Warning for those who don’t know already!

I am looking at a lot of YouTube shows about the Rapture that is coming. I know I might sound strange to people, but I have covered my windows with dark blankets, because one of the prophecies that will be fulfilled soon, will be the whole earth will experience 3 days and nights of darkness. I will go into that later. Before that happens God is going to give us a warning before He will chastise the people who have refuse to obey Him. In other words they are listening to the so call wisdom of the world, instead of Him who made the earth. He is doing this so everybody will know where they stand with Him. For example many people are going to experience hell for about 15 mins, because they have not obeyed Him. If you are redeemed you won’t feel any pain. There are many people who think they are redeem, but are not living as God intends them too, so they are in for a shock. Many people will die of shock when they see their sins for what they are and won’t be saved, because they will die before they had a chance to repent. Jesus is asking us to pray that they will have a chance to repent before they die, so that they can be saved. We will all experience an out of body experience and we will all experience what it would be like to die in mortal sin, so there will be no excuse for us not to repent.

Go Home

After this event He said if you not home, go home straight away, because then the 3 days and nights of darkness will come upon the earth. And you are to stay indoors, because it be too dangerous not too. Long story short, demons will be let out of hell to roam the earth. Believe it or not the scientist are trying to find ways to do it, there are many, many people in our day that worship Satan straight out. God will allow them to do this, because of the world’s sins. When we are at home, we are to cover all our windows, don’t let any light at all enter in your home. And we are not to for any reason at all open the doors when it becomes dark, because many demons are what people call shape shifters, will be roaming the earth. They will pretend to be people you love very much and say things like ‘I am not really dead let me in.’ The prophets are saying don’t whatever you do open those doors to let them in.

Make Sure You Have Everything Ready

Make sure you have enough water and food and clean clothes for 3 days and nights. I also bought many towels so that I can wipe the kitchen floor, because my dogs will have to go to toilet there and Jesus told me that it was a good idea. I would not leave my animals outside to face the horror that is about to come on this earth. Also some Christians are going to be transform into their glorified bodies during the three days and nights of darkness, it won’t happen to all Christians. God is saying to a prophet, don’t worry if you are not one of them, because you still have time to reach the holiness level that is needed for that to happen. The Christians with glorify bodies will shine like the stars and convert many people to Christ and they who are converted will also will have glorify bodies in time for the rapture.

You Will Need Blessed Candles

I know it sounds strange why cover your windows if it is going to be dark outside? I saw a show where they were re-acting it out and there are zombies that had bright red eyes, so apparently you will see frightening things, despite of the darkness. The only people who will have lights on in their houses are those who have blessed candles, nothing else will work. Only very few people will have electricity on, the lucky ones! After this Jesus will come personally to everybody and ask if you are for Him or not. He will give the world a little time to repent, maybe another three days and then the rapture of all the people who are truly repented, will go up to meet Jesus in the air and stay in Heaven until the wrath of God deals with the world.

They say only twenty percentage of people who call themselves Christians, will meet Jesus in the air, because only they are truly faithful and trying to live out His commandments. When that is all over the people, who went up in the rapture will return to earth and there will be 1,000 years of peace with Jesus personally ruling the earth.

Have Your Windows Covered

I have practically covered the windows because it is a big job and I am not that well, so I am having a head start. This all will take place after Israel is forced to sign the paper to divide Israel. The prophets are saying that God won’t be mocked any more. Israel is called God’s chosen people, because they were the first race to worship God. They are Abraham’s descendants and God promise them land they call Israel to be theirs.

California will have a massive earthquake. They say it starts with Miami. Then the whole earth will shake, you will see signs in the sky, like two planets collide with one another. I am not too sure about the signs in the sky, I think everybody will see Jesus at the same time. This does sound far fetch I know and with humans it is always going to happen to somebody else or another generation, but never me. The problem is that this is the end time and we will all be caught up in it. So as the saying goes I rather be safe than sorry.

