Pictures of Jesus


I was watching one of YouTube videos on pictures of Jesus. To my surprise it seemed that this lady thought that we actually believe the pictures and painting of Jesus was what we really thought Jesus looked like. That is not true, but She did bring things to my attention that I didn’t know about. One painting of Jesus was painted by Leonardo De Vichy, who painted his lover according to her, which did make me nervous.

I received a picture of Jesus not long after seeing this video and just put it aside with mistrust, wondering who the person in this picture really was like. I felt immediately the presence of Jesus beside me, sad that I had that reaction to it. Of course the picture is no way looks like the real Jesus either, but according to one visionary each picture shows a facet of him.

Jesus is in all of us and we are all made in Gods image.  We cannot reveal his whole image, because I believe He is just too big for that, so each person shows a side of God that nobody else can. So I feel Jesus was saying, just look at what my Spirit is giving you through the use of that picture, which is always pure holy love.

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