A Prayer of Repentance and Trust


Please God the Father I am truly, truly sorry for all the heartbreak my sins have caused you and to all your children. I know that I am unable to understand how serious my sins are. To do that I have to truly understand how great you are and how insignificant I am before you.

The only true reason I have any value at all, is because of your great love for me. I have done nothing to deserve your great eternal love for me. You have made me out of your most generous and gracious love. You made all things from love. Nothing you have ever made has been made from indifference. I cannot understand this love, I do not understand how big and eternal it is. To do that I have to be another God like you, which can never be. Dear God, you love me so much you sent your innocent and most pure son to leave the place of love, to be born as a vulnerable baby in a dirty stable, and to live thirty three years on this wicket planet, enduring hardship and hatred more than any of us could bear, for our sake. And then top it all off, He died courageously on a cross as a criminal. The most hated of all criminals for our sake.

Nobody in this entire world has done anything worthy to deserve such sacrifice, nor ever will. We are so little and weak, we can never be able to return to You the great compliment that Jesus has given us. Our greatest suffering on earth is nothing to compare with your suffering for us. The Gospel has only recorded a very faint picture of the suffering your Son endured for me and the rest of the human race. Some chosen people have been given the privilege of divine revelations of a little more information of what Your Son endured for us. And when we take the trouble to really go through the steps to meditate on Jesus suffering, we can see it is a great insult to You not to believe in your great love and mercy.

No one loves to suffer, your precious Son included, but He did it for me and for all of us. He could of escape into the invisible at any time. He had the power to do it, but He kept going for me, because of His desperate love to save all humanity. Dear Father make me worthy to grow in Your love. Make me worthy to live in Your Presence day and night. I want to love You more than anything or anybody inexistence. I want to truly know You, so that I can have a greater appreciation of who You really are. I want to have a greater appreciation of everything that You have done for me, my family, friends, relatives, acquaintances and everybody who has ever been born or will be born. I want to live a life that is truly pleasing to You in every way. By myself I cannot do this only through Your grace can I do what is pleasing to You.

Make me faithful, brave so that I will fulfil Your dream of me. I am called to do great things in Jesus name as all Your children are. Do not let me back down through fear or selfishness. In Jesus name cleanse me of all my sins, sins that I know about, sins that I do not know about, sins that I remember and sins that I do not remember. I believe in Your great love and willingness to answer my pray for Your Son, Jesus sake and for the praise and glory of Your eternal Name. Amen.


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