An Act of Spiritual Communion

The Lord told Sr. Benigna Consolata to make as many Spiritual Communions as possible to supply for the many Sacramental Communions which are not made. One every quarter of an hour is not enough. Make them shorter, but more numerous.

My Jesus, I believe that You are in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I long for You in my soul. Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. As though You have already come, I embrace You and unite myself entirely to You: never permit me to be separated from You.

There are two beautiful promises from Our Lord to a Polish soul.

The first one is:  “Each priest who worthily offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for 30 consecutive days and, in addition, makes the Station of the Cross daily, will receive for himself, and another soul selected by him, the assurance of eternal salvation.”

The second promise is: “Likewise each individual who receive Holy Communion, worthily for 30 days consecutive days, and will recite one Our Father and Hail Mary for the welfare of the Holy Catholic Church, will receive for himself and one other soul selected by him, the assurance of eternal salvation.”

How Wonderful is that!!!!


Making a Holy Hour of Reparation

I wish I have known about this offering to God decades ago. Our Lord instructed St. Margaret Mary, ‘You shall arise between eleven o’clock and the midnight hour, and remain prostrate with me during the space of an hour, and so appease the divine anger by imploring mercy for sinners. Thus shall you assuage in some sort the bitterness I felt at that time because of the abandonment by My Apostles….for not having been able to watch with me for the space of one hour?’

I just bought a small book ‘Prayers and heavenly Promises’ and this was one of the things I found in it, that really impressed me. So I asked God to wake me up so I could do it. Would you believe I was sleeping and in my dream there was an old fashion clock and the alarm went off so loudly that in my dream I remembered that I asked God to wake me so I could do this act of reparation. God only gave me three minutes to get ready, so I didn’t do all the little things I was going to do like put the fan on to keep me cool etc. Because I simply didn’t have time.

I wasn’t sure if I could discipline myself to prostrate for an hour either. Of course my animals just love it when I am on the floor. God got them settle down quickly too, so I didn’t have any problems with them wanted to play with me and so on.  So I am very certain God does want me to practise this act of self-denial. I believe He would love you to give it a go too. The funny thing too, just before I went to bed I watched another YouTube video, I forgot what it was called, but it was over an hour long and it was one long prayer of repentance and deliverance. It was going through all the Ten Commandments in detail how we may have broken them. And that was an eye opener, you don’t know how much you sinned against God, but this kind of thing helped me understand more. He used the Divine Mercy prayer and some words from scripture to deliver us. So it was like God had me prepared so that my sacrifice of prostrating before Him was even more pleasing to Him. That is how I felt.

The main thing that I offered this sacrifice up for, was that Maria Divine Mercy was told about ‘the warning’ will come upon all the people of the whole world and during this period we will all be shown our sins. So she urges everybody go to confession and confess what you can before this event takes place. It is going to be very painful for most of us, for the sins that we haven’t confessed. She said many people will die of shock before they had time to repent. She is talking about everybody world- wide. So Jesus is asking us to pray that they will be able to have time to repent, so that they can be spared from eternal damnation. There are going to many deaths, somebody describe it like it is going to look like a cemetery.

I always use to wonder when I would read Revelations, because the way it is written it is clear there are no atheists. They all cursed God when God poured down His anger onto them. That did really confused me, but now I know about the warning, there will be no excuse not to know that there is a God. You will be truly lying to yourself if you do. And Maria Divine Mercy said that the scientist are going to try to answer the warning away as some form of mass hypnosis or something like that.


God’s Timing is Not Always Convenient So We Think

God’s timing may not always be our timing even in things like when He wants to heal us. We may say not now I am too busy praising You, or I am too busy serving You. When you are reading His words He may what you to pause right there and let His Spirit nourish you. If we don’t let Him have His way we may never have that chance ever again. I remember reading about this man who was a healer of Jesus and he said there were many times he would go over to somebodies home, because he had been ask to pray over somebody for healing and the person rather watched T.V. So of course they went without their healing.

