God’s powerful Presence

isOI1ZI7NWOn Saturday while I was driving home, I looked up into the clouds and thought of the time when Jesus will be coming down riding on a horse with His whole army of angles. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off the clouds, because I felt a little of His presence with His army of angles. I saw a video the next day about the rapture that they are saying He is on His way now. That He is approaching the earth now. Remember it takes time to get to one place to another, but He is actually on His way to collect us. Then it dawn on me, the experience of what I saw the day before was actually seeing Jesus in a small way, His coming. That is why I felt His power. I don’t know how to explain it that well. One of the things that I felt besides wonder was fear. Fear of His Majesty and Power.

Jesus is so Kind

So it worried me, why do I feel so much fear about His presence, when I am on His side. Then I started meditating on How big and awesome He is and yet He left His place of honour to come to earth and lived a very humble and poor life for me, often being hated for my sake and then crucified in a most cruel way for me. And every day I eat the bread of life, because of His great infinite love for me. God is so huge and yet so selfless when it comes to loving His children. All the things He has ever has done for me is incredibly generous. Despite how powerful and Majestic He is, He loves us so much. I think it so important to meditate daily especially when the day of the rapture is getting closer and closer to remember God is infinitely powerful that it is frightening but His love for each and every one of us is equally powerful.

If we forget to look at His love for us, we may instead look at how unworthy we are due to our sins, and forget that Jesus has paid the whole price for our sins. All we need to do is believe it and love Him without fear that He will chastise us. Satan is going to try very hard to make us look at our sins and keep our eyes off the love God has for us. If we do that we won’t be able to stand up joyfully and welcome Him with any confidence that He will take us.

A Vision I had of the Worst Sinner in the World

I had a vision when I was in my late teens I think. I was meditating on the worst sinner I could think of, which to me was a priest that served Satan. I was meditating on this person that he only had a very short time to live and he was searching for somebody to teach him about Jesus. He asked this women about Jesus, but she refused to teach him, because in her mind he was so evil that he was too unworthy of being saved. Then in my meditation I said that not only did she turned her back on the sinner, but she turned her back on all the suffering Jesus suffered for him to save him. And then at that moment, Jesus took over my meditation and now it was like I was sitting upstairs, looking down onto the stage where Jesus had one knee kneeling on the ground and the other leg sweeping behind Him, with arms wide open to the imaginary sinner begging him to look at Him.

The sinner was looking at his feet in complete despair and hopelessness. I saw the women that refused to help him, walk past with full of self-righteousness. I noticed that Jesus did not judge her, but His whole attention was on saving and trying to convince the sinner to just look at Him. I was also given the knowledge, because the sinner was looking for Jesus, his life was extended for that reason. Jesus just kept begging the sinner to look at Him. Eventually I said to Jesus he can’t see you. Jesus ignored me and still kept begging for the sinner to look at Him. Years after the experience I realised what Jesus was doing! The sinner was looking at his feet, in other words he was looking at the lowest part of him, HIS SINS. He wasn’t looking at how kind Jesus was, how loving and forgiving Jesus was. The sinner only had eyes for his own misery and sinfulness that it prevented him to look at Jesus through the eyes of faith. So that he may believe in Jesus willingness to forgive all his sins and forget them as if they never had happened.

Trust Jesus With all your Heart

Now my belief is that all Christians need to repent of all their sins with confidence that Jesus has not changed. He is still a very loving and forgiving God, despite of our great and many sins. But we must believe and prepare ourselves to keep believing, because when we see the angry Jesus coming with His army of angles to judge the earth of the many unrepentant sinners, we may mistake us as one of them. Forgetting our sins are wiped out completely, because we not only have repented of all our sins, but Jesus has wiped them all out of His sight through the power of His blood. When we look at His majesty and think of His power we will then believe in the power of His blood is most definitely strong enough to wash away all our sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus love for you and not on your sins. Praise Him for His goodness and love and believe in Him. Look at His love not your sins.

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