God Loves You

1 Corinthians 1: 10-12

I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there is no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought. My brothers and sisters, some from Chloe’s household have informed me that there are quarrels among you. What I mean is this: one of you says, “I follow Paul.” Another, “I follow Apollos:” another, “I follow Cephas.” Still another “I follow Christ.”

I feel God wants me and others too, to address this very subject. I do not know a lot about warfare, but I have been told the whole idea is divide, then conquer. I am sure you can see as well as I can Satan has successfully divided the Church of God many times over

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  1. Most Protestants wrongly presume they know what Catholics believe in.
  2. The main reason why the blog became into being, is so that both Protestants and Catholic have a better understanding of one another and realise even though there are some differences we are actually on the same side, we both follow and love Jesus who is our Saviour.
  3. I have notice one of the major differences between Protestants and Catholics is Protestants tend to concentrate more on Reaping and Catholics tend to concentrate more on sowing. Naturally they are different callings, requiring different skills.
  4. This blog is not just for the Protestants and Catholics to enjoy and learn from each other but all Christian Churches are welcome to join in and share their beliefs too.

I believe we are in the last days and if there is any chance of the Church being reunited it is now!

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My Testimony of Late

My Testimony of Late

I have asked God if I could have permission to share with you what He told me on the 9th of November 2021. I was told to post His words if I feel it will help people. First though God wants me to tell you that too many of His children, wait too late to start their mission of love. We all have been given gifts to us to help others and increase His glory.

Before I write down what God told me on the 9th November, I have to explain somethings first. Devil worshippers are not a small group of people, but a very, very large army. Many I believe get involved with witchcraft innocently with New Age. Scripture says test every spirit. The devil will disguised his true intention by bating us with something that looks helpful and innocent. For example every position you get into in yoga is honouring different gods of the Hindu religion. Many are unaware of it and many Christians think it is alright to do yoga, but it is not. Satan is truly sneaky.

One x-warlock said that he believes there are more devil worshippers then there are Christians. I an sorry I don’t know the x-warlock name. I heard his testimony on YouTube. My favourite prophet is Maria Divine Mercy who was told by Jesus in 2012 that they are multiplying quicker than ants. She has books on her prophesies called ‘The Book of Truth.’ When you look at the vast majority of Christians they behave no differently then the non believers. Satan’s children in my opinion serve Satan with far more zeal and belief than most Christians serve God with. I met three warlocks in two different churches. And they are usually very popular. Their job is of course to poison the church members so they are no threat to Satan’s so called empire. X-witches have said they know who the true followers of Jesus are and so naturally they target them fiercely. They use witchcraft and spy on them by astral-projecting into their homes. They interfere with your dreams too and break things in your home and their witchcraft will bring on sickness and premature deaths. How do I know? I have been attacked by them for years. In the churches we should be learning how to do spiritual warfare, but it is not so.

I am just starting to learn how to pray on command. I started to pray in earnest to expect victory when I call on the Name of Jesus. I also have been praying that every trick, trap and plan Satan is using against me and others will backfire in his face and the opposite effect that he is planning will happen instead. I remember once I prayed this prayer years ago and Jesus showed up to encouraged me to say this prayer often, because He will answered it.

Well as it turned out the devil worshippers kept cursing my favourite worship music Cd’s. At first I didn’t recognise what they were doing, but after six Cd’s in a row that wouldn’t work that should of, I got so angry with them. I just kept repeating over and over again ‘Satan is going to go to hell.’ with absolute confidence that is exactly were he is going to go. I didn’t called on Jesus Name at this point. The Cd’s miraculously played without incident. They backed off. A couple of days later they tried again. This time I said over and over again ‘I command in the Mighty Name of Jesus that every form of witchcraft you use against me past, present and future I send back to you seven fold.’ It is biblical to return the cursed back seven times. Once again the Cd’s worked well, mysteriously. Now I have confidence in calling on Jesus Name. I had to be put into a tight spot before I found out how to call on Jesus’s Name with the authority that God has given us. My temper was so great I was determined to get my own way. We usually learn the hard way, especially when you don’t have any teachers to help you get started