I am saying this because sometimes God doesn’t heal you in one go. Sometimes it is over a very long period, which is in my case. I believe it is mainly to teach you many things about yourself and Gods love for you. And I also think sometimes as the saying goes ‘easy come, easy go.’ God wants to give us so much, but He is also wise and knows when it is the right time to give. For one thing are we ready for it spiritually?

I am writing this because I was just having a wonderful time praising God and I was enjoying singing to Him. Something touch my heart and I couldn’t help crying over how much I cost Him. I knew I could cry at any time and a thought came to me, ‘I hope at church tomorrow when we are singing praises I won’t start balling my eyes out on something that has touched my heart.’ I hate crying in public, I feel foolish. That is simply my pride and I am finding out a lot more about my pride, than I ever have before. I refer to it like a tidal wave that sweeps me away without any effort. So now God has brought that to my attention, I am always on the alert for it. It is always there waiting for its chance to take me over. It is a demon of course, but I am still responsible to call on God to be rid of it every time I see it in me. Jesus doesn’t call the perfect in their own eyes, He comes for sinners like me.

The next day had arrive, and I feel God didn’t like my last paragraph, because at church today He was healing me so much, but not in the way I feared. He never gives you a trial you can’t handle, even if it is a tough one. He has proven that to me time and time again, I just wish that I remember it and not have to keep reminding myself when I am facing something difficult

Learning More About Who We Are

Another thing I am learning about myself and this may also apply to you. Ask God about it and then have a good look at yourself. God is teaching me to slow down where I tend to do everything at top speed and in other things He is teaching me to speed things up. I Like to plan things ahead, make dates, I don’t like doing things on the spare of the moment, which God is teaching me to do. Drop everything and do what He has put before me to do now! Like giving somebody my full attention while I am busy shopping and really want to get home. Are you feeling it? God is giving me a crash course on everything, do you feel the same way too? And is God working hard on your soul too? I believe it is because He is trying to get His brides ready for the Rapture.


The Station of the Cross


The Catholic Church use to practise meditating on the Stations of the Cross every Friday, but they do not do it these days. If so only a very few churches would practise it now. I use my rosary beads to meditate on ‘The Station of the Cross’ and I know God is very pleased with me doing so. God loves us to use our imagination to get closer to Him. We don’t have to do everything by the human rule book, but by the way God’s Spirit leads you. After all isn’t that’s what children do, use their imagination. And we are supposed to be childlike, before we can get into the kingdom of heaven. This is one of the reasons why I believe a child can believe so easily in miracles. Whereas adults tends to get hang ups on believing what they can’t see with their physical eyes. Children and saints see through the eyes of faith. To have faith, a good imaginations is very helpful.

I learnt to meditate on the ‘Stations of the Cross’ by the means of using the rosary beads by somebody who claimed that Mary gave him this method to use to save souls and release people from purgatory. Maybe Mary originally did bless him with it, but the poor man became so deceived in many ways and started his own sect, which was not of God. My aunt showed the prayers to a priest and the priest said there is nothing wrong with the prayers, but to keep away from this person. So I am not going to write word by word of this rosary, just in case somebody might recognised it and follow this sect that is leading people astray. I have been saying it this way for decades off and on and I have had many visitations from Jesus while saying it. So I do agree with the priest there is nothing wrong with the prayer, but I would keep away from the sect. Judge for yourself what you think of this prayer.

  1. First do the sign of the cross
  2. The Apostle Creed
  3. On the large bead you say the Lord’s Prayer in honour of the Holy Trinity.
  4. On the three small beads say hail Mary on each one of them
  5. Then say the Glory Be to the Father…..
  6. Then you say the first decade ‘Jesus is condemned to Death.’
  7. Then say the Lord’s Prayer and Glory Be to the Father…..
  8. On the ten small decades you say ‘Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls, while you are saying this prayer you meditate on Jesus is condemned to Death.
  9. After each ten decades you say ‘O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, help especially those who are in most need of Thy mercy.’
  10. You repeat steps 6 to 9, through out, but of course each decade is meditating on different scenes of Jesus suffering so the second decade becomes ‘Jesus carries His Cross.
  11. Below there is a list of all fourteen stations to meditate on.


