We Were Made to be Loved

isZTIQ1EJFI think young children and domestic animals can teach us many things about love. They respond to it so beautifully. They love to be loved and so do we. Many of us have been hurt and betrayed by so many people, including people that we love the most so often, that we start to shy away from showing our true feelings in case we might get hurt. The problem with that, people then start to judge us as being cold and indifferent, which we are not in most cases. In this very bad and cruel world good people get hurt often. Just imagine how many times Jesus who is so much more sensitive than we are, how deep the hurt He experienced, when people judged Him so unfairly and refuse His gentle and kind love that He offered them, while He walked on the earth. All people want to be loved unconditionally so badly, but the problem is, if we look around us we see most people are not prepared to give it. Especially unconditional love, which is true love.

If you want love you must also give it

If you want love you must also give it. To do that, it demands us to be generous and courageous. We cannot do it on our own, we need God’s help. We have to be healed first, which means in a lot of cases we have to learn to forgive and accept the fact people are all sinners as we are. If we look deep into our hearts, pride is the sin that stops us from forgiving and loving others freely. To love Jesus is easy, because He is always so kind, but to love a sinner such as ourselves, is so much more difficult, but has to be if we want to prove to Jesus and to the world that we are His true followers.

It is important to see people through the eyes of Jesus. He can see clearly the evil that is in us, He does not pretend it is not there. But He sees more clearly than we do. First He sees who we truly are, and that is total perfection. The image of God Himself. Then He sees all the lies we allowed Satan to deceive us with, which in turn has opened up a door to let those lies manifest in us so much so that we start to believe that the lies are a part of our true nature. Saint John of the Cross explains it this way, we are like a statue that is made out of pure gold, covered with soot. The soot represents our sins. The statue is still pure gold, but we cannot see it if through the soot. All that needs to happen, to see the gold statue is to wash away the soot. Now if that is true about how we see ourselves nothing more than the soot, then it is also true how we see others. So we have to stop looking at the soot in our own lives as well as others, and keep our eyes on what Jesus sees which, ‘is the image of God. ‘

We all have a free will, some have chosen evil out right. They have no desire at this point to change. They stubbornly believe in Satan’s lies. And as a result their lives are full of destruction of one form or another and they destroy everybody else’s lives that cross paths with theirs. They are truly blind spiritual and are in need of lot of prayers from those who can see. You might ask how to love people who are so unlovable. You have to see through the eyes of Jesus. He sees the pure gold and is waiting on us to pray away the soot. You might have to fast and pray for this to happen, but that is exactly what we are called to do. Keep your eyes on the finish product, not on what it looks like now. You must persevere.

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