When You are Hurting Stay Focus on Jesus

I have just recently watched a video of a young women’s vision through a dream she had, of what martyrs in the great tribulation in the last days will suffer, on the internet and it really scared me. Also some visionaries have being saying that some people will choose to stay behind after the rapture, to help other Christians that are left behind. Another visionary said that Jesus was going to take His bride last June, but because of prayers it was delayed. Jesus has told her it is going to be delayed by months, not years. This visionary I do trust, because you can hear it in her voice that she is closely connected with God.

Praying for Martyrs

So as a result I have been praying and fasting for martyrs especially the martyrs in the great tribulation that their faith will be strong enough to make it. I am receiving so much grace and reassurance from God that I feel like He is saying, if we stay close to Him, all things will work out well. So it got me thinking about the young women’s vision. So many Christians were committing suicide, rather than face being tortured by the Anti-Christ and his men. I thought I could easily be one of them, then I remembered a few favourite passages that I have wrote down, they didn’t come from the Bible. There are great many things in the Bible that strengthens me, especially lately. The one I want to show you, is one promise from God by a Catholic prophet, that I read every day for years.

‘No matter what the enemy presents in your path, your God is with you, upholding you. Know that I am quite able to render you strong if you will only look to me. Relying on my power to see you through.’

Another passage that helps me and once again I read every day for years to strengthen me, came from a book called “He and i” by Gabrielle Bossis. Jesus tells her;

If you want to gain strength to make a sacrifice, don’t look at the sacrifice. Look at My joy.

And another one from the same person;

You are still too little for me to tell you that the only end is suffering, for suffering, you see, is the surest way of coming close to me and being like me.


My conclusion is simply stay focus on Jesus, don’t look at yourself at all. If you look at your weakness you will fall. If you keep your eyes on Jesus, He will give you all you need to get you through everything and anything. Even if it is by supernatural means. Now everybody is going to tell me, ‘I could have told you that.’ So could I have told myself that, but for some reason when we face a problem with fear, we forget all that we have been taught in a moment. So it is real important to pray to forget self and only keep your eyes on Jesus. Now I know there are some occasions we can’t keep our minds on Jesus, but the more you think of Him, the more you commune with Him, the more He becomes part of you and you Him. So He does become your life. When you live for Jesus alone, you will experience His peace in everything that comes your way.

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