First decade; Jesus is condemned to death

Second decade; Jesus carries His Cross

Third decade; Jesus falls the first time

Fourth decade; Jesus meets His sorrowful Mother

Fifth decade; Simon helps Jesus to carry His cross

Sixth decade; Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Seventh decade; Jesus falls the second time

Eight decade; the women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus

Ninth decade; Jesus falls the third time

Tenth decade; Jesus is stripped of His garments

Eleventh decade; Jesus is nailed to the cross

Twelfth decade; Jesus is Raised upon the cross and dies

Thirteenth decade; Jesus is taken down from the cross

Fourteenth decade; Jesus is laid in the Sepulchre.

To finish you then say the Hail, Holy Queen Prayer and then

The Memorare; Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was abandoned. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to you, O Virgin of Virgins, my Mother. To you I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. Do not, O Mother of the Word Incarnate despise my petitions, but in your mercy, hear and answer me. Amen

Memorare to Saint Joseph; Remember, O most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who implored your help or sought your intercession was left unassisted. Full of confidence in your power I fly to you, and beg your protection. Despise not, O foster-father of our Redeemer, my humble supplication, but in your bounty, hear and answer me. Amen



After I was converted in understanding the power of prayer, that you really can save souls by means of prayer. That there are sowers and reapers in God’s Kingdom. That we all have different callings from one another, and that the ministry of full time intercession prayer is a very important and a necessary calling, I started to get attack by demons on a regular basis. I would be attacked at least twice a week. My body would go paralysed and I found very early in the peace that I could not shout out for help. So I quickly learnt that I had to pray to be free of the demons that attack me. It was just me and God, there was no one else to help

Demons will try to Stop You from Your Calling

These demons believe in the power of prayer more than we do, because they see the results of our prayers and of course they do not want souls to be saved. The demons were attacking me, because they were desperately trying to stop me from fulfilling my calling, which I refuse to give up, because I knew I was making a difference by doing the will of God. My very first experience of being attack by a demon was so fierce that I knew intuitively that the name of Jesus was too long. I knew I could only use a word with one syllable in it. God really comes to our aid when we turn to Him with such urgency and knowledge that He is the only one that can help us. The perfect word came to me which was God’s doing and I called out to God in my mind ‘God, God ,God.” Very quickly and I mustered up all my faith and gave it to Him.

The demon was a very powerful one and to my complete surprise it vanished that fast, I believe it went as quickly as a blink of an eye. I was fighting with all my strength with a demon that was no longer there. After a little while it dawned on me that it was not there, because it went so quickly, I could not believe it had gone, so I went looking for it. I looked under my bed, it was not there, as I was going to open my wardrobe a thought came to me, I know it was God talking to me, He said ‘and once you have found the demon do you want another fight on your hands?’ Then I realised what I was doing and I said ‘no, if it is in the closet it can stay there.’

Helping Somebody to Fight their Demon

All this is leading up to another experience I had that might help somebody. I do not want to enclose the person it involves. This person just received the gift of prophesy and some other gifts. So she was new at it. She was conned by a demon thinking it was a good spirit, so she let it in, then found quickly it was a very powerful demon. Things happen when you least expect it. I was in the next room, and in she walks, you do not need somebody to tell you if a person is possessed by a demon or not. Their eyes speaks for itself. She told me that God said for her to come to me. And then I said to God ‘I do not know the first thing about helping somebody to be delivered from a demon.’  All I could think to do was to grab my rosary beads and then told her we will go to the next room where another Christian women was sleeping, as we walked in she had one look at her and knew she was possessed by a demon too. She picked up her rosary beads and we started to say the rosary over her.

Rosary is a Powerful Prayer

Half way through the rosary we looked at her and her eyes were calm again, we still knew the demon was there, but the young women was calm. She was a Protestant and she said that while we were saying the rosary she felt that it was very important that Mary was to be blessed. Now she said it not me. Then I had to give her some knowledge on how to help her to deliver herself from that demon. I only had that one demon attack that I mention at that time, so I had very little knowledge, but I had to give her what knowledge I had, because she did not have any knowledge at all.

