is always becoming deeper and deeper as people work on it. Some relationships grow more intimate and trustworthy quicker than others. God gives you plenty of examples on earth for us to look around to see how relationships work. The bible of course clearly explains how we are to treat one another. So if we look close, God is saying love comes from me. If somebody loves you it is because I have given that person the Spirit of My Love, so it can manifest for you. I have never been married or had children, but I have pets and they teach me so much about God’s love for me. I have just come in from outside, praising God because of His beautiful clouds. I said to Him you’re my daddy who makes such beautiful clouds and I am more important to you and more beautiful to you, than those beautiful clouds. When you communicate to God with love it always grows and you feel closer to God, because He always responds to you by giving His joy to you. That is a way you have a loving and intimate relationship, your attention is completely on the other person with love, and the same rules apply in having a real relationship with God.

We Do not Suffer on Our Own

I got off the track but I felt it was where I was meant to go. I heard a testimony years and years ago, where a man was stabbed about seventeen times and towards the end of it he was asked if he wanted to live or die by the Holy Spirit. He had a three year old son at the time and he wanted to stay for him and look after him, so he chose to live. He said whenever he hears of a horrific murder like that he is so confident that the person is not going through it alone. Fairly recently I heard from a person who was told by Jesus that sometimes Jesus will take on the suffering on behalf of the person, because they are too weak to go through it.

Jesus is Always True to His Word

It actually brought back a memory of mine when I was converted about the power of prayer and how necessary it is to pray for the salvation of the world besides your family needs. I use to get demons attack very often to stop me from answering my calling, which I refused. This particular day this demon was punching me in my back and it of course really hurt and I for some reason sang out to Jesus in my head that would he take the punches for me. I was so surprise because in an instant Jesus did take my place. I knew the demon was punching my back, because I could feel some pressure but not pain.  I felt instantly ashamed of myself, because I then felt sorry for Jesus. Then the demon attack was over. I forgot all about it until I heard about what this women was told from Jesus about what happens to some martyrs.

I wouldn’t clap my hands and think that the majority don’t feel the pain of martyrdom, but I know if they are rely on Jesus strength and not on their own, things will work out in the end. They will have a great reward waiting for them that nobody will ever be able to take it away from them.

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