So now you know a bit of the background. I will share what the Lord said to me. I believe it will help others as well. First I asked God a question and it went like this. “My beautiful God did I do right by telling the devil worshippers that every form of witchcraft they have sent out to me is going back to them in Jesus Name. They keep attacking my favourite worship songs.” Gods reply was; “You indeed have permission as long as you remain firm and not back down with wish-washy thinking ‘that I can’t win.’ then know this my girl I will assist you in victory, you are my child and great is my Name. Be strong and faithful. I am challenging you to go higher, so much so, I am rewarding you with further education, how to win the battle against Satan’s followers. After every decree you will sound the alarm, my alarm will be heard above every other noise and will drown out Satan’s voice and it shall be heard and wonders will never cease, because I am with you all the way.

I believe this message will help others, as well. With me I don’t just say the command once, because my faith is still growing in this area. I speak out the command over and over again with determination to believe until I feel the job has been done. I am finding out how to pray with the authority God has given us through the merits of Jesus Christ.

Opinions are only Opinions

We all have problems sometimes when we think without a shadow of a doubt that we are absolutely right about something, only to find out we were absolutely wrong. It is very humbling for me and I should imagine for many. I take a great deal of interest in listening to the modern prophets of our time. I am so surprise with most Christians that they are not interested in what God is saying about the times we are currently living in, through them. To me if you love God and have a real intimate relationship with Him, you would want to hear His voice whether He is talking to you directly or through a chosen prophet.

Some prophets of God have an exceptionally powerful anointing that if you belong to God you can’t miss it. I am not saying that I have discern correctly every time, but God has given me the ability like so many Christians who are trying to follower Jesus closely; the ability to discern correctly most of the time. The Holy Spirit opens your spiritual eyes for you, and you then can see who is true or who is false. Sooner or later false prophets will trip up. And unfortunately many true prophets of God are labelled as false prophets, because they are not saying what is pleasing to the listener or sometimes it is just a case of the listener, doesn’t know their bibles well enough to know that the prophet is agreeing with the bible.

When I listen to the true prophets, I notice many times I don’t always agree with their personal opinions, because it doesn’t add up to what I have experienced. No doubt you can say that of me too and be correct in saying so. When God speaks through them, it is so powerful and obvious that it is God, which proves to me, doesn’t matter how gifted we are, we all fall short of Gods glory. Using only our human intellect we tend to get it wrong every time. Only God knows all the answers. I notice that when people judge me or I am judging somebody by human reasoning only, it is always far off the mark.

Proverbs 3: 5-6. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

I often pray that when people read my articles, the Holy Spirit is with them giving you discernment of what comes from God and what comes from me. I also pray that you will forgive me of my short comings and say a little pray for me as I do you.

God Comes First

Prosperity churches basically teaches us to become selfish. Satan knows our weakness, I believe far better than we do. He knows how to use the Bible verses to his advantage. God does say the more we give the more we will receive. But you have to read the whole Bible and get the picture of who God is and what He is all about. The commandment that God has given us explains we must put God first above everything else in our lives. We are told to love Him with our all and then we are also told to love our neighbour as ourselves. So when we give, we are coming from a place of love for God and mankind. That’s when God opens His hand and gives. And it might not be straight away either.

When I was eight years old, it dawn on me very powerfully that Gods commandment was to love Him above everything, including my parents, that I burst into tears. I told God how can I love you that way when I can’t see you. I threw myself on the bed crying hard and I now know it was the Holy Spirit asking me a question “will you?” I thought it was me asking that question to myself and I replied I will, but I don’t know how. Straight away, it was like God pressed a button on my brain and I then felt God’s presence in a most beautiful and powerful way. So much so, for years after I only had to hear the word God and tears of love and joy would rolled down my face. And they weren’t little tears either. The memory of that day was so vivid. I really couldn’t do anything but praise Him. About four years later God took the vividness of the memory away. The best way to describe the vividness of the memory is to use a poor example of wine. When we drink a glass of wine or two or three we will still feel the effects of that wine well after we have drunk it. I call it a living memory and when God takes that memory away it just becomes an ordinary memory that we remember ordinary day to day things by.