I said to her ‘you will have to find out where your faith is strongest,’ I knew how she felt, she gave me a look as to say where am I going to find that out. And then I said to her ‘believe me you will find it.’ I gave her some suggestions. I said some people, the crown of thorns will be where their faith is strongest, with others it will be the blood of Jesus or maybe it is holy water, whatever it is put your whole faith into it and give it to God. She intuitively knew she had to face her room by herself and face the demon within her. She knew if she was too afraid to do that the demon will give her no peace at all whether she went.

Faith moves Mountains

Now her faith worked this way she said to the demon over and over again that you are only a little soldier Jesus is a big soldier. She told us later that the demon that was in her got angrier and angrier, but at the same time he got weaker and weaker and then eventually left. Some Christians wrongly believe that Christians cannot be possessed by demons if we are born again Christians. It is our spirit that cannot be possessed by demons, if you are a born again Christian. Our will, our emotions and our flesh can. People do not have to be a bad person to be troubled by demons. All you need to do to be possessed is to be deceived by demons. They are sneaky and clever and can easily do this if you do not know how to defend yourself in the name of Jesus. Or you live contrary to what Jesus has taught us and we all have been guilty of that. I have recently read some books on deliverance just in case something similar happens to me again.

Results of Curses

I believe a great many sickness are caused through demons, people often pray for healing and in some cases it does not happen, because you may have to have a demon removed first. I am now going through a slow process of self- deliverance now. As my faith grows stronger demons and evil spirits are leaving. Tragedies and long term grief can open you up to demons as well. So it is not necessary always our fault. There are generational curses and people are cursing you every time they think ill of you and you likewise.  When you are judging one another or even the spoken word like gossiping etc. brings evil onto them.  And remember curses that you have sent out returns to you seven times more. Jesus said ‘you will be judge as you judge others.’ Love is the only way around it. Love heals and God is a God who heals.


God is with Us Always Especially during Our Toughest Times

isI2TNE013I love reading peoples testimonies, especially how they survive their toughest times, because while we are here on this earth, we can guarantee we will have plenty of them. Where hatred is growing at an insane rate, we need survival skills in the Lord. Our life should not be the most important thing to us. Getting to heaven where our real home is, is far more exciting and something to really look forward to with so much joy. If that is not true for you, then you need to ask God urgently to make it so, especially in these days. The only real reason for living is serving and pleasing God. If God is your all in all it is because you are living in His presence. And you know you can be living in His presence and not know it! Maybe you are expecting to be in a state of continue excitement all the time. There is a time to cry and a time to laugh. Despite of what is going on around you, if you are living in His presence there is a supernatural peace that can only come from a loving and personal relationship with God. God wants everybody to have this relationship with Him.

Intimate Relationships Grow Deeper And Deeper

Intimate relationships grow over a period of time and is always becoming deeper and deeper as people work on it. Some relationships grow more intimate and trustworthy quicker than others. God gives you plenty of examples on earth for us to look around to see how relationships work. The bible of course clearly explains how we are to treat one another. So if we look close, God is saying love comes from me. If somebody loves you it is because I have given that person the Spirit of My Love, so it can manifest for you. I have never been married or had children, but I have pets and they teach me so much about God’s love for me. I have just come in from outside, praising God because of His beautiful clouds. I said to Him you’re my daddy who makes such beautiful clouds and I am more important to you and more beautiful to you, than those beautiful clouds. When you communicate to God with love it always grows and you feel closer to God, because He always responds to you by giving His joy to you. That is a way you have a loving and intimate relationship, your attention is completely on the other person with love, and the same rules apply in having a real relationship with God.

We Do not Suffer on Our Own

I got off the track but I felt it was where I was meant to go. I heard a testimony years and years ago, where a man was stabbed about seventeen times and towards the end of it he was asked if he wanted to live or die by the Holy Spirit. He had a three year old son at the time and he wanted to stay for him and look after him, so he chose to live. He said whenever he hears of a horrific murder like that he is so confident that the person is not going through it alone. Fairly recently I heard from a person who was told by Jesus that sometimes Jesus will take on the suffering on behalf of the person, because they are too weak to go through it.

