Our Powerful influence in High Places

When we look at all the goings on of earth, I believe we see a little of God’s Kingdom and Satan’s Kingdom at play. I think we all probably will agree on that. People who follow Jesus is going to reflect in some small way our relationship with God. For example husband and wife, should reflect the relationship between Jesus and His Bride. That is if they are truly obeying the commandment of love. Fathers and their children should reflect the relationship our Heavenly Father has for His children. Mothers reflect in my opinion the feminine side of God’s love for His children. Sisters and brothers should reflect the spiritual relationship we all should have towards one another. Simple things like if I was to talk to you and I can see you obviously showing no interest or even trying to show some interest in me, I am going to feel like I am not important to you. Through these experiences we can put two and two together and work out how would God would feel if we were not showing Him any interest when He speaks to us?

Now I am going to move on and I believe there is basically three types of people. The leaders, the followers and another group that influence the leaders. All equally important. If we serve God on His terms which is unconditionally love everything would work out perfectly for everybody. Because in God’s Kingdom there are no losers, everybody wins and enhance one another to their fullest potential. Now I believe in my life time when I am well enough to mix with people, I have found leaders either love or hate me. I seem to always get noticed by them, without any effort on my part.


When I was a young child I was quiet happy to be the leaders best friend, for very selfish reasons. I could get my own way without putting myself out. How selfish right? I can see adults doing that now. God thankfully soon let me know being the best friend of a leader has its responsibilities that I soon found that I didn’t like. For example while I was a lay missionary I had a friend who use to influence a bishop and I influenced her. And one day I said something casually and I found she grabbed it and was going to suggest it to this bishop who naturally influences a great many more people. And then I got into a panic because I couldn’t remember what I had said to her. So I prayed so hard that if it wasn’t according to God’s will to stop the influence in its tracts. Everything we do we have to make an account to God on Judgement day.

Our Great Influence

We are all called for something great, because we all influence God. Who is in control of the whole universe and Heaven!! How’s that for influence. We all can change history if we only believed in our influence on God. God is so willing to give all that we ask of Him, if it is for the good of our soul and others. We are not paupers. Our Daddy is rich!!! And powerful!!! Why can’t we see that? The odd time when I do, I see miracles in my life. Some people think only of money and advancements in their careers. I am talking about more exciting things like saving the world. Something I believe we all called to do in the sphere God has puts us in.

We are His Children and we should think like children not cynical adults who cannot believe in things unless it is of this world. Materialism is not God’s way. Look at the earth God has made, before mankind has destroyed it. It is so breath taking and we are to think like our Heavenly Father, who is so creative and loving. When we pray let’s try to see the big picture of our influence on our Father who is in Heaven. Doubting Him is not being childlike it is the old man in us that is supposed to have died when we received Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

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