Something of Interest Regarding Bible Translations

I have just looked at a YouTube video and the guy who is Jewish said that St. Paul when he was talking about whether women should be silent in churches said something of interest to me. He first said that St. Paul was writing letters and he was answering questions. Where we would have quotation marks to let people know we are quoting something they use to use two dots. When the question arose about women ‘as the law tells them to be quiet in churches and learn from their husbands’ the law he said was not referring to the law of Moses, but a traditional law, which I happen to forget its name. He challenges anybody to try to find a law in the Torah “the Old Testament” that tells women to stay silent. He said the translators put the question with the texts so that it looks like the question came from St. Paul when it was a question from somebody else that St. Paul was in fact answering.

The Bible being Translated by the Wrong People

Originally the bible was translated by monks. The point here is they were dedicated to God to translate the bible as accurately as they could and then people were being employed to translate the bible. By the mid twentieth century Atheist were translating the bible. And as we know a great many atheist would love to see the bible proven wrong. So I thought that was a real mad idea letting atheist translate our bible. I have an old bible about forty years old called ‘The Jerusalem Bible’ and the word ‘bless’ had been translated as happy. Which set my back up, because a nun name Sister Josefa Menendez was told by Jesus that the greatest jewel He can give somebody was His suffering of His cross. To human thinking that is not a happy occasion, unless you truly have the heart and mind of Christ.

Wrong Translations of the Word Bless

How many times have we been so blessed that Jesus has given us a cross to bear for His glory and we said something like ‘take it away, I can’t take it anymore.’ What about the prophet Jonah when he was told to convert a people of heathens to repent and fear the Lord and they actually listen and obeyed. So there was no way of knowing if he was a true prophet or not, because all the terrible judgements that God was going to send to them, didn’t happen. So there was no proof in his mind that he was a true prophet, before anybody. He wanted rather to die than be accused of being a false prophet. He actually turned out to be one of the most successful ones in the bible.

I have a beautiful bible called ‘One New Man Bible.’ I got it from Sid Roth ‘Its Supernatural’ store. It is one of the most accurate of bibles they claim. I am finding it to be very helpful and there is another book of The Psalms, translation of ‘The Passion’ I am also finding it a very beautiful and helpful book too.

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