I was asked once why does God gives you a run of experiencing His presence and then nothing for years and then He gives you another run of it and so on. All I could say is I suppose He shows us things and then He expects us to live by faith.

If you are having trouble loving God above everything and you too are asking how do I love a God I don’t know. The only thing I know to say is that when you pray with all your heart in real earnest and keep it up, you will sooner or later experience Him. Loving Him then is the easiest thing in the world to do. Some peoples prayers are answered straight away and others have to keep begging Him. God doesn’t love you less if He is making you beg for it longer. He has a perfect plan and He knows how to make you really yearn for Him with your all and when you do that, that’s when it happens.

A Child of God

God has told me about the article I have just written on this subject. And it goes like this. “Your choice of words make out it is easy for people to give up their old ways and be simply a child of God. But I say to you it is not that simple if you live a life of sin. Be frank that I come to the simple of heart and make things simple for those who don’t know how.”

Now if you take those above words to heart and read my article that this article is on how a child of God should behave. We all battle with this, because the old man that is described in the bible, is sinful and always listens to the flesh and not by the Spirit of God as a pure child of God would. God also said to me. “Gods love for sinners, who try to be good will be rewarded on the day of Judgement.” Now I proceed with my article.

To be a child of God.

Matthew 18:3.’Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’

What powerful words. Scary if you don’t know what it means to be childlike in your approach to God. Not to be immature as a child, but take on their innocents, their ability to be themselves and believe simply, without their head knowledge getting in their way. To speak openly to God how they feel towards something or someone. They can sense an evil person and keep away from them, because of their closeness to God, they appreciate the wonders of the world. And treat everything as brand new which it is for them. With us if we learn to pray and do things for God the way they do and then we will feel the closeness of God immediately. Depending how open we are to him. Be ready and open up like a child and you will receive the benefits from a God who is more like your father than your earthly father is to you. Doesn’t matter how good your father is he is no match to the Father who holds the whole universe in the palm of his hand comfortably. I have seen that in a vision God gave me. And you may think he can’t see the planet earth because it is so small, never alone us, yet God does see and he counts us worthy, to die for us on the cross, to save us from what ever we are going through. As a child of God, believe in his love and you will be rewarded for it. Even if it takes a couple of years for your prayers to be answered.

God has just answered my prayer of bold friends in Christ. It took a couple of years before it was answered, but he sure has answered it. We don’t always know why some prayers take longer to be answered than others. But remember a child of God has faith and will persevere and keep asking and declaring it until they see the prayer being answered. I was told not long ago by God that I loved money, which shocked me since I pay 10% tithe and more away. But what he was saying, which I found out later on, I love security and I have more faith in cash than I have of God ,who is my provider. If I didn’t ask as a child what he ment, he would not been able to explain to me, because I would otherwise listen to my intellect and not believe. And so if I didn’t humble myself and put my faith in God that he would explain and deliver me from my love of money. So you see we all have problems to deal with, but when we come to him as a child, he fixes it up the problem as a loving Father would. Maybe not in our timing, but in his wisdom and perfect timing. Be child like in your love of God and speak to him of your love for him as a child would and it cheers your heart and brings you ever closer in union with God our Father.

What you have done to the Least you have also done unto Me

Many people are saying the unborn is just chemicals (during the first few weeks of their life in the womb) and not a human being. Now people’s hearts have become so cold that babies full term are allowed to be killed in New York City. I want to quote some bible passages to remind Christians to take the written word very seriously, because we will be judged by how we live our lives. God is a God of love and mercy but He is equally a God of justice. Depending what translation of the bible you have the Psalms chapters numbering maybe different. So I will write down both numbers of the chapters down. So you can find it easier in your bibles.

