Some thoughts what Heaven might be like

There was a person who went to heaven that I saw on YouTube and she said that there is football in heaven. She reckons it is beautiful not like the football on earth. Other people say we basically do what we do here on earth, but everything is so much more joyous and so wonderful that it can’t be described. Music, visiting, driving cars even, beaches are in heaven, fishing and so on. One thing that one women mention was in her mansion, had a very big kitchen. Something I would be looking forwarded too. Heaven doesn’t sound like what I was told when I was young. That basically you sit on a cloud and just worship God for ever. They say that you are worshiping God all the time, but there is so much going on in heaven. I want to go there. I know Jesus wants us to think about heaven a lot. It keeps you positive and breaks your attachment of the things of the earth. It reminds you that your real home is in heaven. A place that is so exciting and creative, who wouldn’t want to go and live there for eternity.

A Visitation God gave Me when I was a Young Girl

isI2TNE013The little that Jesus has revealed to me about His majesty, as you can imagine their is nothing on earth that even comes close to describing anything about Him. You look at mother nature in the middle of no where and you can feel great power coming from a mountain for example. It is nothing to be compared with the power of God. It is just a small token of it. So when we are face to face to Jesus in all His glory, we will soon find out how small we really are before God Almighty. Once when I was a young child I had a visitation of God and I explained it to myself this way that I only tasted a teaspoon of God. His presence was so powerful I knew if the whole world was one mind, we would not be able to imagine what I experienced. I knew if God poured the power over a stone as He did with me the stone would worshiped God with all it had. So if that is only a teaspoon of God’s power, there is no way are we going to know what we are in for when He comes.

The Suffering We Experience in Life is Nothing Compared to the Glory We Will Experience in the Next

We live in our little world and don’t realise how big the outer world really is. Only God knows everything about us all. There is so many different trials out there. We all come from different places with different baggage that only God can really understand. The other day a word was spoken over me and the Holy Spirit touched my soul so deeply that I had a glimpse of what God could see in me. He revealed to me that my soul has stored all the memory of all the pain I have ever suffered from beginning of time to the end. My soul is still in very great pain but God protects us so that we don’t feel everything, that is the best way I can explain it. I saw and felt my soul experiencing a real deep appreciation and comfort that God truly cares about everything that I have had ever suffered in the past and He is going to reward me for it. I can’t exaggerate or even explain it that well, but I was crying so deeply, because I knew God really cared about every single suffering that I went through in my entire life. That He hadn’t overlooked not one thread of suffering that I went through. Just knowing God really loves me and appreciated all that I went through, that nothing is lost to Him, was such tremendous comfort.

People might think I am exaggerating about my suffering, but we have no idea how much our body and soul is holding.  I knew great healing of great magnitude will take place in heaven. We are all going to be in for a great wonderful shock when we are face to face with Jesus in His whole glory. We will no longer be seeing Jesus through a veil. We will all be healed and glorified through Jesus merits that it is going to be so incredible.

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