God Gives Grace to the Humble

Matthew 23:12 “Whoever makes himself great will be made humble. Whoever makes himself humble will be made great.”

It is very rare when we see somebody who is so humble that all their ways are holy through and through. Most of us are still learning. It has taken me a life time to realise that while I am being humble God gives me beautiful gifts and then I start to think I am somebody and then straight away God gives me some trouble to endure to humble me back down again. I have finally learnt what I am supposed to do. I am to remind myself all the time that I am a great sinner and because of God’s great love for me and the whole of the human race He forgives our sins through the blood of Jesus. Now I knew this in up to a point, but God has to teach it so strongly that it becomes more than theory and becomes a way of life.

I believe Jesus is on His way and is getting everything prepared for His coming. Remember He would want to hold off as long as He can to save as many souls as possible. The thing I am noticing and I wouldn’t mind betting you are experiencing something similar, is that God seems to be giving me a crash course on what He expects of me. God’s teachings have always been very important to me, but there is defiantly a feeling of urgency.


Sometimes I don’t know if it is me I am listening to or it is God’s Spirit directing me. Jesus explains in the Gospel during the last days it is like we are going to go through birth pains. And the pains increase in intensity as the time gets closer to when He comes. I have never had given birth to a child before, but I hear often when a women is near her time, she often finds herself getting busy like doing the housework. Like a bird has a need to get the nest ready in time. I believe that is what God is doing to me. I have heard about the three days and night of darkness, when hell will be let loose basically. We are told to stay indoors and cover our windows with blankets so we won’t see outside, because it is going to really frighten us. I know it sounds strange to cover windows if it is going to be dark, but there must be a reason for it, for them to tell us to do it. We must be able to see something even though the sky is going to be blacker then black. The Rapture is apparently going to happen a little time after the three days and nights of darkness. This is what I believe.

People who are proud and think they are good, watch out, because we can only enter into heaven if we are fully aware that we do not deserve to go to heaven. It is only because of God’s Great Love and Mercy that He sent His Only Son on our behalf to pay the full price of our sins. We are not good. We are very skilled and masters of great wickedness. Don’t consider you are better than another person either. We all do it and it is our down fall. The more spiritual gifted we are, often it is because God choses the weakest or the most sinful to show off His glory. When people see God choses those kind of people to do great things in His Name, it gives people hope that He would use them also.

People Have a Tendency to go to Extremes

Don’t go to the other extreme which we are all equally good at and that is to keep our eyes on only our sins and not look at the Love Jesus has for you. The straight and narrow road, is to not go to those two extremes. Admit you are a terrible sinner and be truly sorrow for your sins, because you love God so much that you don’t want to hurt Him in any way. Then believe you are forgiven and I am afraid it is a daily process. One day you are humbler than another, but if you are genuinely seek to please God, you already have. So don’t let Satan bring you down by trying to get you to think you are either a saint or a sinner. You are both, as all God’s children that follow Jesus His Son faithfully.

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