Religion or Intiimacy with God

isO5HO9OA7People may be worried about the state of affairs of many churches these days. Less and less people are attending churches in most cases. We do need to worship and be around other Christians for survival. The devil is referred to as a roaring lion looking for people to devour. If you look at lions how they hunt in documentaries shows, they select an animal that is on its own and are weak and then they attack it. It is not just one lion alone. The pride works together. One attacks and the others block the escape route. That is what the devil and his demons do to vulnerable Christians. The problem here is why are so many Christians are preferring to leave a Christian community? Is it because there are few sincere Christian communities in the past that truly have practiced love and intimacy with God? If there is no true intimacy with God, how then can we truly love our fellow man who is so weak and full of faults? We need each other, but if we fail to respond to God’s love for us, we fail each other.

Romans 12:9

Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.

I believe we are all trying to protect our hearts from those stab wounds that people so freely handout and don’t always realise we are doing the same thing. Mostly through the judgement of others. There was a time for approximately ten years, God allow me to see the demon of Judging in strangers that I walked past in the streets, while I was going to and throw in my daily business. And the next ten years approximately I didn’t see those demons in people, but my fears reacted so violently to people as if I saw those demons. What I mean by acting violently, I had a very severe breakdown because of what I saw. So would you if you could see how hateful those demon really are! It was also God’s will that I saw the demon of pride. I am warning everybody it is a murderous spirit and we find it everywhere even in Christian churches

Evil Spirits

Occasionally I saw other evil spirits, but pride and judging was the main ones. You might be surprised why God allowed me to have a complete breakdown. There will be so many reason that I wouldn’t know about, because I really believe God never does one thing for one purpose alone. One reason was to get through to me how evil sin is and because I am sharing this too you, I believe I also experienced it so that you have an idea what it can do to a person. If we saw all the ugly demons in ourselves we would be so horrified that we would die of fright. I believe God loves us so much, He only reveals a little at a time. If we were corrected every time we sinned against God, we would lose heart. We would never see how much He loves us, because we are sinning even when we do not know it. So God can only teach us so much at a time.

Love Heals

Love really has power to heal all evils that we faced. It is our only hope to survive in an extremely cruel world. For most Christians, life in this sinful world is the closest thing we are going to experience hell. Except those Christians who have actually been to hell so that they can tell everybody that hell is no joke, but very real. More and more Christians are experiencing it and many are also experiencing heaven to let the world know it is a true place and so beautiful it is worth dying for. What about people who don’t know Jesus is the true and only way? It makes me so sad to think for them living in this world it is the closest thing they will ever going to experience heaven. To look around at all that God has given us, we have so much and then one day it is all going to be taken away and then those poor souls will experience everlasting fire. We Christians have to do something about this.

Prayer is Necessary

 Prayer is not useless, we can really and truly help people with our prayers. Lately God has been getting me to independently go around houses and putting my books and flyers in people’s letter boxes. At first I was saddened to think most people will actually throw my books straight into the garbage bin. God has always made sure I go home with some hope, because somebody I would meet receive my book with a genuine interest that it may give them hope. This is something I would never imagine myself doing. I suffered forty years of social phobias, because of my experiences and yet God has been getting me to do it and I am growing in grace because of it. 

Intimacy with God, is very real and attainable. God wants us to know Him as a small child. Innocent children have real faith in their parents like no other. And we are not just His children we are also His brides. Jesus is really and truly is in love with all of us. To experience just a fraction of His love melts your heart and you cannot respond to Him in any other way but total amazement of how much He adores you. He really adores you, you are His everything. He loves each and every one as if we the only people who exist in His eyes.

Intimacy with God

I said intimacy with God is attainable, how? First let your hair down. God seems to wait for you to make the first move and then He steps in. Once I was playing music that really affected me deeply. Some music really touches your soul in true worship. I was singing away to Him and then I thought I will dance for Jesus like king David did and then after a little time, I then thought Jesus can join in and dance with me. I was using my imagination and letting go. The more I did this the more fun it became and then I thought I will welcome Mary His mother to join in and dance with us. By dancing I mean jiggling around so it is not that dignified. When I ask Mary to join us I could see courage was needed, because I couldn’t imagine Mary jiggling around like this, but I took courage so I did manage to see her jiggling around and I was experiencing more fun, then I got even more courageous and asked John the Baptist to dance with us and then all the angels. Great joy came out of all of this. I got to understand we are too stuffy with our rules, we are too proud to let our hair down, so God can’t communicate with us, because we are the aloof ones not Him. 

Being Childlike

Being childlike is the way to God’s heart. Are you prepared to be childlike or are you too proud to give it ago? Serving God in the way you are meant too is fun. Many churches make worship hard work. It is not spontaneous worship, we put God into a box and we expect Him to stay there. God is not like that, God loves life, and He created it to be fun. I am not saying we ignore our responsibilities and there is not a time for formal worship, but there is a time when we should just enjoy life with Him. I believe it will relax us and then we get healed and are more able to reach out to others because we are more relaxed in our relationship with God, so it overflows onto our neighbours.

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