Psalms 139: 13 or Psalms 138: 13. For it was you who created my being, knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Psalms 70: 6 or Psalms 71: 6. On you I have leaned from my birth, from my mother’s womb, you have been my help. My hope has always been in you.

I read not so long ago a verse from Psalms, but I can’t find it again, but it struck me most powerfully and it said, that David praised God for protecting him in his mother’s womb. Many parents aren’t protecting their unborn child. And it saddens me to think many people who say they are following Christ believe in abortion. Many people have died and gone to heaven and came back again to life giving witness that the largest part of heaven is the nursery, where the aborted babies go. I believe their testimony to be true.

God told me my mother had consecrated me while I was in my mother’s womb to Himself. That’s why I probably have such early memories as a baby. Especially the times when I called out and pleaded for help and God always answered my prayers and saved me from danger or from a very upsetting experience.

Psalms 21:10-11 or Psalms 22:10-11. Yes, it was you who took me from the womb, entrusted me to my mother’s breast. To you I was committed from my birth from my mother’s womb you have been my God.

I believe that verse is very true for me. “From my mother’s womb you have been my God.”

For the many who have believed in the lies of Satan about abortions. Don’t forget God can and does forgive the repented. So sumit your sorrow to God and not only will He forgive you, but heal you also, if you only believe in His love for you is greater than you can imagine. The abortionist are not going to warn women who are thinking about abortions the sorrow that comes with it. You can always adopt your child out. Some will say they would be too sorrowful to do that. Just imagine the sorrow that comes with abortion. Not just for the mother, but for grandparents as well. I hope you don’t feel like I am judging anyone, but abortion is not the answer, God will help you out if you humbly put your trust in Him.

Pray Without Ceasing

1 Thessalonians. 5:17-18. Pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

When I first was converted into believing the power of prayer, I thought prayer was just saying formula prayers and talking to God in your own words. What I found over the years, prayer is being in union with God in many different ways. Walking in faith in God, is prayer. And a powerful one at that. It doesn’t have to be words, but rather a state of being. Being conscious of God in the most ordinary things in life as well as in our sorrows, relaxations, excitement and etc. Being present and being aware that God is with you in all of this.

When you suffer don’t waste a moment of it, offer your suffering with our Lord and it will be rewarded beyond measure in heaven. Offering up our sufferings in patience, faith and love of God is a very powerful prayer. Most people agree fasting is something God is calling all Christians to offer up. But not everybody understands to offer up their lives to God for His glory, is to walk with Him in your daily activities with the same virtues as Jesus Christ. All this is prayer.

People sometimes think you only offer up your sufferings, but God wants you to offer everything about your life, your joys and relaxations as well. When you do that you become more careful to imitate Jesus. And therefore nothing about your life is wasted. Even you sinful nature, offer it up to God that you learn humility and be free of judging others.

If you look at nature God has made this world in such a way, nothing is being wasted. Even waste products is use to fertilise the soil. Our sins when repented of them can act in the same way. It is very humbling to know that it is only the love of God and the sacrifice that Jesus has made makes us worthy to be children of God. We have done nothing to deserve this honour, except to believe in Him and to live a life to please him much as possible. We are expected to do our best and be imitators of Christ. If we do that we are showing reverence and love and gratitude to God for all that He does for us. Which is always good.

Don’t ever be confused with the lies that Satan spreads about God. That God wants us to suffer, but rather realise we are in a fallen world and suffering is part and parcel of a world that has turn its back from God and Gods’ commandments, which is love and wisdom itself.

To pray without ceasing with a grateful heart will open doors to such intimacy with God. It usually doesn’t happen over-night. But it is truly rewarding if you make a habit of being with God, in faith. Sometimes you might experience His tangible presence, but mostly you will be resting in Him. What I mean by that you will be at peace with yourself and with God. You will learn to listen and do things His way, because you are always thinking of Him either consciously or unconsciously. He becomes the love of your life. And you will be able to carry your burdens easier, because you know God is with you in all of this. God doesn’t leave anybody, but we have to make a daily effort to choose to be with God in all of our activities and rest. I am not talking about hard thinking, but just a consciousness that God is with us. Learn to rest in Him. When you do, you will notice this comes about when you believe and trust Him to be the God He says He is.