Jesus and His Host are Already Here

There is a YouTube show called Joyof the Lord. Please watch it, things are going on in the sky right now. The governments of the world do not want you to see, they actually trying to cover it up and many people on the YouTube shows are saying it is too big to cover up. People are posting it on Facebook all over the world. People who are not looking out for signs of Christ coming; they be the ones that don’t know what is going on, because they aren’t looking. The government and media are not going to tell you, because they don’t want you to know. They want us to go to sleep through it all. Many people are asleep, when they should be wide awake and ready when Jesus comes for them. Remember in the bible about the 10 brides, 5 were not wise and the other 5 had oil in their lamps and when our Saviour came it was the wise brides that went up to heaven with Him. The 5 foolish brides had to stay down to face the Great tribulation that this world will very soon have to face.

Be Ready

The world will not be the same ever again. The prophets say when God takes those who have been prepared and waiting for Him, go up to heaven with Him, there will be no peace left on earth and many and many are going to commit suicide. They can’t face what is about to happen. Don’t commit suicide, because many people will go hell that way. Hell is a lot worse than the Great Tribulation. God will still be watching over those who have repented. God will continue to help His children who really put their trust in Him, but it is going to be a million times harder than to serve Him on this side of the Rapture. Because the Anti- Christ, which the Muslims consider to be their Messiah, is going to rule the earth and he wants to be worshiped and many Christians will leave their faith and worship him, because a great many of those who have repented before God are going to be beheaded or butchered most cruelly.

The Mark of the Beast

The mark of the beast is already here and people are saying what a wonderful thing it is. It is a microchip, that will have all your information on it and they will know exactly where you are all the time and what you are doing. It may sound convenient and harmless, but the bible warns once you receive it on your hand or your forehead you as good as gone to hell. Because this microchip will control you when it is convenient for the Anti-Christ to do so. It sends electronic message to the brain and will control your moods, you will be good as a robot in the end. The Anti-Christ will make sure you won’t be able to buy or sell in the end without it implanted in you. If you rely on God and do as He says the prophets say food will appear from nowhere and food will multiply, but you have to give your life up totally to God for this to happen.

This is Good News for Those Who Love Him

I know you think I am a bearer of bad news, but it is a very important warning and you can make it at the rapture if you truly decide to surrender to Jesus on His terms. That means give up anything that contradicts the bible. Many people like to make the excuse that the bible is full of wrong translations, so they don’t have to follow the bible. God is going to make sure His truth is felt despite of a few bad translations. So give up all worldly views that are in contradiction to the bible like believing in abortions, homosexuality, and fortifications and so on. If you don’t you won’t be ready for the rapture and then you are going to have the test of your life. Life has been very easy compared to what is going to happen for those who are left behind

The Animals are Coming With Us

I want us all to make it and there is one beautiful thing to add, our animals are going up with us in the rapture. There is another site called Small Still Voice. Jesus talks to a woman called Clare most days for our benefit and He is so sweet and speaks so encouraging to us, so that we be ready for Him when He comes. Please look at it, it warms your heart up like nothing else can. God is love and He has been very patient, but the world can’t go on like this, it has to be cleansed.

I have to warn you there is another site that the devil has put up to confuse those who are searching for God and it is also called Small Still Voice. The woman running it calls herself Sister Clare. There are many wolves in sheep skins to be aware of. And I see so many shocking lies about very good and holy people from the enemy, to keep people away from knowing God and destroying His servants reputations. I am afraid many people are easily lead to believe in the worst about innocent people. So watch out we are in very evil days, which proves Satan is trying his upmost to steal souls away from God.

Well I am praying for you and your families that we all make it. It is something I am very worried about. It could happen today or six months away, but it is serious and we all need to get ready and treat it as if it is today, even it takes another year, it be worth getting ready today and hopefully bring many people with us through our prayers.

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