The Outside Shell

I have seen the movie ‘Heaven is for Real’ a few times at the very end of the movie it shows a picture of Jesus painted by a young girl who also went to heaven. The picture claims to be the real picture of what Jesus really looks like. And as always God surprises you. Jesus is not the most handsome man that He could be. God did not chose a body that was extraordinary handsome at all. He is not bad looking by all means, but being human you naturally think God would of chose the best for Himself. When He told people that He was the Messiah, the rabbis did not believe Him or at the very least chose not to believe Him, because He did not come the way people expected Him to. He was not born in a great fortress with a great powerful army, with great wealth and so on. He did the very opposite He was born in a dirty stable, with poor parents and no powerful army as we know it at any rate. He had the whole of Heaven with its powerful army of angles, but there was nothing visible for people to rave about that He was indeed the King of kings.

The Body God Chose For Himself

One thing I notice about the body He chose for Himself, there was no mistaking that He was a man, He was not effeminate like a lot of paintings that portray Him to be. He was very masculine. When I first saw Him I thought He looked to me like a wild man, full of electricity and great love for life and adventure, He was not the quiet sedate person I always imagine Him to be. I wonder what you imagine Him to look like. His love I have experience many times. He has appeared to me many times as a spirit and I only see what God wants me to see and it is usually His eyes full of love, gentleness, kindness and most times joy. I have never seen His body at all only His Spirit. So I imagine Him to look like what His Spirit looks like, but He does not. He just looks like an ordinary man. You know we are told not to judge by appearance and some people do not look beautiful at all, but their souls are extraordinarily beautiful once you come to know them better. I think Jesus was that way.

The Lesson We can Learn from His Humility

I believe everything God does is for a reason. You know the saying ‘kill two birds with one stone.’ I believe what God does is that He performs a great many things at once. I bet He was not the handsome guy that in His day everybody expected the Messiah to be. I believe there may have been people turned away from Him because of it. I think one of the lessons that God is saying ‘I could have given myself, the best of everything. Instead I want to teach you what is really important. And I should know, because I have everything, I can make everything and anything into existence and I am telling you to look much deeper into people and what my Kingdom is all about. Love is far more important than anything else. My very Kingdom foundation stands on love with all the greatness the wonderfulness and the awesome love I have for all of you and all my creations.” That is the message I believe Jesus was telling us, by being so ordinary in the human sense of things. He did extraordinary acts of love. Yet people still walked away from Him, because He did not live up to human expectations of what they thought was important.

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