Let the Light of God shine in us

Luke 12:35. Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning.

Matthew 5:15-16. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

I prefer the translation of ‘put it under a bushel’ than a basket. To me it makes more sense.

God gave me a revelation today I believe. The light that shines in us, is Jesus Himself shining through us. That if we are truly His, depending on the degree we are His, our light will shine intensely. If we genuinely are following Jesus and do His Will we are like a lantern. Depending how clean the lantern is the brighter the light will shine through us. The more people will recognise you belong to God, which will please God, because He will be able to reach more people that way.  You win souls, because it is Jesus touching souls through you.

 I practise Holy Communion for years, first thing every day. I often feel His Presence during Holy Communion within me. That is where I got the idea that I am a lantern or lamp whatever way you want to describe it. Jesus is His own person in us and He can heal, comfort set free the prisoners easily in us by just being one with Him. Many people who believe in the bread and wine turns into the actual body and blood of Christ and partake in it every day often feels His tangible Presence within them. So I am not the only one by far. But it was during Holy Communion I got the idea of being like a lantern and Jesus can flow through me and you according to how much we allow Him to do so. If we practise prayer and live to please Him we will shine. It will be His light that shines through us, not us. We become one with Jesus.

John 17:21. That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.

Jesus can work through us secretly without us knowing. He can heal the sick, comfort those who are lonely and do miracles I believe, by just being in us. We don’t have to do anything, but love God with all our hearts and above all things, and obey Him. He will use us because He is in us.

A Prayer to shorten the anti-christ reign

I am not sure how long ago say about five years ago Jesus appeared to me in Spirit after I asked if He would shorten the anti-christ reign to fifteen months. The answer was yes. He was so excited about the prospect of it. I however didn’t pray for it because I felt too unworthy for my prayers to be answered in that way. I have changed my mind, by the blood of Jesus I have been made worthy and so are you. About a month ago I believe I was guided by the Holy Spirit to write down this prayer, because it wasn’t my intentions to write a poem like prayer. So I feel this was a sign from God to say go ahead and say this prayer. If you are in doubt about this prayer please take it to the Lord. But I am using my rosary beads to say it, which means I am saying this prayer at least fifty times a day.  The prayer goes like this.

My most beautiful and amazing merciful God. Hallow be your Name. Hallow be your Name.  I decree and declare by the blood of the Lamb to shorten by half the anti-christ reign, and I decree and declare by the blood of the Lamb to dilute the horror of his reign.

I asked if this was an acceptable prayer just after I wrote it down and His answer was. “I am pleased with your wording as it describes in detail my victory over sin, and I accomplish what I set out to do. It is finish. Have you heard?

I believe the more people say it, the more powerfully it will be answered. I believe Donald Trump will be victorious and win. If he doesn’t the reign of the anti-christ will come a lot quicker than many are prepared to believe. Be a prayer warrior and start to pray for God’s Will be done and His kingdom to come quickly to earth. There is so much hidden from the public. I pray that the evil will be exposed and justice will prevail and righteousness reign mightily. Christians are being hated and that is one of the signs of the end of the end days.  So I am going to pray this prayer with faith and zeal that the anti-christ reign be shorten as much as possible.

I want to congratulate and thank all those who will partake in this prayer. I really do believe God is going to answer it, is we persist with faith and zeal. Greater is He that lives in us than he who lives in the world.

Nothing is more important than having a relationship with God

Nothing is more important than having a true warm loving relationship with our Heavenly Father. God loves us with such tenderness and yet most passionately at the same time. There are people who love God, but rarely think of Him. We must learn to get into a beautiful habit of adoring Him every day. That way we will automatically run to God when we are in trouble. As well as thanking Him for all the gifts He has given us. We should never take our relationship with God for granted.

