The Body of Christ is in Need of Healing

is(14)We are often taught there are no two people are alike and yet for some reason our world expects everybody to conform to what the world has decided on. Look at many of the scientist for example! They claim one thing to be absolutely true so dogmatically that people dare not to question them. Then about ten years later it is considered to be a lie. Look at fashion it keeps changing so you have to keep buying new clothes, so nobody will call you old fashion. I remember when I was at high school in my sewing class. The teacher was showing us the different shoes people use to wear during the middle ages. I can remember it so clearly, we were all laughing at how foolish the shoes looked. Three months later those very same shoes that we thought was so ridiculous became the height of fashion for years after. And we were all wearing them to be cool.

People don’t like You being A Individual

I tend to do my own thing more and more as I am getting older, and there is always a high price to pay because of it. People dislike you, because you think for yourself. The same thing applies with the churches of God. No two Christians are going to interrupted life the same way, because they both come from different circumstances. The word love means different things to different people. To some people the word love hurts, because every time people use that word there is always pain attach to it. Not everybody has experience that of course. So it should not always be surprising that we do not always understand where the other person is coming from.

Love is Our Calling

Our job as Christians is to learn what God means by the word love. We have to ask God to give us the grace to know what it is and know how to practise it with the help of His Holy Spirit. Most of us including myself have a tendency to look at love in an intellectual way. We live in our brains and have to learn to live in our hearts, where Christ resides in us instead. A great many people are afraid of intimacy, because they have been rejected so many times they have given up.

We All have Different Upbringings

Both my parents were not cuddled much when they were young and so being the first born I wasn’t cuddled much, but my youngest sister was. It wasn’t favouritism, they just learnt to loosen up by the time she came onto the scene twelve years later. So even though my sister and I come from the same family with the same parents, the word love means different things to us, because we both experience it in a different way. I never doubted my parents loved me, because they would show it to me by how willing they would make sacrifices for me. I have never heard the words ‘I love you’ until my father was dying and he wanted a lifetime of love squeezed into an hour or two. And it was not easy.

Faith Healing

I have been reading and watching shows on faith healing, because my bad health has forced me into it. And it seems God first wants to heal my emotional pain. And little by little I am learning what it is to feel the love God has for me in a very intimate way. Now I have had many communications with Him over my life. You wouldn’t think I need an education on it. We are all learning about love all the time, but it is going deeper and deeper. Love heals and frees you of self-hatred, which unfortunately we learned that from the society we live in. God has to untrained us from how we are taught even what we had learned from well-meaning religious teachers. We all have blind spots and as people we have to learn to be more flexible if we want to hear God Spirit in us.

Discerning God’s Spirit

is(7)How do you discern God’s Spirit from your own, the world and the devil. Taste the fruit. If it leads to pride, selfishness, confusion, self-righteousness and so on we should immediately know that is not what God’s Spirit looks like. I know familiar spirits (that is what the deceiving spirits are often called) are very cleaver, and I have been fooled by them to. We all do at some point or another. They make out that they are kind and have your best interest at heart, but they lead you astray. I believe they are the most harmful ones. When evil spirits try to intimidate you and fight you, they are the less dangerous ones from my experience. Because you know they are your enemies and so you fight them back in the name of Jesus. Jesus will never let you down, if you turn to Him in complete sincerity and humility.

I realise I have got off the track. Our religion is about love and so few of us really believe in it, because we don’t see much of it in the world and unfortunately also in a great many churches, though I think that is changing. I remember when I was very young after the church service that I attended, we were to meet with one another after it and have a cup of tea with one another. It was agony for most of us, because none of us felt free to express ourselves, who we were really. And that is to be the person that God made us to be. Goats are what Jesus called people who claim to be faithful to God, but really had their own secret motives to honour themselves. They don’t seem to have this problem of shyness or fear of rejection. They seem to thrive on attention and they are the ones that are twisting the bibles to mean something that it doesn’t mean.

True Christians

God’s genuine Christians were all in need of emotional healing so badly and there was no one gifted in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to heal us. We all were trying to love one another as Jesus would have us, but there was so much pain in everyones hearts that none of us could open up. There was no confidence that we would be accepted if we did open up. I heard this was common of all churches all over the world in that era. I feel this is changing, because God is pouring His Spirit onto His true believers like never before. I feel we are now going to reap what we have been sowing with tears for all those years.

Judging is Harmful to All Churches

isW102ZQ1LJudging and gossiping is such a big killer and if we are all guilty of it in our churches, nobody is going to feel loved enough or to feel safe enough to open up and be our true selves. Especially the ones that are in need of it the most. We are all beautiful in God’s eyes and we should remember it always if we want to please our wonderful kind Heavenly Father. I remember once I was at a retreat and this women went around talking to everybody nonstop after every break we had. People were getting annoyed with her, because she was over the top some might say. I was annoyed with her too, but I remember God’s commandment to love one another as He loves us. And to my surprise she confided in me what was taking place. She use to have a job, and she mentioned one day that she was a Catholic to her co-workers and the next day she was sacked, because of it. So she vowed to herself that she would never will talk again. Years later Jesus appeared to her and said talk. So she was just obeying Our Lord, despite of us all being irritated with her through our ignorance and impatience.

Good Communications Skills is a Gift

Believe it or not communication with others takes practise. I have since then suffered social phobias for forty years nearly and I am just starting to talk to strangers again. I have not been communicating to strangers verbally for forty years. I am in the process of learning what the rules are about communicating to others, and some people are not exactly happy with me either. You talk freer to people who know you, strangers it is another story. People who have never had this problem really do not understand what I am saying here, because they have never experienced it.

We Need to Love One Another through Acceptance

So how much is out there that we have never understood properly, because we have never experience their crosses. We too often become so quick to judge the worst in people, instead of believing in people that their intentions might in fact be good. Even if we don’t understand them? We must really pray hard that there is much healing for the Body of Christ. That we learn to humble ourselves and really practise love. Regardless of what denomination we belong to, we all are really on the same side. We can only do this from a sincere heart and ask God to heal us so we can in turn heal others.





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