Are We Truly Listening?

is(10)I was reading a very good book about how to know and fight the enemy Satan. Things to watch out for. This person use to serve Satan and he was one of Satan’s top man. He converted as a Protestant. I was listening to another person who use to serve Satan and he was also up there high in the ranks of Satan’s army, he converted into the Catholic faith. What I am going to say here is, just because these two men were both in Satan’s army for most of their lives doesn’t mean they know everything about Satan. If they did then why doesn’t the Protestant convert understand the Catholic faith that well? Why did the Catholic convert, converted to the Catholic faith in the first place and is now standing up for the Catholic faith? Not all ex-Satanism have the same knowledge to work with.

Catholics Becoming Protestants

I often hear about Catholics converting to Protestant churches and what amazes me are the reasons for them leaving the Catholic Church. In my opinion it is due to a lack of true knowledge of what Catholics actually believe in. I even claim Martin Luther had the same problem. You can be a theologian and still don’t get it. Let’s face it the religious of Jesus’s day, didn’t get it either or they wouldn’t of crucified Him.

When I hear some of the things that the Catholics, who converted to the Protestants churches are saying about the Catholic churches, like I didn’t know about the Rapture, the gift of tongues, etc. until I became a Protestant, I say to myself I have known these things most of my life as a Catholic, why haven’t they? I believe people do not look harder enough. They do not do any research work, like reading books on the saints etc. Learning from one another’s experiences have helped me a lot. They don’t know what is going on past their little group, which is their whole world. Protestants are the same. Not all Protestants churches believe in the Rapture or in the Charismatic movement. I happen to be going to a Protestant church at the moment. They are very kind and loving people, but I wouldn’t be game to say let’s start casting out devils in Jesus’s name, they would have a fit!!!

Of course I hear Protestant converting to the Catholic faith, which I am one of them and I believe they are the ones God is calling to educate people what Catholics actually believe in. Catholics who have been Catholics all their lives have basically been taught to keep silent, through being intimidated not only by the church but by society and the Protestants. Protestants are by far more outspoken then the Catholics.

Misunderstanding Between the Two Churches

It is the Protestants that do the preaching, so it is no wonder why there are so many Protestants out there hating Catholics. Protestants are teaching other Protestants wrongly what they think Catholics believe in, as if it has been proven to be true. They in fact have not done any research work on Catholic literature, written by Catholics at all. You need to hear both sides of the story, not just one side. In the court of law, they are supposed to dig up everything, every bit of evidence before they make a judgement on a thing. Protestants don’t do that they are simply preaching what other Protestants have taught them, who also didn’t do any research worth either. So it is a vicious circle. Catholics need Protestants converts, because Protestants are taught to be out there and speak up.

You know when I first became a Catholic, forty years ago, my first impression was that the Catholics are badly in need of Converts. To me it felt like they didn’t know how lucky they were, they took it all for granted. It is a bit like if you are born in a rich family, you don’t know how lucky you are, until it is all taken away from you. If you were born in a poor family and then became rich, you don’t take it for granted, you enjoy every minute of it. There is so much more I wanted to discuss on this subject, but to do it justice I need to write a book on it and since I hate writing books, I will have to do an article here and there on the subject.

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