Jesus is Always True to His Word

It actually brought back a memory of mine when I was converted about the power of prayer and how necessary it is to pray for the salvation of the world besides your family needs. I use to get demons attack very often to stop me from answering my calling, which I refused. This particular day this demon was punching me in my back and it of course really hurt and I for some reason sang out to Jesus in my head that would he take the punches for me. I was so surprise because in an instant Jesus did take my place. I knew the demon was punching my back, because I could feel some pressure but not pain.  I felt instantly ashamed of myself, because I then felt sorry for Jesus. Then the demon attack was over. I forgot all about it until I heard about what this women was told from Jesus about what happens to some martyrs.

I wouldn’t clap my hands and think that the majority don’t feel the pain of martyrdom, but I know if they are rely on Jesus strength and not on their own, things will work out in the end. They will have a great reward waiting for them that nobody will ever be able to take it away from them.

Joy of the Lord

isWNUVGOVLPeople of the world are relying on this world to give them lasting joy, which cannot ever happen. Their joy is depended on physical things, such as having all the possessions they want, a beautiful day, plenty of friends, a lovely house, expensive car etc. Jesus wants us to look to Him for joy. The joy is different from worldly joy. The joy God offers us is spiritual joy, it depends on our love, faith and hope in God and in all that He promises. While you have this relationship with God it produces spiritual joy in God’s love for you and for things to come such as going to heaven for eternity to worship God, which will give us such joy that we cannot even begin to imagine here on earth.

Worshiping God is beautiful, because when we are in Heaven we will be able to see His great love for us for ever.  While we are still on earth we do not depend on the things of this earth to make us happy. When God gives us this joy it does not mean we will not feel sadness. This earth is often referred to as ‘the valley of tears’ for good reason. This world is so corrupt with all kinds of evil, it can never truly satisfied us. Jesus is calling us to follow Him all the way. Even prepared to die for Him, if necessary.

While we are still on our journey on earth our faith, love and hope are constantly being challenged. If we persevere our faith, love and hope will be strengthen, so will our joy in the Lord. The joy in the Lord will strengthen you. Now I have suffered intensely throughout my life, like so many people and if it wasn’t for my joy in the Lord and His promises, I would not have had the strength to make it. So it is important to keep your faith, love and hope alive, it does not matter what you are going through.

We are told to pray without ceasing and that I believe will help you tremendously. One way of doing it is to beware of God’s presence and His love for you as much as you can all day. And say little prayers to Him when you are busy with things, like My adorable Jesus I trust in You. Anything that brings you near to God. If you can set up an hour aside for prayer that would help you a great deal to keep your mind on God too. Despite of all the suffering you may be facing there still can be joy in the Lord and His promises if you believe in Him. When Christ returns He is going to wipe every tear away, knowing this will help us through bad times.

Nehemiah 8 v 10

Nehemiah said, ‘Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks and send some of those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.’

In this verse it is clear you can enjoy the things of this earth too, but real joy is in the Lord.


Pictures of Jesus


I was watching one of YouTube videos on pictures of Jesus. To my surprise it seemed that this lady thought that we actually believe the pictures and painting of Jesus was what we really thought Jesus looked like. That is not true, but She did bring things to my attention that I didn’t know about. One painting of Jesus was painted by Leonardo De Vichy, who painted his lover according to her, which did make me nervous.

I received a picture of Jesus not long after seeing this video and just put it aside with mistrust, wondering who the person in this picture really was like. I felt immediately the presence of Jesus beside me, sad that I had that reaction to it. Of course the picture is no way looks like the real Jesus either, but according to one visionary each picture shows a facet of him.

Jesus is in all of us and we are all made in Gods image.  We cannot reveal his whole image, because I believe He is just too big for that, so each person shows a side of God that nobody else can. So I feel Jesus was saying, just look at what my Spirit is giving you through the use of that picture, which is always pure holy love.

