Seeing God Through A Child’s Eyes


Jesus has told us to come to Him as a child and we are also told that we cannot go to heaven without being like a child. We all can have this problem, we read the bible passages and not really take in what Jesus has actually said. So we don’t really practise what He is telling us to do. What Jesus is telling us is real important information on how to get to heaven. We don’t always really listen carefully enough, especially when it is simple. I think because we are so devious in nature we think everything has to be hard. Being a child is the most simple and joyful way of serving God. It gives you the ultimate security in God, because a child really believes and trust their parents. They see things so simply and they are very imaginative, so as to see a bigger God than adults do and they really believe He can do all things.

An Innocent Child

The problem now days, very few children come from secure families and therefore they do not see things in a way that a child ought. So it is hard to explain to people whose childhood has not been secure, but instead felt being betrayed and that they can’t trust anybody. I know if you want to go to heaven you have to see God through the eyes of an innocent child. An innocent child has not been exposed to harmful circumstances that have taken away their innocence’s. A child of God knows and is confident that he is loved so therefore feels totally free to express his own love to His Creator in his own unique way. The only thing I can suggest for people who do not know what it is to be like a small child who feels safe in his father’s arms, is to pray to God for guidance on how God wants to heal you and free you of fear and also the feeling that you are the problem.

We Need To Forgive

Forgiving seems a major sin in all of us. Another thing about small children they soon forget a wrong that has been done to them. The moment they receive love they love back. They don’t hold back, they give their all. I have had a problem with forgiving people, all through my adult life. I came from a very loving family, but it was always outside that the wolves were roaming freely to savage me. I have had breakdowns on top of breakdowns and so on, mostly because of people judging me continuously. Judging is so cruel and can cause real lasting harm to people. And very rarely people get it right anyway.

Don’t Gossip

The messages I am hearing from God’s visionaries, is if we refuse not to gossip and slander people we will not be ready when the rapture comes. We will be the ones staying behind. So it is very, very important to ask God to help you not to let Satan tempt you in talking about another person in a harmful way. It is so important, because they are saying He is coming very soon. When people give you dates, ignore them because Jesus said only the Father in heaven knows. One person who Jesus speaks to says it won’t be years that He is coming it will be months, so don’t dawdle.

We Are Fighting Demons Not the Flesh

After all those years I am finally learning the key, how to forgive people who deeply hurt me. And it something that is in the bible. St. Paul tells you that you are not fighting flesh you are fighting demons. Of course he doesn’t say it quiet that way, but I have abbreviate it. I have learnt over the years, simple techniques to overcome what I have always found impossible to deal within myself. I eventually found it is not so much them that is causing the problem, but demons living in them. We all have demons living in us, because we all have sinned against God. Every time we sin we let a demon in and it strengthens that demons power of influence over us. So now I am learning that it is all right to hate the demon in the person, but do not hate the person, who has allowed himself to be deceived. Something we all guilty of and when we sin in a particular area long enough we become blind to how seriously we offend God.

Ways to Learn How To Forgive

I have also found when you stop criticising the person and instead pray for the person’s salvation, your mind is then distracted from thinking about them in a negative way. Doing that over a period of time you realise how much God suffered for that person, so that person could be saved. So then you start thinking about God’s yearning for that soul and His great love and now you wish to bring that soul to God more than ever. You now don’t want His Son die in vain for them. Another thing I am learning and it is just as equally hard for me and that is don’t complain to others about the wrongs people do to you. You are spreading a curse on that person and by doing that you are cursing yourself in the long run. Go to God and tell Him of all your pain and anguish. I find if I am terrible hurt I have to write it down. Writing a letter to God explaining how I feel about everything, really helps me very much. So I am not spreading hate around. I am getting it off my chest in the way that helps me and not hurting others in the process. Also reminding myself of all the times I let God down, puts a stop in me to judge another person in a negative way. Call on God to heal you.

How To Become An Innocent Child Again

So how does a child see God again? They see Him in all simplicity. They don’t complicate anything. They are themselves before God and they don’t doubt God. They know He really and truly loves them for who they are. They ask for miracles all the time, because it is natural for them to do so. They don’t try to work out how God is going to do it, they just know He loves them so much He is going to do it. They throw themselves at God, they literally leap into His arms. They don’t hide their love for Him, they show it with so much enthusiasms and with complete joy and confidence. They melt God’s Heart. God can’t resist them. To be a child of God is to be pure and free. No hang ups. Life is one joyful adventure after another. Always exploring the wonders of God with so much delight and awe. And it goes on and on. When we are child like it is not about worldly riches, it is all about being loved and loving the one they trust completely, their Heavenly Father.

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