When Satan is Mad at You

I remember once I was singing a song of praise and the person on the cd that I was playing said something like ‘I thank you Satan for giving me that mountain.’ I repeated it and added ‘because it made me come closer to you Jesus.’ Sometimes unexpectedly Jesus will respond to something that I have said to Him. In this instance I saw His pleasure that I realised after every mountain I climb for the Lord, I become that much closer to Him.

Just recently I have been clearing out all my excess gear in my place and giving it away. I collect books like no bodies business. So I parted with many of them. There were some books I was going to give to the library down town. Later on I thought that even though I personally see no wrong in these books, I felt it might lead some people astray, if their faith was not grounded in Jesus. These text books of course cost a fortune and I hate throwing away good money. I just didn’t feel comfortable to give it to the library so I thought I will throw them all in the garbage bin. Now as I was walking away I nearly tripped and I thought Satan is not happy about my decision.

Later on the day after I had thrown them away, I was having problems seeing through my eyes. Satan has done this before. Last time I called on the name of Jesus quite a few times and then I said ‘I command in the Name of Jesus my eyes now will be able to see even better than they ever have seen before.’ I saw Jesus smiled at me. And I knew my eyesight turned back to normal instantly, not because I had the faith but because I tried to stretched my faith even further, and Jesus was pleased with my attempt.

The second time Satan tried it, I thought to myself this time I am going to bless some water and ask Jesus to unite it with His Living Water and flush my eye with it. Remember we are supposed to have childlike faith. Children would have no problems believing in this, only old stuffy adults do. The old man in us must die if we are to follow Jesus. Anyhow while I was blessing the water my eyes sight was improving and when I flushed them with the water, my eyes were completely restored to normal. Then I thought of that song, when I said to Jesus ‘thank you for the mountain, because it brings me closer to You.’ Satan doesn’t leave us alone, so in one way we should be glad. Satan is forcing us to grow. We can’t afford to be complacent while Satan is around trying to ruin everything we do for God and steal away our hope, faith and love for Jesus which is our birth right.

The more we are going in the right direction the more Satan will try to wear us down, so that we give up. I remember when I was young I met this young man who had the gift of faith healing and because Satan was fighting him so hard he didn’t heal anybody in Jesus’s name after that. At that time I had many attacks from demons, because I found out how powerful intercessory prayer was. I kept praying regardless of the attacks and found that not only my faith grew, I learnt a few useful things about the enemy. When the demons stopped fighting me, I then got worried.  If Satan is attacking, it usually means to me you are doing something wonderful in God’s Kingdom and Satan is getting into a panic.

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