God Can be Sneeky! I am so Glad He is Sometimes

I often read people teaching us to be thankful to God for everything that comes your way, even things you hate. For example Corrie ten Boom, while she was in the concentration camp she complained about the fleas and her sister told her to thank God for them. Corrie didn’t understand why then, but later on she found out the fleas did in a strange way, protected them from the guards. It turned out that they were allowed to get away with teaching the Gospel in their barracks, because the guards were too afraid to go in there, because of the fleas. God has a plan up His sleeve that He doesn’t tell you straight away, but if you obey Him, it will all eventually unfold and you will see clearly His infinite wisdom. I use to hate and dreaded my earthly father words ‘you will thank me one day.’ I use to think ‘no way am I going to thank you one day.’ Of course now I understand where he was coming from and I have to admit that I do now thank him.

Where I live is on the outskirts of a town and across the road from me there is open space. So I can look out and see kangaroos and cattle grazing on the land. I so wish I was living in the bush. I thank God for this little open field I can look out every day from my front door, it is the next best thing, to living in the bush. God has placed me here for a reason, I always known that. When it rains heavy I use to have great problem with field mice. Without fail they would turn up after rain. And I use to use natural remedies to get rid of them and it did work after a long time. Then it would rain again and this time the natural remedies were not working. So I desperately asked God why? Have I done something to displease You? I was trying to be grateful, but it isn’t really in my nature when I think things are out of my control. You can see right there what God was trying to teach me.

 In desperation after praying about it, I turned to the internet for suggestions and one person said get a cat. I have never been a cat lover. I always preferred dogs ever since I can remember. So I wasn’t that keen on the idea. The things you do when you are desperate enough. I asked a friend if she knew somebody who was giving away kittens and she said she knew of a place and she would get one for me. Then later on the day I texted her and asked her if she would get two for me, to make sure the mice will have double trouble and so she did. These kittens were half feral.  

So I had to trained them to trust and like me and on top of that I had an hysterical dog that wanted to play with them and of course the kittens were terrified of him and the other dog who is a real mummies girl, was not pleased with the two new additions in the household and wanted to kill them both, the moment she had a chance. So there was a lot of training to do on all four animals. After three weeks I was desperate again, because I was really beginning to think Mindy the dog that hated them would never ever accept them. I asked God to give her a change of heart. I think it only took two days later, I was then able to take Mindy of the leash, because she then decided she would tolerate them, which is better than nothing. Things eventually sorted out and then about five months down the track, the dog next door killed one of my cats. By this time I am extremely attached to him and I was feeling very sorry for myself and I was so surprised how long it took to get over him. (I never really totally ever get over my animals.) By now I love cats just as much as I love dogs. I would never thought it possible.  

I then decided to keep Persey the other cat, to stay indoors so as to make sure nothing happens to him. After about four months later I can see that Persey was in a real need of a cat friend. His brother and he were really close. So I wasn’t sure what to do, so I asked Jesus if He would give me permission to get another kitten for Persey. Straight away Jesus appeared so happy and to let me know he was overjoyed for me to get another kitten. So I went searching for one on the internet and found one in the RSPCA, where the unwanted animals go, in the hope of a home. Now I have a fear of driving outside of my town. Because I wanted this kitten so much I asked another friend if she would come with me. To get to this place I have to travel on a high way that I hate, because nobody is polite these days, but I did and I did it well. So I had to overcome one of my major fears before I could get her and she is so beautiful and worth every bit of sacrifice.  

Remember Jesus was so happy to let me have her. Guess what kind of kitten He has chosen for me? A real rascal! She gets up to more mischief then the two boys ever did. Now don’t you think God is teaching me something here? God doesn’t always choose what makes you comfortable. Persey now accepts her, it only took a day and now he is as thick with her as he was with his brother. They are great friends. And there is no mice still.  

