The Case for Mary

Exodus 20:12 “Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

We are told we only have to obey Two Commandments, which is to Love God with all your might and love your neighbour as yourself. What a great many Christians do not realise that when you obey the Ten Commandments you are obeying the Two that Jesus has given us. The Ten Commandments explains the Two Commandments in detail. Now if anybody has obeyed the Ten Commandments well, it is going to be Jesus Himself.

Now one of the Commandments from God is to ‘honour your father and your mother.’ We all take it for granted that Jesus honoured His Father in Heaven, but how many stop and think how He also honoured His Mother Mary. I believe it is very important to reflect on this. Jesus is our role model. He is the door, we cannot enter heaven without going through the door which is Jesus Christ. We are all called to imitate Him in every detail.

Try To picture Being A Parent of Jesus

Now try to imagine you are either Saint Joseph the foster father of Jesus or Mary, Jesus Mother depending what sex you are. You have known Jesus from birth, you are always in His Company. You cannot escape His presence, He is always there before you. He lives with you, He works with you, and He eats with you and so on. Now surely all that He is! that beautiful nature of Jesus that you are witnessing all day long, has to rub onto you. You know for yourself the company you keep continually you become. So it is very important to choose friends wisely that they are the people you would like to be.

I do not believe that Saint Joseph and Mary were ordinary people, because they would have absorbed Jesus’s Spirit by just being His parents. We also know the more we think of Jesus, the more we live in His presence the more our own natures changes, we become more Christ like by the day. How much more that would be the case for Saint Joseph and Mary. Jesus depended on them like any child depends on their parents. It is very clear in the bible that Saint Joseph and Mary loved Jesus with their whole heart. If that was not so why would they have searched for Him high and low in Jerusalem for three days and when they finally found Him in the temple, they were overwhelmed when they saw Him. They were so relieved as any parent who loves their child would.

Mary Knows Her Son Jesus Well

Now I will go one step further, Mary understood Jesus’s heart so well as only a mother could. She knew He could not say no to her, because she knew what kind of person He was. She knew her Son. In the book of John 2: 3-10 gives you a glimpse of that. The wedding at Cana. Mary comes up to her Son and says ‘they have no more wine.’ And Jesus replies ‘Woman, why do you involve me? My hour has not yet come.” Mary ignores what her Son says and turns to the servants and says to them “Do whatever He tells you.” Then Mary goes off and Jesus immediately fulfils Mary, His Mother’s request. She knows her Son. She knew He would do it, because she knew how beautiful His heart works, more than anybody else would have ever done.

Now we know that we all have received all the authority and power Jesus has gain for us on His Cross and through His Resurrection. We know the more we believe in Him the more we have access to that authority and power. We know that Jesus will answer our prayers accordingly to how much we believe in Him and in the way we believe. So what I am saying here is, everybody is at different levels of believing in Him. So everybody is at different levels of demonstrating Jesus in their lives. Mary I believe has the greatest faith of all and then Saint Joseph I believe comes second to that faith. And their love matches up to their faith.

Communion of Saints

I really believe in the communion of saints. We think nothing of going to our friends or loves ones when we are in trouble and ask them to pray for us, but for some reason many people seem to think it is impossible to hope for people who are now in heaven to pray on our behalf. People who lived faithfully to God during their stay on earth until the end and are now safely a resident of heaven, these people I believe are now in a far greater position to pray and help us. With even greater results than all the friends and love ones here with us on earth, who have still yet to prove they will remain faithful to the end.

People in heaven would have even a greater need to help us, because they can see the whole picture through the eyes of Christ, far better than any of us here on earth. Protestants have no problems believing in angels helping them, but are not able to believe in their loves one or people who have lived outstanding lives such as Mary the Mother of Jesus can help them. They even think it is wrong for us to ask them. They confuse praying to Mary as worshiping Mary which is not the case at all. Praying is just another word for communicating as in asking or interceding.

One of Marys great cry to the Fatima children was ‘why do people keep me so idle.’ In other words she has been given by God so much power through her gift of intercession , but she cannot use it until we ask her to use it on our behalf. God cannot help us either if we do not ask Him for help. This is one of God’s rules.

Mary Is Our Spiritual Mother

All that belongs to Jesus belongs also to us. This includes His own Mother. Jesus is our brother and therefore Mary is also our Mother, is the way I see it. Matter of fact it would be a lie for me to say I think Mary is my Mother, because I know she is. Like so many people throughout the world I have called on her for help and she has never failed me. In life and death situations I have called on her to pray for me and she has always got me through.

I have been very blessed. My first visitation of God was when I was eight years old. I was a Protestant at that time. On my mother side they were all Catholics and were religious. My father was Protestant and his side of the family were not religious. I remember talking to my Grandmother on my mother’s side saying ‘I do not see the point in asking saints to pray for me, I rather go to the top.’ Meaning God. My grandmother agreed. So in my family there was no talk about the importance of the communion of saints, because we all prayed to the top.

When I became a the Catholic I was twenty three years old. Not long after my conversion to the Catholic faith, I went into a Catholic book shop and I asked God like I mostly do, to help me find a book that He wanted me to read. There was a table full of books on Mary’s life, and I knew that was where God wanted me to go and I did not want to. I did not want to buy a book on Mary and there was a fight on. I eventually gave into God very reluctantly and said to Him ‘now I am going to find a book I want to read.’

God Wanted Me To Learn About Mary

Now nearly forty years later ‘what book do you think stays in my mind? The book I chose for myself or the book God wanted me to read? I know you know the answer to that one already. The book God chose for me changed my life. The book God chose me to read was written by a saint who had the gift of seeing into the past and she wrote a book on Mary’s life. By the time I finished that book I was not at all surprise why she was so honoured in the Catholic Church. My relationship with her still would not of been as close as God would want it, but it started. Since that day I started to have visitations of Mary as well as Christ.

Mary always brings you to her Son Jesus, she never expects us to worship her. If we did started to worship her we would immediately get into trouble with her. She has clearly come to me as my mother many times and she has also other roles too and I know she loves me so powerfully. Like all mothers she has only to give you that look and you know that you have done wrong, you know exactly what you should do, because when she gives you that look, you do feel the fear the Lord your God, in your heart and you do kneel before God in repentance. Because Mary does protect her children when they are going the wrong way and leads them straight back to God. And she has protected me from countless of demon attacks for over twenty years. She has never failed me once. I believe I have a responsibility to share this with you. I know many will not like it, but it is very important to God that I do.

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