The more we relate to God the closer we will become towards Him and the richer our faith will be. The greater the attention we give God the more we will see His hand in our day, helping us. So many times people are blind to the many miracles that come our way. We have guardian angels protecting us and leading us to where we are meant to go in our lives. Don’t forget to thank God for the small and big mercies. We have a living relationship with a true living God who is all powerful and loves us the same way He loves His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

Now here is the catch, God is very demanding. He is a very jealous lover. We must pay attention to this. We must listen to the Holy Spirit, not the spirit of the world. Jesus teaches us plainly what He expects of us. We must do what is holy in His sight. His love is on fire for us, we should be on fire for Him. That is not possible without a prayer life.

People should back their churches with powerful prayers. Pastors should be praying in earnest for their congregation spiritual well-being. As well as preach a powerful message anointed by the Holy Spirit. Instead too many give only soft messages that tickle the congregation ears, with false security. You must prepare the congregation for the times we are living in. God said to me “Without prayers for their congregation everything will fail, without my Divine assistance nothing will flourish. Without the help of Our Lady, suffering will increase.” They are the words of God to me. God also said talking about Our Lady. “I have placed her high above the rest.” Mary will be honoured at the cross, her son bleed to death for humanity.” Before you dismiss the importance of calling Mary for help, especially in these times, do some research work for yourself. Read Catholics visionaries for yourself. Don’t just believe what you have been told by those who are Anti-Catholics.

I follow Jesus not any particular church. I take what the Holy Spirit leads me to. And I have found both Catholics and Protestants, God speaks to both of them. We should be sharing one another’s communications from God. It is time now that Christians should be united. How can we be united if we refuse to listen to the Holy Spirit within the church regardless which one you belong to.

The Truth will set you free

There is only one truth. God is the only one who knows it all. There is only one God and that is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not all religions are equal. Serving many gods is a lie, they are demons pretending to be gods.

Many people are saying ‘my truth.’ There can’t be many different truths. There can only be one truth, especially when they conflict with one another. In all the Denominations, there are many different beliefs on how to interrupt scripture. I understand that we are doing our best and have different views. But if we learn to humble ourselves and call on God with an open heart, God will open our eyes to what scripture is actually saying. If we live a holy life that please God. We will know deep mysteries about Him, because He will visit us. We must live a holy and humble life that please Him. I believe we all can do it through His grace, if we really want to. God always hears the cry of His people.

Ecclesiastes 2:26. God gives wisdom, knowledge, and joy to those who please Him.

John 18:37…. The reason why I come into the world is to testify to the truth. Anyone committed to the truth, hears my voice.

I particularly like the way it says ‘anyone committed to the truth, hears my voice.’ There are plenty of people that aren’t that committed, because they deliberately refuse to follow Jesus on His terms. They say they are believers, but when you listen to them and look at the way they live, they are no different to non-believers. Matter of fact some non-believers are more Christ like then they are.

The closer we follow Jesus the more we feel that we don’t fit in, because we are too different from everybody else. We have different standards. One of them is we don’t use Gods’ name in vain. We love Him too much to hurt His feelings, and we have a holy fear of Him that keeps us from straying from His laws.

Many people know what the teachings of the Bible are and yet choose to water down or change its meaning or even delete them. You know that is what heretics are made of. When and if we do that we are no longer on Jesus side. We no longer walking with Jesus. If we not walking with Jesus we are actually walking with the devil. It is a horrible thought.

The more we love Him the more we want to know Him. And that comes from obeying Him. We please Him, and then we are open to the wisdom and knowledge of God more and more. God rewards us in many different ways. You may start to have visitations from Jesus and sometimes angels. When this happens your love grows even more and more, and you then want to obey Him more and more. You become a different person altogether, who won’t compromise the truth, because it is true, the truth will set you free. Then you receive even more visitations from God and so on it goes. While this is going on, the world will hate you as they hated Jesus. People of the world are not interested in the truth. They want to live for themselves. In their lives they will find no peace, because true peace comes only from Jesus, and He gives it to those who truly follow Him.