God was in-charge the whole time and had a very sneaky plan for me to find His love through His creation of Cats. Dogs have taught me so much and I am still very much a dog lover. Cats are so different and they have different things to offer. The way they show their love for you is so different. Cats are a lot more sociable than I ever thought. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. All through my childhood we had more cats than dogs, but I never knew this about them. The thing I love about domestic animals and very young children, they just pour out their love for you and I see a little of God’s love, loving me through them.  

I actually had something else in mind to write when I started writing this article, but it seems God had other plans as He often does.


Warning for those who don’t know already!

I am looking at a lot of YouTube shows about the Rapture that is coming. I know I might sound strange to people, but I have covered my windows with dark blankets, because one of the prophecies that will be fulfilled soon, will be the whole earth will experience 3 days and nights of darkness. I will go into that later. Before that happens God is going to give us a warning before He will chastise the people who have refuse to obey Him. In other words they are listening to the so call wisdom of the world, instead of Him who made the earth. He is doing this so everybody will know where they stand with Him. For example many people are going to experience hell for about 15 mins, because they have not obeyed Him. If you are redeemed you won’t feel any pain. There are many people who think they are redeem, but are not living as God intends them too, so they are in for a shock. Many people will die of shock when they see their sins for what they are and won’t be saved, because they will die before they had a chance to repent. Jesus is asking us to pray that they will have a chance to repent before they die, so that they can be saved. We will all experience an out of body experience and we will all experience what it would be like to die in mortal sin, so there will be no excuse for us not to repent.

Go Home

After this event He said if you not home, go home straight away, because then the 3 days and nights of darkness will come upon the earth. And you are to stay indoors, because it be too dangerous not too. Long story short, demons will be let out of hell to roam the earth. Believe it or not the scientist are trying to find ways to do it, there are many, many people in our day that worship Satan straight out. God will allow them to do this, because of the world’s sins. When we are at home, we are to cover all our windows, don’t let any light at all enter in your home. And we are not to for any reason at all open the doors when it becomes dark, because many demons are what people call shape shifters, will be roaming the earth. They will pretend to be people you love very much and say things like ‘I am not really dead let me in.’ The prophets are saying don’t whatever you do open those doors to let them in.

Make Sure You Have Everything Ready

Make sure you have enough water and food and clean clothes for 3 days and nights. I also bought many towels so that I can wipe the kitchen floor, because my dogs will have to go to toilet there and Jesus told me that it was a good idea. I would not leave my animals outside to face the horror that is about to come on this earth. Also some Christians are going to be transform into their glorified bodies during the three days and nights of darkness, it won’t happen to all Christians. God is saying to a prophet, don’t worry if you are not one of them, because you still have time to reach the holiness level that is needed for that to happen. The Christians with glorify bodies will shine like the stars and convert many people to Christ and they who are converted will also will have glorify bodies in time for the rapture.

You Will Need Blessed Candles

I know it sounds strange why cover your windows if it is going to be dark outside? I saw a show where they were re-acting it out and there are zombies that had bright red eyes, so apparently you will see frightening things, despite of the darkness. The only people who will have lights on in their houses are those who have blessed candles, nothing else will work. Only very few people will have electricity on, the lucky ones! After this Jesus will come personally to everybody and ask if you are for Him or not. He will give the world a little time to repent, maybe another three days and then the rapture of all the people who are truly repented, will go up to meet Jesus in the air and stay in Heaven until the wrath of God deals with the world.

They say only twenty percentage of people who call themselves Christians, will meet Jesus in the air, because only they are truly faithful and trying to live out His commandments. When that is all over the people, who went up in the rapture will return to earth and there will be 1,000 years of peace with Jesus personally ruling the earth.

Have Your Windows Covered

I have practically covered the windows because it is a big job and I am not that well, so I am having a head start. This all will take place after Israel is forced to sign the paper to divide Israel. The prophets are saying that God won’t be mocked any more. Israel is called God’s chosen people, because they were the first race to worship God. They are Abraham’s descendants and God promise them land they call Israel to be theirs.

California will have a massive earthquake. They say it starts with Miami. Then the whole earth will shake, you will see signs in the sky, like two planets collide with one another. I am not too sure about the signs in the sky, I think everybody will see Jesus at the same time. This does sound far fetch I know and with humans it is always going to happen to somebody else or another generation, but never me. The problem is that this is the end time and we will all be caught up in it. So as the saying goes I rather be safe than sorry.

Jesus and His Host are Already Here

There is a YouTube show called Joyof the Lord. Please watch it, things are going on in the sky right now. The governments of the world do not want you to see, they actually trying to cover it up and many people on the YouTube shows are saying it is too big to cover up. People are posting it on Facebook all over the world. People who are not looking out for signs of Christ coming; they be the ones that don’t know what is going on, because they aren’t looking. The government and media are not going to tell you, because they don’t want you to know. They want us to go to sleep through it all. Many people are asleep, when they should be wide awake and ready when Jesus comes for them. Remember in the bible about the 10 brides, 5 were not wise and the other 5 had oil in their lamps and when our Saviour came it was the wise brides that went up to heaven with Him. The 5 foolish brides had to stay down to face the Great tribulation that this world will very soon have to face.

Be Ready

The world will not be the same ever again. The prophets say when God takes those who have been prepared and waiting for Him, go up to heaven with Him, there will be no peace left on earth and many and many are going to commit suicide. They can’t face what is about to happen. Don’t commit suicide, because many people will go hell that way. Hell is a lot worse than the Great Tribulation. God will still be watching over those who have repented. God will continue to help His children who really put their trust in Him, but it is going to be a million times harder than to serve Him on this side of the Rapture. Because the Anti- Christ, which the Muslims consider to be their Messiah, is going to rule the earth and he wants to be worshiped and many Christians will leave their faith and worship him, because a great many of those who have repented before God are going to be beheaded or butchered most cruelly.

The Mark of the Beast

The mark of the beast is already here and people are saying what a wonderful thing it is. It is a microchip, that will have all your information on it and they will know exactly where you are all the time and what you are doing. It may sound convenient and harmless, but the bible warns once you receive it on your hand or your forehead you as good as gone to hell. Because this microchip will control you when it is convenient for the Anti-Christ to do so. It sends electronic message to the brain and will control your moods, you will be good as a robot in the end. The Anti-Christ will make sure you won’t be able to buy or sell in the end without it implanted in you. If you rely on God and do as He says the prophets say food will appear from nowhere and food will multiply, but you have to give your life up totally to God for this to happen.

This is Good News for Those Who Love Him

I know you think I am a bearer of bad news, but it is a very important warning and you can make it at the rapture if you truly decide to surrender to Jesus on His terms. That means give up anything that contradicts the bible. Many people like to make the excuse that the bible is full of wrong translations, so they don’t have to follow the bible. God is going to make sure His truth is felt despite of a few bad translations. So give up all worldly views that are in contradiction to the bible like believing in abortions, homosexuality, and fortifications and so on. If you don’t you won’t be ready for the rapture and then you are going to have the test of your life. Life has been very easy compared to what is going to happen for those who are left behind

The Animals are Coming With Us

I want us all to make it and there is one beautiful thing to add, our animals are going up with us in the rapture. There is another site called Small Still Voice. Jesus talks to a woman called Clare most days for our benefit and He is so sweet and speaks so encouraging to us, so that we be ready for Him when He comes. Please look at it, it warms your heart up like nothing else can. God is love and He has been very patient, but the world can’t go on like this, it has to be cleansed.

I have to warn you there is another site that the devil has put up to confuse those who are searching for God and it is also called Small Still Voice. The woman running it calls herself Sister Clare. There are many wolves in sheep skins to be aware of. And I see so many shocking lies about very good and holy people from the enemy, to keep people away from knowing God and destroying His servants reputations. I am afraid many people are easily lead to believe in the worst about innocent people. So watch out we are in very evil days, which proves Satan is trying his upmost to steal souls away from God.

Well I am praying for you and your families that we all make it. It is something I am very worried about. It could happen today or six months away, but it is serious and we all need to get ready and treat it as if it is today, even it takes another year, it be worth getting ready today and hopefully bring many people with us through our prayers.